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Canadian Firearms
Safety Course &
CORE Hunter Education

in Vancouver, Delta, Abbotsford, Victoria, New Westminster and throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia (BC).

Highest Level of Professionalism

Silvercore provides that highest level of professionalism and training in the industry. Whether you are new to shooting and learning how to use handguns, rifles and shotguns at a beginner level or are a seasoned veteran, Silvercore sets the highest standards and is the first choice for your training needs.

Go Advanced

Once your have your Possession Acquisition License or PAL (Canadian Firearms Licence [FAC]), visit Silvercore for advanced marksmanship and tactics training. Silvercore is the choice for armed professionals across Canada. When only the best will do, the pro's choose Silvercore.

Silvercore provides government recognized workplace safety training.

Silvercore is proud to provide services to our police, sheriffs, corrections, border services, armoured car companies, government agencies and more.

Private companies all over Canada use Silvercore to satisfy their legal workplace due diligence requirements. Silvercore is involved with companies working in forestry, fisheries, mineral exploration, film, adventure tourism, and much more!

Our Courses
Silvercore has one of the largest number of Firearms Safety, Live Fire, and First Aid course selections and locations of any organization in the business. If you are looking for a course that is not listed, please call us for a consultation.
Types of courses we are offering currently include:
Safety Training
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Live Fire
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First Aid
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Self Defence
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Corporate / Government
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Online Study Materials (Add-on)
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Club Member Events
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