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Bear & Wildlife Defence (Online)

This online course is a must for the professional working in bear territory or the outdoor enthusiast wishing to learn what is necessary to prevent a predatory animal attack.
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As adventurists and professional outdoors people, we all know that working and playing in nature can be both fun and rewarding. But working in bear country isn’t without its risks. Silvercore’s online Bear and Wildlife Defence Course is a common sense program that will help you avoid dangerous encounters and provide you with strategies to survive aggressive run ins with predatory wildlife. To provide you with the best, Silvercore’s bear defence courses were created in partnership with James Gary Shelton, the bestselling author on bear behaviour. Many students choose to take this online course to complement their training in conjunction with Silvercore’s Bear Defence Shotgun Course.

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  • Content created by a cadre of outoor instructors and firearms experts.
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  • Study whenever and wherever you are, and review the course material as many times as you wish.
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Topics Covered

  1. Bear Psychology
  2. Bear and Bear Sign Identification
  3. Bear Anatomy
  4. Avoidance Strategies
  5. Encounter Strategies
  6. Bear Attack Survival Tactics
  7. Overview of Bear Protection Devices Including Bear Spray and Firearms
  • Even though I'm an experienced outdoorsman with numerous encounters with bears, some of the lesson herein I have found surprising! Surprised that I got away with a few of my encounters. I will be handling future experiences with a difference! Thanks! Good stuff.

    Cole Harvey

  • Great course - straight forward and very informational

    Carly Cain

  • Great introduction to bear awareness - An important course for anyone not familiar with going deep in the bush, like me. Will be useful on my trip to BC/Alberta this summer! Thanks.

    Erick Paquin