Aug 10, 2022

Pro tips to pass your CFSC/CRFSC Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Over the past 25 years, to date, of not only teaching the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and Restricted Firearms Safety Course but also training and certifying the majority of current instructors in our area, we have arrived at some simple truths that will assist anyone looking to pass their course with high marks.
Firearms are a lot of fun, but only when you, and those around you, are safe and responsible. As with any activity that carries with it an inherent risk if not properly adhered to, passing your test should not be the final destination of your journey, but rather the first milestone that you should look to surpass with the highest level of confidence and ability. To that end, comes tip number one, which is:

Prepare prior to attending your in-person training

The absolute best and easiest way to fully prepare for your in-person training is by taking the Silvercore Online Firearms Safety Course. This course was created to take the student from start to finish covering every concept required to pass the CFSC and CRFSC. Every section is broken down into easy to digest sub-sections comprised of videos, presentations and review tests. You can take the online course at your leisure, on any web-enabled platform, and you not locked into a rigid learning structure but rather you can navigate through in any order you wish with the ability to re-take sections as often as you would like. The system will track your progress and issue you with a verifiable graduation certificate.
We have seen the massive success in our students who have taken the online course and we have also seen the online course used by businesses and individuals who are not interested in obtaining their licence but require the knowledge and proficiency testing it provides.z In order to obtain your licence, you will still need to attend your in-person course, but now your attention can be put 100% towards handling the different training firearms with the instructor’s guidance.
We have also created a free playlist on our YouTube channel which will quickly show you how to prove all of the action types that you will be tested on, watch here.
Finally, physical copies of the course manuals are available for purchase in our online shop here, or online for free here.