Sep 8, 2022

BCWF x Silvercore - Online CORE Hunter Education Course

Silvercore community, we have exciting news! We have partnered with the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF), and they are now the exclusive supplier of our online CORE Hunter Education course.

What is the Online CORE Hunter Education Course?

The Online CORE Hunter Education course is a course designed by experienced CORE instructors. This course aims to prepare students to take the in-person CORE Hunter Education course or challenge the test.

This online course covers the theoretical portion of the BC CORE Hunter Education program, and it combines informative slides and relevant quizzes, all with the end goal of helping individuals pass their exam or challenge.

BCWF x Silvercore Online CORE Course

Benefits of the Online CORE Hunter Education Course

The online CORE Hunter Education course has an end goal of assisting all of its students to hunt in B.C. It will allow you to gain the proper knowledge prior to your challenge or course that will help you get your FWID, aka your B.C. hunting license.

Its benefits include:

  1. Informative content that covers what students will learn during the in-person course
  2. Quizzes
  3. Videos
  4. An in-depth animal identification section
  5. The ability to take the course over again and continuously study from its content, videos, and quizzes

The BC Wildlife Federation is a company that values, protects, and stands for the wise use of British Columbia’s fish, wildlife and habitat and Silvercore is happy to announce this new partnership.


1) CORE Hunter Education Demo: Test it before you buy it! On the BCWF website, you can try a FREE CORE Hunter Education Demo, which includes 12 lessons! Click here to begin your free demo today.

2) Online CORE Hunter Education Course: The full CORE Hunter Education course contains 47 lessons and retails for $102.50. Purchase your full course here!

About the BCWF 

The BC Wildlife Federation’s mission is to protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment for present and future generations. As a conservation organization, the BCWF is mandated to: 

  • Consult with all levels of government
  • Provide outdoor education and conservation expertise
  • Lead outreach activities promoting British Columbia’s outdoor heritage
  • Advocate for science-based fish and wildlife conservation and management
  • Defend access to public resources

To learn more about the BCWF, head to their website!


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