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CORE Hunter Education Course

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CORE Hunter Education Course
Successful completion of the CORE Hunter Education course exam is required to obtain your Fish & Wildlife ID (FWID). This is a passport to hunting services in British Columbia. You need a FWID to buy a hunting licence or to apply for Limited Entry Hunting.
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  • As a female in the outdoor industry, I find this podcast inviting, educational and informative! Keep up the great work Silvercore


Episode 120 | Jan 2, 2024
Steve Wilson is a remarkable individual who has changed countless lives through his determination, adventurous spirit, and genuine compassion. In this episode, Steve is a Ted Talk alumnus on mindfulness and resilience, and his passion for introducing students to the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. Discover how Steve's work bridges the gap between youth and adults, emphasizing the importance of personal growth and resilience in both groups. Gain valuable insights into fostering emotional and mental well-being, and learn how Steve's grassroots approach has positively impacted the lives of students in profound ways. If you're looking for inspiration, practical tips for personal development, and a deeper understanding of the connection between nature and mental health, this episode is a must-listen. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation that will leave you motivated to embrace the outdoors and cultivate resilience in your own life. Tune in to the Silvercore Podcast with host Travis Bader and special guest Steve Wilson, and be prepared to be uplifted and inspired!
Episode 119 | Dec 19, 2023
Join Travis and Tiffany Bader on the Silvercore Podcast as they take on the ultimate spicy wings challenge! In this special lighthearted episode, they dive into the famous hot sauce lineup from Hot Ones, testing their taste buds and endurance. From numbing heat to fiery flavors, they share their experiences and reactions while answering intriguing questions. In true Silvercore Podcast style, the dial gets turned up to 11! Don’t miss out on the last Silvercore Podcast episode of 2023 filled with laughter, heat, and some unexpected twists.
Episode 118 | Dec 5, 2023
Join adventurer Alastair Humphreys on the Silvercore Podcast as he takes us on a thrilling exploration of micro adventures and inspiring journeys. From walking across Iceland to cycling around the world, Alastair shares his earliest memories of adventure and what drives him to push boundaries. Discover the transformative power of solo travel, the importance of teamwork in extreme challenges, and how to embark on your own micro adventure closer to home. Get ready to be inspired and embrace the magic of exploration.
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