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Custom Course Development and Training Programs

Train the Trainer & Special Projects

Silvercore is experienced in delivering custom education projects for government agencies and corporate clients. Our team will guide you through the 5 phases of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation to make the execution of your project as structured and transparent as possible.

Special Projects Include

  • Train the trainer programs for in-house instructors
  • Instructor and student handbooks (paper and digital)
  • Powerpoint presentations and lesson plans
  • Safety standards and policies
  • Videos for training or promotional purposes
  • Technical manuals and Course Delivery guides
  • Online course development, hosting and monitoring

Our in-house marketing team can provide all deliverables, fully (re)branded to your organization's marketing standards. Having your own style, logos and branding applied to Silvercore "white label" products can provide a cost effective and time saving alternative to in-house production.

Group Courses

Silvercore offers both standard and custom training programs and educational tools to meet your organization’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a private or group course, a one-time class or long-term training and recertification project, we can make it happen. Courses can be held at your location, a nearby facility or the Silvercore headquarters to minimize cost and impact on your day-to-day operations.

Group Courses Include

  • All Canadian Firearms Safety Courses
  • CORE Hunter Education Courses
  • Firearms Instructor Courses (Train the Trainer)
  • Armed Professional Security Training
  • Skill Builder Programs for Instructors
  • Wilderness Authorization to Carry
  • Industry Level Bear & Wildlife Defence
  • Threat Awareness Training and Self-Defence Classes
  • Standard and Emergency First Aid (Red Cross)

We administer thousands of federal, provincial, agency and custom (re)qualification tests every year. This gives your organization the assurance that all training and assessments are conducted in the most professional and objective manner possible. Our qualified instructors can help your staff meet and exceed all course requirements or provide follow up training if standards are not met first time around. For course description of our Canadian Firearms Safety Courses, CORE Hunter Education Courses and Live Fire/range-based classes, please look under the Recreation/Work and Live Fire sections of our website.

Custom Online Courses

Have you ever considered implementing training courses for new hires or continuous training? Silvercore offers fully customizable online course options, which can help reduce liability and increase safety and overall professionalism. Courses can be built from the ground up, or around content provided by yourself. Our online system allows you to carefully track your students’ progress and automatically generate (time limited) certificates of completion.

Custom Online Courses Includes

  • Remote Worker Safety (Real Estate Agents, Guards, Event Staff, Etc.)
  • Customer Service (Client Facing Staff, Call Centre Agents, Etc.)
  • Behaviour Recognition (HR/Recruiters, Teachers, Etc.)
  • Effective Sales Techniques (Sales Staff)
  • Fraud or Loss Prevention (Sales Staff, Loss Prevention Workers, Etc.)
  • Respectful Workplace and Company Policy (New Hires, Etc.)
  • Range Safety Officer Development (New Hires at Gun Ranges)
  • And More...


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  • On behalf of all the staff who attended the training sessions I wanted to say a big thanks. ... it was a great course and I'm sure will put us in a great position as an agency moving forward.