Sep 8, 2022
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How to Update Your FWID

The Fish and Wildlife ID, also known as FWID is required to go hunting in BC and if you plan to buy any hunting tags or apply for LEH, you’ll need to ensure your BC Residency Status is active and that any other information is updated.

Did you even know that your BC Residency status can expire? Take it from us, it expires every 3 years. Here’s a Silvercore pro-tip: login to the BC hunting portal with your BCeID and check that yours hasn’t expired because if it has, it can take up to 3 business days to update which could mean not making the deadline for the next LEH.

Here’s how to your BC Residency.
  1. Login to the BC hunting portal using your BCeID,
  2. After successfully logging in there will be a summary of account activity, scroll down and select continue.
  3. Under the Fish and Wildlife Profile header, you will see all your information including name, FWID status, gender, DOB, phone number, email and address. To the very far righty hand side you can view your Credentials. This is where you will be able to see if your BC Residency status is active, and it will even tell you when it expires.
  4. Scroll down and to the left hand side you’ll see a column which begins with ‘Profile Options’. Select Update Residency and you will be prompted to select the type or residency, and then upload proof of your residency using the accepted forms of proof (see those here).
  5. Once upload, submit and wait for the residency to be confirmed on their end, this process is typically takes about 3 business days to complete.
Here’s how to your other FWID information.
  1. Follow the first 3 steps listed above.
  2. If you are updating your address or other contact information, on the FWID header, to the far right, just above and slightly past the Credentials section, you’ll notice a ‘Edit’ option. Click that and it will bring you to the Edit Profile page.
  3. Next, select the area in which you need to update. Once you’ve updated this info you’ll select done, which will save your new contact information.

Check out this video by GCPE BCGov (Government Communications and Publications Engagement, BC Government) on how to  sign in and activate or updated your FWID here:

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