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6 courses
Rifle shooting

Range Safety Officer Course (Online)

Silvercore offers you the fastest and easiest way to master the rules of the range.

Canadian Firearms Safety Study Course (Online)

Designed by master instructors, this course covers the theoretical portion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC). It combines videos, slides and quizzes to help prepare you for the firearms license exams of your in-person course. This course does not provide PAL certification and is used solely as a study tool when taking your in-person course.
Bear snout

Bear & Wildlife Defence (Online)

This online course is a must for the professional working in bear territory or the outdoor enthusiast wishing to learn what is necessary to prevent a predatory animal attack.
Range User

Range User Course (Online)

Silvercore’s Online Range User Course is specifically designed to meet the legal training requirements of ranges and range users.
Caught fish

Pacific Northwest Fishing Course

Silvercore’s Pacific Northwest Fishing Course was designed with the beginner in mind and is a must for anyone looking to get into the sport of freshwater fishing.
Bob Clay

Bamboo Rod Building with Bob Clay (Online)

Renowned bamboo rod builder Bob Clay teaches how to make your own bamboo fishing rod. Whether you hope to build a single-hand or double-hand rod, this class is packed with tricks from one of the world’s best.