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Range (Live Fire) | Course - In-Person

Handgun Intermediate (HG2)

A one-day range course for graduates of Silvercore's Handgun Fundamentals course or for individuals with recognized certification of prior formal handgun training
CAD $470.00


This one-day range course builds upon the skills you've developed in our Handgun Fundamentals class. This course will teach you how to safely use a handgun holster for sports shooting, competition or work.

In this course, students will learn how to draw safely and re-holster a pistol, perform tactical emergency, speed reloads, clear stoppages and remedy malfunctions. Additionally, students will also learn about cover and concealment and what they're used for.

Our progressive teaching methodology allows you to learn all these new skills in a relaxed and step-by-step fashion. To provide you with the highest level of attention, we limit class size to a maximum of 6 students per instructor.

Prior to attendance of this course you will receive an online pre-course study to allow you to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of marksmanship from the comfort of your own home. You will then be able put all of your shooting techniques into practice at the range during the course.

Please note that neither firearm rentals nor ammunition are provided for this live fire course and students will be required to bring their own equipment. See below for equipment & ammunition requirements.

  • Receive a Handgun Intermediate Certificate of Completion.
  • Increase your chances for success, and get the most out of your education, with support from the Silvercore Podcast and Blog Posts.

Topics Covered

  1. Safety rules and range procedures.
  2. Review of Handgun 1 fundamentals
  3. Safe drawing and re-holstering techniques
  4. Loading and reloading
  5. Malfunctions & clearing
  6. Cover and concealment
  7. Various benchmark drills
  8. Fun competitions

Required Equipment


  • Semi-automatic handgun (no revolvers)
  • 3 or more magazines
  • Belt mounted hard Kydex retention holster (no soft holsters).
    Not suitable: trigger finger-release or Serpa-style holsters, inside the waistband holsters and any cross-draw style holsters
  • Minimum of 2 magazine pouches
  • Rigid, sturdy belt (a proper gun belt is best)


  • Minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Copper full metal jacketed (FMJ) is acceptable
  • Not permitted: .22cal or rim fire ammunition, magnum calibers (e.g. .357 mag, +P ammo) or steel jacketed ammunition
  • Minimum 5 rounds of dummy ammunition


  • Waterproof paper and pencil for taking notes
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (dress for the weather on an outdoor range)
  • Wraparound shooting glasses, ball cap and hearing protection
  • Clothing: Shirt should be form fitting at torso and cuffs as to not snag the equipment.
  • No loose collars as stray brass can get stuck down your shirt
  • Long pants, allowing easy movement
  • Closed toe shoes that allow rapid moving and turning
  • Food, snack and drinks - lunch is not provided


  • A valid Restricted PAL # must be provided when registering (Exceptions may be made for active Law Enforcement Officers, please contact our office for details)
  • Successful completion of Handgun Fundamentals or recognized certification of formal handgun training through an official agency

Please note that neither firearm rentals nor ammunition are provided for this live fire course and students will be required to bring their own equipment.