Range User
Firearms Safety

Range User Course (Online)

Silvercore’s Online Range User Course is specifically designed to meet the legal training requirements of ranges and range users.
CAD $65.00


This course increases the safety of all range users by teaching the fundamentals of firearms safety and common practices at ranges.

Through this course you will gain knowledge and confidence to participate safely while still having fun at the range as well as receive the foundation to prepare for Silvercore’s Range Safety Officer Course and become certified at your local range.

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  • Officially recognized as an accredited educational activity for continuing professional development (CPD) by the Law Society of B.C.
  • Train from the comfort of your own home. Compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops.
  • Study whenever and wherever you are, and review the course material as many times as you wish.
  • Content created by an experienced team of firearms instructors. Receive a certificate of completion when you finish the course!
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Topics Covered

  1. Fundamentals of Firearms Safety
  2. Required and Recommended Safety Equipment
  3. Most Commonly Used Range Safety Rules and Procedures
  4. Health Considerations
  5. Emergency Procedures
  6. How to Legally and Safely Transport and Store Fireamrs
  • The course is clear, well put together, and provides educational information for both rifle and handgun safety.

    Timo Tikka

  • The course was a great refreshing on the regs and safety issues around the range. Having been involved in different ranges of different sizes, I thought this was a good start for anyone that new to a licence and range. It will give you some things to think about when selecting a range. Knowing their safety protocols and regulations is good insight into how a range is managed.

    Thomas Loo

  • I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to all new range users.

    Paul Saunders