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Rifle Marksmanship Fundamentals (RF1)

This is a one-day range course that introduces novice and intermediate shooters to the fundamentals of rimfire rifle marksmanship for hunting, target practice, competition or work
CAD $470.00


Silvercore's Rifle 1 - Marksmanship Fundamentals course is a one-day range class designed to teach novices the basics of rifle set up, manipulations and marksmanship. All course material is taught in a no-nonsense manner, demystifying the art of distance shooting for hunting, target practice, competition or work.

  • Recieve a Rifle 1 - Marksmanship Fundamentals (RF1) Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of this course.
  • Increase your chances for success, and get the most out of your education, with support from the Silvercore Podcast and Blog Posts.
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Topics Covered

  1. Demystifying precision shooting
  2. Operation of bolt action and semi-automatic distance rifles
  3. Sighting in (zeroing)
  4. Ammunition selection
  5. Principles of rifle marksmanship
  6. Shooting positions (bench, standing, kneeling, sitting, prone)
  7. Dealing with malfunctions
  8. Discussion on cleaning and maintenance
  9. Sling work and deployment

Required Equipment

Rifle System

  • Bolt action .22lr rifle


  • 150 rounds of .22lr ammunition


  • Waterproof paper and pencil for taking notes
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (dress for the weather on an outdoor range)
  • Wraparound shooting glasses, ball cap and hearing protection
  • Clothing: Shirt should be form fitting at torso and cuffs as to not snag the equipment
  • No loose collars as stray brass can get stuck down your shirt
  • Long pants, allowing easy movement
  • Closed toe shoes that allow rapid moving and turning
  • Shooting mat, old blanket or sleeping bag for prone shooting
  • Food, snack and drinks - lunch is not provided


  • A valid PAL # must be provided when registering (Exceptions may be made for active Law Enforcement Officers, please contact our office for details)

Please note that firearm rentals and ammunition are not provided by Silvercore for this live fire course