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About Silvercore Outdoors

Silvercore Outdoors has been providing the skills and knowledge necessary to be confident and proficient in the outdoors for over 20 years.  

Across the long span of history, humans have always sought to hone their skills in the wild.  For some, it is about survival; for others, it is about personal fulfillment and the evolution of self.  For all, it is a path toward greater connectedness to the natural world and a sense of true resourcefulness.

At Silvercore Outdoors, it is our mission to help you develop the skills necessary for outdoor proficiency. Not to be bigger, stronger, or faster, but rather to be more capable and confident. 

Not just to know, but to grow. And not merely to survive, but to truly thrive.

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It’s our philosophy that training should be conducted in a honest, measurable, adaptable, and non-intimidating fashion. Guided by the experience of our instructor cadre and office staff, all our courses and services are designed to help you meet your personal or organizational goals while upholding strict quality and performance standards.

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Our vision is to make it easier for people to deepen their connection with the natural world.  We are able to do this through our courses, the Silvercore Club, the Silvercore Podcast and associations with leading businesses, organizations, groups and individuals around the world. 


About the Silvercore Club

The Silvercore Club, was established in 2007 and has members spanning all across the world.

Silvercore Club

The goal of the Silvercore Club is to allow legal transfer of restricted firearms by the Chief Firearms Office/RCMP for its members without the higher cost and longer waiting time often associated with becoming a member of an actual commercial gun range. Other benefits associated with a Silvercore Club membership include regular discounts with select industry related vendors and $5 Million CAD North America wide liability insurance for hunting and firearms related activities. Our gun club is accepted in all provinces and territories across Canada and is therefore truly “Canada’s Gun Club” ©.

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Firearms safety is serious, but learning doesn’t need to be done in an intimidating environment. Let Silvercore show you how learning how to safely control and use a firearm can be enjoyable.

Brian Chan

Chironomid Fishing with Brian Chan (Online)

Renowned biologist and angler Brian Chan teaches how to catch more fish by using chironomids. This class is ideal for anglers of all experience levels.
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CORE Hunter Education Course (Online)

Designed by experienced CORE instructors, this online course covers the theoretical portion of the B.C. CORE hunter education program.
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Pacific Northwest Fishing Course (Online)

Silvercore’s Pacific Northwest Fishing Course is a must for anyone starting to get into the sport of freshwater fishing.