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CORE Hunter Education Course Challenge

Silvercore offers CORE exam challenges after every CORE Hunter Education course, as well as at our Silvercore Training Facility in Delta on a regular basis. Contact us for available dates or register online.
CAD $30.00
No seats available


The option to challenge the CORE Hunter Education exams is available for those with a history of safe and responsible firearms handling, combined with the knowledge of all CORE course material.

CORE Challenges are scheduled individually to meet the needs of students. You will receive 1 hour to complete the exam as per BCWF Regulations. Please call us to book a date, time and location for completing your challenge.

  • Successful completion of this exam satisfies the education requirements to apply for your Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID).
  • Increase your chances for success, and get the most out of your education, with support from the Silvercore Podcast and Blog Posts.

Please Note

  1. It is the student's responsibility to be fully versed in the material and testing standards prior to attending a challenge. Completion of the BCWF approved version of Online CORE Course is highly recommended
  2. Testing resources - resources such as the CORE manual or other notes cannot be used during the test. The BC Hunting & Trapping Synopsis is permitted as a reference and is provided by Silvercore
  3. No instruction or refreshers will be given prior to challenging the tests
  4. No coaching will be given during the testing and standards are strictly enforced
  5. Minimum government standards must be achieved to be successful (80% on the written and 80% on the practical if not exempt)
  6. Challenges are made by appointment only (see details on dates and times or check our online bookings)
  7. If you have not completed your CFSC training, you must complete the practical (firearms handling) component of the CORE examination. If a Practical Exam is required, there is an additional $30 fee


Exemption From the Practical Test

If you have already taken the CFSC you can be exempted from the practical examination of the CORE, but you must be able to supply your CFSC Course Report as proof, without this you will be required to complete the practical examination. Please note that a valid PAL (gun license) is NOT accepted as proof for exemption for the practical test as per BCWF regulations.