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Oct 5, 2023

Common Hunter Course Questions and Answers

Here at Silvercore we get numerous questions as they pertain to CORE and hunting. To make things easy for you, we have compiled some of our more common questions below along with helpful resources.  

  • Can you hunt without a PAL?
  • Do First Nations individuals need a hunting licence?
  • What is a BCeID?
  • What is a FWID?
  • How old do you have to be to get a hunting license in BC?
  • What do I need to hunt in BC?
  • How do I get a hunting license in BC?
  • What can you hunt in BC?
  • Is it hunting season in BC?
  • Can you hunt on your own property in BC?

Q: Can you hunt without a PAL?

A: Yes. There are a couple ways in which you can hunt without a PAL, provided you have the proper hunting credentials, more on that here.

Some individuals may wish to hunt with a bow and this is quite common; of course a PAL would not be required to hunt with a bow.

Some individuals may hunt with a hunting partner who has a firearms licence; in this case the individual without the PAL may use the firearm of the PAL holder, provided they are in their direct contact or under direct supervision of the PAL holder.

Q: Do First Nations need a hunting licence?

A: Under the Wildlife Act ‘Indian’ means a person who is defined as a status Indian under the Indian Act (Canada). Indians who are residents of British Columbia are not required to obtain any type of hunting licence under the Wildlife Act. Indians who are residents of B.C. and are exercising an aboriginal right to hunt for sustenance purposes within a traditionally-used area are required to comply with hunting regulations related to public health and public safety.

All Métis individuals intending to hunt in the upcoming season are required, under the Wildlife Act, to hold a valid hunting license and comply with all appropriate hunting regulations. This includes obtaining appropriate species licenses and complying with Limited Entry Hunting Regulations.

Q: What is a BCeID?

A: A BCeID is an online account which provides access to online government services such as your FWID.

Q: What is a FWID?

A: A FWID is a Fish & Wildlife ID number which is your passport to hunting services in British Columbia. The FWID replaced the previously issued Hunter Number Card. Your FWID will allow you to purchase the following:

  • Hunting licences (resident, non-resident, non-resident alien, youth and initiation)
  • Fraser Valley and Gulf Islands special area licences
  • Species and upland game bird licences
  • Limited entry hunting (LEH) licences
  • Guide outfitter licences
  • Permit to accompany a non-resident or non-resident alien to hunt big game

Q: How old do you have to be to get a hunting license in BC?

A: You must be 10 years old to hunt in BC and obtain your FWID.

Q: What do I need to hunt in BC?

A: You must have appropriate hunting credentials which consists of your FWID, and any specific species licences, commonly called tags. If you plan to hunt on your own with a firearm, you must also have a valid PAL.

Q: How do I get a hunting license in BC?

A: There are a number of different ways to obtain your hunting license in BC and the route you choose will be dependant on your preference.

All of these options will end in the requirement to successfully pass the written and practical examination in order to obtain your Graduation Certificate issued by the BCWF and applying for your FWID via Frontcounter BC.

Q: What can you hunt in BC?

A: As of November 17 2020 the BC Government website indicates the following game animals are hunt-able (provided you have your appropriate hunting credentials, species licences, and it is in season in the region in which you are in, etc). Big game animals include:

  • Deer, elk, moose & caribou
  • Mountain sheep & mountain goat
  • Cougar, lynx & bobcat
  • Wolf
  • Black bear
  • Wolverine

The following are indicated as small game in British Columbia:

  • Game birds
  • Fox & coyote
  • Raccoon & skunk
  • Hare

Q: Is it hunting season in BC?

A: There is no general open season. In order to determine if hunting season is open, you must first determine what you wish to hunt and where as this will determine whether or not it is open. You may find that Elk is open in one region, but not another during the same period of time.

Please refer to the BC Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis online for the most up to date information on hunting seasons in the region you wish to hunt.

Q: Can you hunt on your own property in BC?

A: It depends. According to the 2020-2022 BC Hunting and Trapping Regulation Synopsis, Schedule B lists animals that may be captured or killed on private land only for the specific purpose of protecting property; no hunting license or open season is required. For more information on this check the BC Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis section of “During Your Hunt”, “What is Wildlife”.

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