Sep 8, 2022

Best Smoked Salmon Recipe

Best Smoked Salmon Ever

While careening through the Sierra Nevada mountain range with Hank Shaw, author of numerous hunting, fishing and foraging cookbooks, he at one point turned to me and said, “Hey, if you’re hungry, I have some Chinook salmon collars in the cooler (that’s King salmon for our American readers)”.  

Being hungry and not the type to turn down smoked salmon, I happily obliged, completely oblivious to the fact that I devoured the entirety of Hank’s lunch.  “This is fantastic” I exclaimed, and asked him how he prepared it. Hank slyly responded that he simply Google’d: “Best smoked salmon recipe” and chose the top suggestion. While the joke was lost on me in the moment, it became apparent when I did search the internet for the best smoked salmon recipe and Hank’s recipe was at the top of the list.

We have seen some phenomenal fishing this season and it seems like everyone is taking advantage of this years epic sockeye run. Boating back from the Sand Heads up the south arm of the Fraser River, I decided that it was time to try Hank’s recipe using the maple syrup we brought back from Swan’s Maple Products in Nova Scotia.  (Fun fact: Swan’s has a family relation to Silvercore and is also related to the famed giant Anna Swan of Guinness Records fame!)

For those curious, you can find that recipe we used on the following link, and we would highly encourage a perusal from Hank’s books for ideas on preparing fish and other game meat.

Happy eating!


Smoked Salmon

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