Firearms Safety | Course - In-Person

Canadian Firearms Safety Course Refresher Course

This 2 day course for current valid PAL holders is ideal if you want to gain more experience prior to going to the range or if you want to have a refresher before getting back into the sport.
CAD $149.00
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Have you already passed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, but has it been a while since you’ve handled a firearm? Are you a current PAL holder and looking to brush up on your safety skills? Then this refresher-only course is for you. The Firearms Safety Course Refresher allows you to sit in on a regular PAL course, however as an observer only. Since you’ve already passed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, there won’t be any opportunity for testing. As an observer, you will however receive a full review of the CFSC/CRFSC program.

Note Taking

Topics Covered

  1. Safety Rules (ACTS and PROVE)
  2. Loading and Unloading of 9 Typical Action Types
  3. Firearms History
  4. Ammunition Types (Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun)
  5. Best Practices for Using a Firearm in the Field or at the Range
  6. Carrying Positions and Cleaning Principles
  7. Overview of Canadian Gun Laws and Regulations
  8. Hands-On Practice Sessions with Deactivated Firearms
  9. Official RCMP CFSC/CRFSC Course Manual (Free PDF)
  10. Important: No Testing Allowed. For Full Course, Take the CFSC/CRFSC


Important Note

Please note that as an observer, you won’t be able to act as a coach to any friend who is taking the full CFSC/CRFSC. Strict federal rules apply to taking a full CFSC/CRFSC and our certified instructors will be at hand to provide guidance. Interested in taking an online refresher course instead? click here