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episode 86 | Sep 27, 2022
Personal Growth

Ep. 86: Extreme Ownership and Authoring Your Destiny

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Sachin Latti hit an all time low and knew he needed to make a change in his life.  Going all in, he began running 100 km marathons to raise money for veterans and  is now on track to run across Canada with the goal of breaking the world record in 2025!

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[00:00:00] Travis Bader: I'm Travis Bader and this it's the Silvercore Podcast. Silvercore has been providing its members with a skills and knowledge necessary to be confident and proficient in the outdoors for over 20 years. And we make it easier for people to deepen their connection to the natural world. If you enjoy the positive and educational content we provide, please let others know by sharing, commenting, and following so that you can join in on everything that Silvercore stands for.

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[00:00:54] so I'm joined today by a man who has a mission. 2025. It's his goal to be able to run across Canada and break the world record for doing that. He's got a website it's such in S a C H I N M OT IO, He's raising money for honor house to raise awareness for PTSD and for veterans. Welcome to the Silvercore Podcast, Sachin Latti.

[00:01:23] Sachin Latti: Thanks for having me brother. I appreciate it. Holy 

[00:01:26] Travis Bader: Crow. so I, I get this message from longtime supporter of Silvercore and the Silvercore Podcast,. Jared S Gaetti. Yep. So he works or worked up until recently at the range Langley Canada's largest indoor range, and he sends a message over he's like, Travis, are you following the stories that Huon has on Instagram and I'm, and I'm in the middle of a few other things and I'm so I quickly, I go over to it and there's a slew of stories up and I go click, click, click, click, click, click, click.

[00:01:56] And one of 'em there's Jared wearing a Silvercore core hat and he's sitting down with you and I'm like, oh, okay. I guess that's what he's saying. He's like, Hey, look at me, I'm wearing some swag. And so I'm texting back real quick. I'm like, Hey, look at sharp. He's like, no, no, no, not me. Suchin. Listen to what he has to say.

[00:02:14] So I started going through there, seeing what you're doing. Very very ambitious. So you've got 18 years in law enforcement and you're obviously very fit. You're looking, looking very fit. 

[00:02:29] Sachin Latti: Thank you. Appreciate that. 

[00:02:32] Travis Bader: and you've got a number of runs that you've already gotten under your belt, uh, a hundred kilometers at a time, and you're building up to 2025 to do this rather ambitious run across Canada.

[00:02:43] So that'd be from Newfoundland Terry Fox statue over to Vancouver, Terry Fox statue. I think the current record on that is what? 67 days, 10 hours in an undisclosure number of minutes by a guy by the 

[00:02:56] Sachin Latti: name of Dave Proctor. Yeah. Exceptional guy named Dave Proctor. Have you talked with him? I have not. I have a few friends that have okay.

[00:03:03] And they've nothing but glowing, um, comments about the guy, right. And like a awesome person. Um, Just a, a good person, like a nice person. 

[00:03:16] Travis Bader: Well, Jared was thinking, he says, you know, everything you're trying to do with the Silvercore Podcast, you're trying to spread positivity, raise awareness, uh, people who enjoy the outside world as you do.

[00:03:28] I mean, running's not an indoor activity unless you get a treadmill, right. yeah. And it's not 

[00:03:32] Sachin Latti: as fun. No, 

[00:03:34] Travis Bader: what, what culminated, what, what caused this spark in you to, to light? 

[00:03:41] Sachin Latti: That's a long story and it's a good question for sure. Um, I'd say it probably all started right before the pandemic kicked. Okay. So I was going up, I was married.

[00:03:54] Okay. And, uh, I was going through a separation and divorce and I would say I was probably the squeaky wheel in that marriage. Mm. So it, it, it, um, it caused me to unplug and reflect on a lot of things that I contributed to. mm-hmm and I came to the realization that I wanted to just be a better person. Okay.

[00:04:17] And be a better person for everyone around me. So that's what started things. Okay. In terms of like, just wanting to have a better, more positive outlook on things. 

[00:04:28] Travis Bader: So I gotta imagine that there is gonna be a gradual decline in your outlook on life at that time. I mean that it's gonna take its toll. And it's funny.

[00:04:40] I, we were talking about this earlier, before the podcast that for a podcast of deals with, uh, hunting, fishing, outdoors people, and businesses that comprised community, how many. Times mental health comes up in just our discussions. And I don't think it's an unusual thing to what I'm doing here on the podcast.

[00:05:03] I think everybody's dealing with something to one degree or another, and I think the, uh, pandemic and the stressors associated with that have helped amplify that. Where were you at? Like 

[00:05:15] Sachin Latti: what? Oh man. holy moly. Uh, worst time of my life. Yeah. Mentally for sure. Because I was, I was presented with what kind of person I was.

[00:05:25] Mm. And I wasn't happy with that. So, I mean, look, the reality was I wasn't, I thought I was a good husband. Mm. You know, I was doing, going through the motions, doing, you know, paying the bills, taking care of my, do all these, these types of things. Sure. But I wasn't engaged into the marriage and good or bad. I stepped out on various occasions and.

[00:05:52] And my ex-wife didn't deserve any of those things. She was, she's a good person. Awesome mother. And, um, I felt extremely terrible because I'm not that guy. And I was, I, I started asking myself question, what's what's going on here? Why, why am I self-destructive? And that was just one element of the self directive behavior.

[00:06:13] I had many, many, many other ones , 

[00:06:17] Travis Bader: you know, I think we all do this some degree or another don't we, and you gotta question. Why is that? What, what is it that draws a person in to be self-destructive? Yeah, like, I guess not everybody's like that. Some people are really good at being able to identify and some people, certain paths start going down and they have a hard time stopping regrouping, turning around and picking a different path.

[00:06:38] Mm-hmm 

[00:06:39] Sachin Latti: well, for me, my ego was outta control. Mm. I had a self, no, I had a inflated ego. Mm. And an ego that, um, What was it my self worth and self confidence, all these things were not really where they should have been or at least where I would've wanted them to be. Right. And so I inflated my ego to a degree that was like, holy moly, this is outta control ego.

[00:07:04] I thought it was the, I thought I knew everything. 

[00:07:07] Travis Bader: Kinda like a protective mechanism. Yeah, absolutely. You just absolutely put the armor up and can't be hurt. 

[00:07:13] Sachin Latti: And, and that's how I function throughout my entire life. Mm-hmm and actually I was talking to a friend of mine, Sean Taylor. Yeah. And, and he was, we know Sean.

[00:07:19] Yeah. Well, he's more than a friend for me, but he was mentioning to me that, um, Your, you know, he was straight up, told me your ego's inflated. And, um, you've just never been challenged throughout your entire life. And you've kind of navigated through that and it's actually protected you and, you know, et cetera, cetera, cetera.

[00:07:38] Mm. So anyways, long story is short. I, um, I didn't really know how to kind of get out of the mud mess that I created. And like, I, I was just stuck in it. Like I was, I was, I was stuck. Right. And, um, I didn't have any idea how to get out of it. So I had no at the time I didn't really have any safe spaces either.

[00:08:03] So like in terms of where I was living. So when we were going through the divorce, it was during the pandemic and we had a basement suite. So we didn't want anyone else to rent it because they could squat and blah, blah, blah. Right. So I ended up moving into the basin suite of the house that I bought with my ex-wife and was paying rent for two years with my daughter living upstairs.

[00:08:21] And I, you know, You know, it just was an uncomfortable environment to be in for a long duration of time. And at that time I was also working obviously, and the pandemic was in a full effect and our workplace was doing a sort of, um, a work rotation where not everyone would be in the workplace all the time.

[00:08:39] So you would be on work for a couple weeks and then you would work from home for a couple weeks or like things of that nature. Right. Right. So. I'd be sitting at home, I'd be in the basement suite. I'd be by myself the entire time and I wasn't going out and I was starting to wallow and really get really deeper and deeper and deeper into the toxic thinking that I was in mm-hmm

[00:08:59] And, um, at that time I, you know, I was still working out, was still working. I was still doing everything, but I was keeping it together just by the skin of my teeth. Right. You know what I mean? And, uh, you know, I, I hadn't started running at this point yet and I had started buying some books. I wasn't a huge reader.

[00:09:18] Okay. Actually, I wasn't a reader. I mean, I'd really like, not like, not like I would imagine you or Sean Taylor or a sub of war, these types of people. Um, I, no, I wasn't, you know, I'll tell 

[00:09:31] Travis Bader: you a secret, uh, on reading. I don't know if it's a byproduct of the ADHD or what I've got about 30 books on the go right now.

[00:09:40] Not one of them is finished and not all of them are started in chapter one. right. It's just all through there. And I go real quick, try and find what's going to keep that interest. Where's the value. And then the second that kind of WANs I'm onto the next one. And at some point I'm sure I'll complete them all, but, uh, 

[00:09:59] Sachin Latti: yeah.

[00:09:59] Well, I'm kind of like that now. Okay. I'm kinda like that now. Yeah. So I have about, I don't have that many books on my, on my table, but I have 'em on my coffee table. I've got about 10 or 15 books there. Right. And in the morning when I have coffee, I'll just grab one and just kind of peruse through it. And depending on what I'm feeling at the moment, I might just stick with like lately it's been a mental health book I've been reading.

[00:10:17] Okay. Um, just stick my mood, whatever it is. I'll just pick it up. But not having said that I, at that time when I was going through all the mass, yeah. I was like, shit, man, what do gotta do? So I, I, I went and I'm, uh, all in type of fellow. Right. I, I, you strike me as an all in type of fellow and, uh, I obsess and, and things like that.

[00:10:36] And so I went on a rabbit hole with Jordan Peterson for a while. Okay. And, um, and then I went on rabbit hole with jock welling for a while. Mm. And then I, uh, picked up extreme ownership and I read that. Okay. And, um, so after reading that book, I took some ownership of a few things in my life and, um, I wanted to own my responsibility and the marriage and what I did.

[00:10:59] So we had a nice house. I didn't, I didn't, um, I wanted my daughter to have a nice house too. Right. So, you know, my ex-wife and my daughter in the house, and I'm happy that they're there. Um, Financially. It didn't work out for me in that regard, but mm-hmm, , I'm absolutely ecstatic on how it turned out now, after a couple years have passed now.

[00:11:23] Okay. Um, so I read extreme ownership. Yeah. So I, I own that. And then, um, you know, I read a few more books and then I picked up can't hurt me, uh, Goggins book, David Goggins it, and 

[00:11:34] Travis Bader: sorry to interrupt here, but isn't it funny how your life can completely change a second? You own, whatever it is that's happening to you.

[00:11:43] Mm-hmm like we were talking about something earlier before the podcast and you're like, oh, I'm really sorry that, uh, that happened. I said why? And once you're able to fully own whatever it is, that's happening to you, you author your own destiny. 

[00:11:56] Sachin Latti: Yeah. Well, I'm, I'm, I'm experiencing that in real time. Cool.

[00:12:03] Right. So like, even in this conversation, I might have a revelation or come to a realization of something, cuz that's been happening to me regularly when I speak to people mm-hmm and I see things. When I start talking, I start realizing things in that moment. Sometimes we are 

[00:12:18] Travis Bader: connected in a very interesting way, humans.

[00:12:21] That is I've, I'm learning that more and more, the more podcasts we do there, there's an interconnectivity to these different things that, uh, I don't think is by happenstance or coincidence, and is probably very likely due to how we start changing our outlooks and how we start, uh, comporting ourselves and thinking mm-hmm and you find that birds of a feather start to flock together and your, your circles tend to change.

[00:12:44] And you're how you're able to actually affect what happens to you in real time. Like you're saying becomes very tangible mm-hmm 

[00:12:53] Sachin Latti: and I agree a hundred percent I'm and I'm seeing that I'm experiencing it right now. Um, my circle is, is changing. My friends of 18 years are no longer around me. Mm. And, and no negativity to anybody.

[00:13:06] It's just, just the way the reality is, you know, change. Yeah. People change, evolve, and move in different directions and some 

[00:13:11] Travis Bader: change with you. Some don't 

[00:13:13] Sachin Latti: that's okay. And I think on the path that I'm on, most people, uh, I don't know, like it's, it might be a lonely journey for a couple more years for me. I suspect, I don't know.

[00:13:22] It's, it's all uncertain to be honest. Sure. Anyway, so I, I, I was reading that Goggins book, full disclosure. I read the first two chapters and I didn't finish it, but I got enough what I wanted out of it at that moment. Right. And, uh, what I got out of it was like, well resonated with me cuz some of the experiences that he had as a child.

[00:13:42] Mm. And then, um, resonated with me cuz I, I, my ego was very inflated. Right. And I was like, ah, yeah, I, I fashioned myself. I thought I was an individual like that. And like, I wanted to be something like that and right. And um, so I was like, okay, so what do I not like to do? And, um, I don't like running and I hadn't ran since high school.

[00:14:07] I'm 44. Now last time I ran was. When I was 17, 18 years old. Sure. And, um, so I was like, okay, cool. And I was a bodybuilder too before, right. So I was lifting lots of weight back in the day. Yeah. And I was, I just, I was doing, and for five or six years, I've been training jujitsu. So I thought my Cardi was decent, so I never really ran mm-hmm and, um, so I, I started, uh, I just, I didn't have any frame of reference I didn't know what I was doing.

[00:14:33] And I, as an individual myself, I don't connect with people often. I haven't in the past. Right. Mm-hmm that was just a really, like, I had friends. Sure. But, but it you're an individual. Yeah. That's okay. Yeah. And, and, um, so I scheduled myself to do like three, five Ks a week. Mm-hmm like Monday, Wednesday, Friday kind of thing.

[00:14:48] And you know, again, I had no frame of reference. My times were what they were and they weren't exceptional or anything, but I didn't know what was exceptional it was like 35, 40 minutes for a 5k. Okay. Whatever. Sure. Right. Yeah. And, um, but I, I stuck with it. Um, I don't know why I stuck with it. I just did

[00:15:09] Was it 

[00:15:09] Travis Bader: difficult to stick 

[00:15:09] Sachin Latti: to, or it was extremely difficult. Okay. I wasn't a runner. And, um, do you think that might be 

[00:15:14] Travis Bader: why you 

[00:15:15] Sachin Latti: stuck with it?

[00:15:18] That's a good question. Let me think about that.

[00:15:24] Yeah. There's a possibility of that. I think because I didn't, I I've never quit anything physical. Sure. Physically I've never quit anything. Right. And, um, so there, maybe there's an element of that. And, and I, it, I saw it as a problem and I was trying to solve the problem. So, like, for example, let's say for example, I'm running and my, my glutes are tighter than normal and I don't know what's going on here.

[00:15:49] And so I'll problem solve it. Okay. Maybe instead of quitting, I would say, okay, maybe I need to do this to help relieve that issue. Mm, just kind of problem solve it. Right. And it, and I kept doing that. And so, but mind you again, no clue. So I would first ran with like a 10 pair, 10 year old pair of shoes.

[00:16:06] Right. And then, and I kept, I was using those shoes for the first couple months. Right. And they were 10 years old. Yeah. Now that might sound normal for everyone, but it's absolutely not, not, not for a runner. No, no, absolutely not. So I, I started in, uh, within about two months and I'm a goal type of guy mm-hmm so I like setting, uh, goals all the time.

[00:16:27] And um, so I set a goal for me in right at the beginning and I was like, okay, I wanna be able be able to run 21 K. Um, now, so, um, I went and ran 21. It wasn't pretty, it was, it was pretty ugly. Yeah. And after I'd done that, and as you can imagine, going through the divorce separation, my self esteem, my confidence, my self worth, all the things were in the dumps mm-hmm and I felt like a piece of garbage to be honest.

[00:16:54] Sure. I can see that. And, um, you know, I was really alone. Cause most of my friends weren't really engaging with me and didn't really kind of understand me. So I was, you know, I was running and I was doing these things and I ran this 21 K and um, I felt really good about doing that and made me feel good about myself.

[00:17:12] Right. Cause I did something that no one told me to do. No one forced me to do it. I got up and did it and something that I never thought in a million years I would even do. And that gave me something. But that wasn't enough. No, it. 

[00:17:27] Travis Bader: Wasn't I, you know, as we're going through here, I, I, I have a question that I, the second that I started looking at what you're doing, I'm gonna save it for a little bit.

[00:17:38] Okay. Because you've got a story here that you're telling and it's very, it's interesting. Like you were talking before about a, the hero's journey. Yeah. Right. I, I remember I. Joseph Conrad referencing the hero's journey. And what did he write? Hearted darkness. Mm-hmm , uh, star wars mm-hmm is based on the hero's journey.

[00:17:55] So, so many different things are, are based on the hero's journey. And what you're telling right now is it is 

[00:18:00] Sachin Latti: very similar. It's very similar, extremely similar. And, um, and I didn't even know that it was even like, I, I didn't know, hero's journey was even a term until I started reading and I talked, started talking to my friend, Sean.

[00:18:11] Yeah. And, um, so, uh, yeah, I did that and I was like, oh cool. And there's also, you know, stories behind me doing it, but mm-hmm , I mean, it's, I don't wanna get in the weeds about that kind of stuff, but the 21 K it, it drove me and I did that. And then I said, I wanted to set more goals. Okay. And I wanted to achieve higher, higher goals.

[00:18:29] And, um, so I just kept kind of grinding it out. Jujitsu had, uh, because of the pandemic jujitsu was . Right. So then I took another dive because, um, as you can imagine, or some of your listeners might understand that, uh, when you're dealing with some mental health issues, depression, or whatever, the thing is, um, connection is an, an extremely important piece connecting with people not being alone and jujitsu was that for me and I, when I was going to jujitsu, even though I wasn't hanging out with my friends or anything like that, jujitsu was that for me mm-hmm and I would, I would go hang out with my, my friends, my partners, and training partners.

[00:19:05] And, um, I would connect with them and that was taken away because of the pandemic. And that was a hot mess for me. I broke down, um, like cry, like, I mean, I was crying like. Like legitimately, like just broke down and 

[00:19:21] Travis Bader: based on the lack of social human connection, 

[00:19:24] Sachin Latti: I was, man, it got to a point where I was so alone.

[00:19:27] I just wanted to hug somebody. Yeah. Like, honestly, man, like just thinking about it, it makes me feel not good. I hear it. I, I, uh, I would call a friend of mine. I, Hey, can I just come over for a hug or something? Like, I like, that's how fricking terrible I was feeling. Right. And, um, man. Yeah, it was, it, it was rough go.

[00:19:49] And um, so anyways, I, I, like I said, I set goals mm-hmm and I listened to podcast and I was trying to learn as much as I could from different areas. And like most people, a lot of people listen to Joe Rogan's podcast or some people anyway, and I was listening to his, I heard he is got a 

[00:20:05] Travis Bader: podcast. It's pretty good.

[00:20:06] I've heard it's alright. Is it popular? It's decent. 

[00:20:10] Sachin Latti: he had this kind of cool guy on there that I was listening to Cameron Haynes. Yeah. Yeah. And, um, And I've obviously heard campaigns quite a few times on his podcast. Mm-hmm , but this particular moment kind of really stuck with me because he's in his fifties.

[00:20:23] And when he is training for an ultra, he's running a marathon a day and I was like, forget that I can do that. Yeah. Or why can't I do that? Well, one man, be able to do 

[00:20:33] Travis Bader: that. Well, one man can do another can do. 

[00:20:35] Sachin Latti: Right. So that's what I was thinking. Right. Right. So like, it, it was, if I didn't know, that was a thing I wouldn't even know.

[00:20:40] It was a thing. Okay. Yeah. So now I know it's a thing I brought it on the radar. Yeah. Basically. Yeah. And, and, um, so I was like, okay, how do I do that? How do I get myself to run 42 K a day? Okay. Let me think about it. So then I set up a plan to do that or not that would've been very lofty at the very beginning mm-hmm

[00:21:01] So the initial goal was to do 21 K a day for seven. That's still pretty lofty. Yes. So I didn't know how to do that. And I didn't hire anyone the whole first year was me just grinding. Yeah. And figuring it out all on my own. Not smart 

[00:21:19] Travis Bader: at all. Did you sustain injuries through that process? 

[00:21:23] Sachin Latti: Nothing substantial.

[00:21:24] Okay. Nothing substantial. Um, you know, little things here and there, but nothing, nothing crazy. And, um, so I said that a goal to do that and, uh, it took me about 10 weeks. So I would do 10 K a day. No, it started with 11. I started with 11 K a day and every week I would add a kilometer to it. So 11, 12, 13 for, until it's 21.

[00:21:44] K. And then I got to 21 K and I did that for the week. And again, it wasn't pretty, but I did it. I was working full time, still going to work every day. Wow. a daughter who's three or four, going through a divorce, going through all these things. And I still did that. So for me, that was like, oh man, it made me feel good.

[00:22:03] Totally. That I was able to accomplish something like that. And then some, I was still at work. So some of the people I was working with were seeing that. Right. And they're like, holy shit. Right. What's going on here. Right. And so then, but again, I was in my own head doing my own thing. And then I started thinking, there's gotta be a way that we can leverage this for more positivity.

[00:22:22] Cuz I'm doing something now here I'm running. I there's something, it just came to my head. I gotta do something here. Mm-hmm and I don't know why that came up. I don't know the reason why I was thinking about that, but it just did. And I decided to. Run a hundred K mm-hmm and raise money for the BCU Legion for veterans and first responders RCMP with PTSD.

[00:22:45] Mm. And, um, never fundraised in my entire life. Right. Never did anything for anyone else, other than my job, which isn't really, it is doing something for other people, but there's levels, I think. Sure. And, um, and I didn't look at my job as that mm-hmm as service, like 

[00:23:04] Travis Bader: you're in the service industry. Right.

[00:23:06] But you're still getting paid for 

[00:23:08] Sachin Latti: it. Yeah. It's still a job. Yeah. And it's different. It it's, it's, it's a different thing. It's not quite as selfless. Right. And, um, and it got to the point where I was going in for a paycheck essentially. Mm. You know what I mean? Mm-hmm I lost my, I hate that. Yeah. I lost my purpose.

[00:23:24] I lost, I was disillusioned all these things. So that's, 

[00:23:26] Travis Bader: that's an interesting one. You bring up on purpose and that's gonna allude to my question. Oh, you got it, bro. I got, 

[00:23:31] Sachin Latti: I got it. I got it all full for you. um, so yeah, I, uh, So I started now. So I set that essentially the a hundred K and the raising the money is another goal.

[00:23:39] Right? Mm-hmm so I set that goal and I was like, okay, I wanna do that for remembrance day. Uh, it's gonna be called run to remember. Mm. Uh, it was on the 7th of November, 2021. And I started fundraising in August of 2021. Okay. And from August to September, I raised $21,000 and never, never. Ever in my life ever doing anything like that.

[00:24:00] And it was all through social media and it was all. And then from, um, uh, word of mouth from other people mm-hmm and then eventually, uh, global news ended up doing a story on me. I saw that. Yes. And, and they did a couple stories or whatever, and, um, which was extremely helpful to get the word out. Sure.

[00:24:17] Cause like, maybe like a day before the story went out, it was about eight, $9,000. And then within a week it was like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Wow. After the news. Wow. And, um, so I want to thank Ramina day after that, cuz she was instrumental and connected with me and she, um, wanted to get the story out there at that time.

[00:24:35] Awesome. And um, so again, I, you know, trying to plan the run, doing the run, all these different things happening all at the same time, under a lot of stress, um, and I ran from Chillo P RTC. The, uh, yeah, I ran from PR TC. Yeah. To Vancouver airport. 

[00:24:53] Travis Bader: That's gonna be a hundred K right there. 

[00:24:56] Sachin Latti: Yeah. And I did that in, um, 14 hours and 58 minutes.

[00:24:59] Wow. Um, on a, I pulled my hamstring the week before. And so luckily it was, it was still, it was manageable, but I had it, I got it worked done and everything. And, but, um, yeah, so I did that and that, uh, changed my entire perspective on it. Gave me a significant paradigm shift in perspective on everything. How, so

[00:25:23] my friend said, so, says something all the time. And I like to say it sometimes too. meaningful things with meaningful people. Yes. He does say that. Doesn't he? Yeah. And, um, so I, I wanted more meaning in my life I felt, um, it just didn't have any meaning, man. I was, I felt just like, I was just not doing anything.

[00:25:42] Mm. I was just kinda living a life. I was waiting to die. You know, when you see people like just they're going paycheck and doing their thing, and they're not really doing anything. It's just a, it's a sad life, 

[00:25:53] Travis Bader: right? It's uh, what's the term NPC. Have you heard that one? No. Uh, people call a person an NPC.

[00:25:58] It's a video game term. They see they're a non playable character. Okay. They just, they're just, they're there. Yeah. They're doing their thing. Yeah. The story's not about 

[00:26:06] Sachin Latti: them. Yeah. And I, I, I just wanted more meaning in my life and yeah, I was, I had a daughter and I have a daughter and I love her to, to sure.

[00:26:16] Everything. And, uh, and, and, but for me, that's not my purpose. Isn't my daughter. Mm-hmm right. My, like, she's my daughter and I love her. And, but she's got her own purpose and yeah. I have my own purpose. Yeah. And so I, and I've, I've seen my parents and other family and cultures and whatever, and yeah. Their purpose was me and my brother.

[00:26:39] And what I've noticed when my parents put all their things into us. it gave too much of a pressure or, or, um, it was too much. You don't have your child as your purpose cuz now that no, your happiness is derived through your child. Well, when you're the one who's supposed to control all of your own happiness, all of your own joy.

[00:26:58] So I realized that over the last six months, mm-hmm that, um, I love my daughter, but she's not the source of my happiness. Mm-hmm I am right. And it 

[00:27:08] Travis Bader: has to be that way. You should never give away. What's the term abrogate control, uh, you should, of your joy or your pain. Mm. To a third party. Mm-hmm I'm happy because you came here today.

[00:27:23] I'm upset because you did this. Well, no, I'm I'm upset because I choose to be upset. What you did was something that I may have taken offense to, but that's me taking offense. That's me taking those points. And if we give an external, a third party, the ability to make us happy, we are by default giving them the control to make.

[00:27:44] Sachin Latti: Sad. Absolutely. And I never realized that before. Mm. So I lived a life kind of like that. And then slowly over the last two or three years, I've kind of been shifting out of that. But I, anyway, so I ran that a hundred K and I was, uh, definitely changed my life and the way I looked at things, but I was extremely desperate still mm-hmm, very, very dark.

[00:28:08] Mm. And I didn't know what, what to do with my life. 

[00:28:11] Travis Bader: Did you recognize as dark or do you look back and recognize it as being dark? Because I've talked to a lot of people and they say, you know, when I was in it. I just figured I was in it. I didn't really, I was just going through the motions and yeah.

[00:28:25] Things are rough. But when I look back between cuz everything's balanced, right, the whole yin and yang, when you can see light and you can see the darkness and how bad it is by comparison. Right? 

[00:28:34] Sachin Latti: No, I knew I was messed. Yeah. Yeah. I knew, man. I, I, I got medicated. I had a major depressive episode. I had to go to the doctor, like the whole nine yards.

[00:28:41] Yeah. Like I was not good. Yeah. Like, and I'm not that guy . Yeah. Like, like I'm not that anything wrong with that. But for me it was very strange. Like I, I, there was a period of time. I wasn't sleeping and my stress levels were outta control. I had multiple injuries because of the stress tore my bicep complete off and that's tore it 

[00:29:04] Travis Bader: off.

[00:29:05] Holy Crow. Yeah. You can see 

[00:29:06] Sachin Latti: that. I, uh, um, You know, multiple different things that were, uh, and I, 70% tore my tricep tendon. Were you just pushed in too much weight? It wasn't even that no, the stress was so high cortisol levels. So high that any sort of little small movements while I was like, I was trained jujitsu, but nothing excessive.

[00:29:24] Right. And things like that would happen. Wow. So I wasn't sleeping much. I was sleeping two or three hours a night. Mm-hmm um, I was, the anxiety was just overwhelming, man. Like I couldn't stop thinking. Mm. It got to the point where I was like, man, I need to, like, I never really did much cannabis or smoked or anything like that.

[00:29:44] Mm. And I would start doing edibles just to turn down the volume in my head. Mm. It wasn't so much getting me high. Like I would, when it was even, and this is while I'm still running mind you. Right. I would take a 20 milligram or a 30 milligram, uh, like edible and run. Wow, because not because I, I wanna feel high's cuz I would be thinking too much.

[00:30:06] So I wanted to turn the volume down so I could actually just get a two hour run in or an hour and a half run in. Mm. So that's how messed up I was. Cause now I don't, I don't, none of that needs to be, it needs to happen. Does running help turn the volume down? Absolutely it does. But at that point it was just too much.

[00:30:20] It was, it was, it was too much. Yeah, it was just too much. And um, like a major depressive episode for me. I was like, what is going on here, man? Like, I was like shaking at the doctor's office. Yeah. And, um, Anyway. So we got the medication and, and, and that was a trip for me because I never take those types of medications before.

[00:30:41] And it, it 

[00:30:42] Travis Bader: doesn't have such a stigma. I never take those types of medications. Yeah. Even just talking about it like that, there's a stigma associated with it, 

[00:30:49] Sachin Latti: actually. You know what, and let me rephrase that or reframe it because you're absolutely right. And I think, um, there's nothing wrong with taking medication.

[00:30:56] If you, if, if it's required for a certain period of time to help you get situated. Right. And, you know, I needed medication at that time. Like I sure. Like absolutely. And, um, it helped the first week didn't it was terrible if you've ever had any medication like that. Well, the doctor goes to listen to this man, the doctor goes, yeah, you're gonna have some side effects, four or five days, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

[00:31:16] And like, they always say that and I'm like, okay, cool. I can handle it now way man kicked me in the ass really bad. Huh? Like, like never 

[00:31:25] Travis Bader: like just amped up 

[00:31:26] Sachin Latti: the uh, no. So the side effects were nausea, headache, extremely lethargic. Like I was tired all the time for like four or five days and then it just stopped.

[00:31:38] Huh? It was like just a chemical imbalance. Like I guess the chemicals that are going through the brain, they're just restructuring things and, and, and, and it took about four or five days for it to kinda Latize right. And then I, it just 

[00:31:48] Travis Bader: like a S Sri or something. 

[00:31:50] Sachin Latti: Yeah. Something it was, uh, I'll tell you what it was.

[00:31:53] Cymbalta. Okay. Yeah. And, um, so yeah, so I, uh, that happened and , uh, I'm still lost and then lucky for me, a lot of people, not a lot of people, just very, some very special people. Um, well, so my friend said he's been a friend of mine for about, I don't know, four years or so. Hmm. And, um, I saw him about, oh, it was last year just after the run.

[00:32:23] I saw him and Sean Taylor go to, um, Haiti. that's right. Yes. And I was at work still at the time and they had come back from Haiti and I'm, I saws with this guy. I'm who's, who's this guy maybe a few months before that. I, I found out who he was maybe in the summertime. And on that time, I'm like, who is this guy?

[00:32:44] So I goes Instagram and I'm like, uh, tier one operator, Warren officer bumbling, my way through life, blah, blah, blah. I'm like, holy shit. Okay. Let me take a look at this guy. Mm-hmm . And so I was tracking him a little bit, see who he was and I like I've, I've been around and I know what JTF two is, and I know what a, I know what he is and who he is.

[00:33:00] Mm-hmm and, and understood the caliber of that type of individual and what they may be mm-hmm before I met him. Mm-hmm . And so, anyways, so, and then while I was doing the runs before the November 7th, he would, you know, message me or I'll message him and he'd say, oh yeah, good. You know, whatever. Right. Yeah.

[00:33:19] And so anyways, that's 

[00:33:20] Travis Bader: part of what he does now still, is he coaches high performance athletes? 

[00:33:25] Sachin Latti: Yes. So, so, um, he, uh, So he, I, I wanted to connect with him cuz I thought he's, I thought I could connect with someone. Mm. Like I thought maybe I could connect with a tier one operator maybe cuz I'm just, something's a little bit different about me and I'm doing sure, really excessive stuff.

[00:33:44] Maybe there's a connection there mm-hmm so when he was, uh, at the airport, his flight got canceled to Rosalyn because of the weather, it was a snow or whatever it was. I can, it was snowing. It was and, and um, so I, I saw that he, and he likes to post on his Instagram mm-hmm frequently. I think he's in and around 3,500 posts now for 3,200.

[00:34:06] Yep. And uh, and um, so he posted something and I was like, Hey man, uh I'm I'm, I'm here at work. I'm finishing up here. You want to go for, grab a coffee or something? Actually, no, that's not true. I said, you wanna go grab a beer? Right. And he's like, yeah, sure. But, uh, let's go grab a coffee. Okay. So he, he suggested the cough.

[00:34:26] Yep. So I met with him at, uh, at, um, one of the Aberdeen, maybe in, in, in Richmond there. Yeah, the mall, one of the malls there. I think it was Aberdeen anyway, uh, met with him. Um, 30 minutes turned into about three hours. Mm-hmm and uh, we shared some stuff together and we, I had some similarities and many like things that weren't similar, but there were some similarities there.

[00:34:54] Sure. And, um, I've, I've met a lot of people. I've interrogated or interviewed lots of people. Mm-hmm I've never met anyone like him. He's anyone. He is a 

[00:35:08] Travis Bader: very interesting fellow isn't he 

[00:35:10] Sachin Latti: personally, for me, I've never met anyone like that. And the reason why he is interesting for me and why I've never met anyone like that is cuz he didn't know me from Adam mm-hmm he's a.

[00:35:22] A guy from Rosslyn, BC probably has no connection to anyone in the Indo-Canadian community. Probably. I don't know. Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn't. Yeah, but these are the things that were going through my head. Right. Sure. And I'm like, uh, so what he did for me was he would zoom call me three, four days a week, maybe even some weeks, every single day for two hours a day.

[00:35:47] Wow. 

[00:35:49] Travis Bader: Just of own volition. 

[00:35:51] Sachin Latti: I needed some help and I wasn't in a good spot. And, um, I wasn't in a good spot. So he, he, he, he called and I would call him and, and then we would have conversations and then we'd discuss things. And I would talk about what I want to do. He would, he would essentially what he did was performance.

[00:36:13] Coach me out of where I was, 

[00:36:15] Travis Bader: but you're in a place where you're ready to accept that too. 

[00:36:19] Sachin Latti: yes, I was searching mm-hmm I was on a mission to get help. I was looking for somewhere. Mm. Like I was like, uh, when I first Mets four years ago is when I was kind of searching. I was gravitated towards se I don't know why he's a strong leader.

[00:36:35] Absolutely. 

[00:36:36] Travis Bader: A very positive fellow. Yeah. So when 

[00:36:38] Sachin Latti: I saw his said four or five years ago, I was like, okay, I start kind of, you know, learning and understanding certain things from his perspective. And anyways, so yeah, I met Sean and, and, and, um, yeah, what he did was basically strip away the white noise and helped me realize and understand what kind of person I am and who I actually am and what I'm meant to.

[00:37:03] Wow. No, and that's not bullshit. 

[00:37:07] Travis Bader: People pay a lot of money to get to that. Why? I mean, Simon, Sinski's got the, the golden circle or whatever it is and the why in finding your why. And he's probably one of the cheapest ones out there, but, uh, and probably one of the B the better ones from what I understand, but people spend thousands of dollars on easily.

[00:37:27] So that's, 

[00:37:28] Sachin Latti: that's one of the conversations we had. He go, he's like, I'm not gonna give you an invoice, but you got work to do now. Mm. So Sean's not just a friend for me. Mm he's. My mentor. I talked to him as, not as much as I have in the past. Sure. Um, but I do connect with him often to have conversations because it's fun to talk.

[00:37:58] Totally. And I enjoy. His thought process and how he thinks. And I like to think like him one day, you know, , 

[00:38:07] Travis Bader: it's, it's funny that you were saying earlier about how you, your ego was outta control and it was all about you. And all of a sudden there was this realization and you don't know where I came from and it was, I gotta be doing this for others.

[00:38:20] And, uh, uh, you're raising money for the, for the Legion. You're raising money for the owner house. And Sean and I had a discussion about this as well too. And I I've heard polarizing opinions on it. You know, people say I'm in a bad place. I need to concentrate on me for a little bit. I gotta fix me. And some people say.

[00:38:42] Hold on a second. If you really want to fix you, look outward, help other people that will give your life some meaning or some purpose. I mean, Victor Frankel wrote the Bookman search for meaning. I don't know if you've had a chance to look at that one. 

[00:38:55] Sachin Latti: No, I haven't read the book, but I I've read pieces of what he's done.

[00:38:58] Sure. Um, 

[00:39:00] Travis Bader: and in so much as you have been finding great value in what Sean has been providing you, I'm willing to bet that Sean finds great value in what he's able to provide to you and assist you with and watch how you're are developing, because it is an interesting interconnectivity to all of us. And if all we're looking at it is for our own self interest.

[00:39:29] It's like that whole pursuit of happiness, the paradox is as you try and pursue happiness, you're never gonna be happy. 

[00:39:36] Sachin Latti: Is that you say that, man? I was asking Sean a question in one of our conversations and, um, I didn't know anything about Rosalind, right? I don't know where it is. I know where it is now, but sure.

[00:39:47] I didn't know what it, where it was. Why you'd want to live there. Like no 

[00:39:51] Travis Bader: idea. Yeah. Mountain biking, skiing. If you're into that, you'll like Rosalind and I 

[00:39:55] Sachin Latti: didn't know what 24 hour solos were when I was talking to him. Like I had no freaking clue, man. Yeah. Yeah. I have no idea. I'm just like what? Okay.

[00:40:00] Whatever. Sure. But here's the, the fundamental truth though. Um, I'll get back to I, before I forget, I want mention this. Sean would be the only person on this planet that could have helped me. Yeah, I think so. Cuz I wouldn't have listened to anyone else. Right person, 

[00:40:16] Travis Bader: right time. 

[00:40:17] Sachin Latti: Because I couldn't say anything that would, um, that would counter what he he's been through.

[00:40:24] Mm-hmm so I'd be, I could say, oh this, that and the other and he'd go. Oh yeah, but this mm-hmm . So like, let's like for an simple example, I could just talk about, let's say a run mm-hmm and I'd be like, oh man, this run was tough. I, you know, I couldn't do this, that and the other, he goes, oh, did you die? I'm like, no.

[00:40:42] Did your leg fall off? Yeah. Okay. You could finish then that's right. 

[00:40:47] Travis Bader: Just a perspective 

[00:40:48] Sachin Latti: shift. Yeah. And I can't argue with that now, if someone else says that to me, I go F you, man, you don't know what I can do. That's right. Yeah. So it, it was diff I couldn't so I was, did you die? I was immediately disarmed talking to him because they couldn't argue with him.

[00:41:05] There was no argument to be had in terms of proving what I thought was correct. Cause I wasn't mm-hmm 

[00:41:12] Travis Bader: and it's allowing your ego to die in the 

[00:41:14] Sachin Latti: process. Yeah. Which was, and it's look, my ego is still it'll take years to kind of really it's fine. It's but it comes out. and it can get pretty aggressive and it can get pretty angry.

[00:41:28] Sure. So, but that'll, you know, in time, everything kind of sorts itself out. And I I've noticed that, um, it is kind of sorting itself out. 

[00:41:35] Travis Bader: Well, being able to recognize that is the first step. Right. And the second you can see that something's kind of stepping outta controller in a direction that you don't like now you got the ability to affect change.

[00:41:46] If you can't even see it happening. Good 

[00:41:48] Sachin Latti: luck. Right? Yeah. Well, before I wouldn't I'd have no intention. Mm. So now I have intention throughout the day. At least I try to, mm. And I try to, I try to think about what I want to do. I, I don't free Willi anymore. , you know, I don't, I don't, I don't like just like, I try to have structure through.

[00:42:08] What I try to do each day mm-hmm and, and purpose behind it and, and meaning behind it. So I'm not wasting my time in it. And the reality is I have zero time to waste. I'm 44. I don't wanna run across Canada when I'm 50. no. Right. And I want, and I got, I got a two year timeline, so that means there's zero time to waste.

[00:42:28] So that means I need to do everything that I need to do right now to galvanize as many people as possible around what we're trying to do so we can affect permanent positive change permanently mm-hmm. like, that's, that's my goal. My goal is not to run across Canada. That's just a means of affecting permanent positive change.

[00:42:48] Cuz how I understand permanent positive change is exactly what Terry Fox did. If I run across Canada once and raise a million dollars. Great. Cool. But who cares? it needs to happen forever. Mm-hmm so really that's the question and I'm problem solving it backwards. Now. 

[00:43:05] Travis Bader: See, you're getting close to my question that I've, uh, alluded to at the beginning that, uh, which is essentially so, uh, Jason, bud friend of mine, uh, ex British army spin on the podcast and, um, uh, sharing different stories.

[00:43:24] One of the things he talked about was in dealing with his own mental health. There is a, uh, four pillars that kind of needed to be taken care of. Uh, sleep was one of them like crucial big one that needed to be taken care of.

[00:43:41] Exercise and diet is another one. I think that was kind of lumped together. One was, uh, like substance control or making sure that nothing's in excess, even if it's coffee or whatever, it might be just keeping those things in control. But the last one was purpose. 

[00:43:56] Sachin Latti: And 

[00:43:59] Travis Bader: as I'm listening and getting to know you, uh, there is a big purpose in 2025, which leaves in my head anyways, a question mark in 2026 and 2027.

[00:44:12] And where does I leave you and what you're doing, but it sounds like you've already thought of this. I'd love to 

[00:44:19] Sachin Latti: hear it. The rest of my life is this. Yeah. So after 2025, it'd be something else. Okay. It'd be something else after that. It'd be something else after that. I'm I'm I understand what I need to do.

[00:44:31] At this point, I'm just trying to figure out the steps to do them. Okay. And how to lay the foundation for my future as well. Cause I'm also 44. I gotta think about what I'm gonna do for the next 20 years of my life to support myself and things of that nature. Mm-hmm but I wanna do it in such a way that I'm happy.

[00:44:45] Mm-hmm so going back to the happy part in Rosslyn, when I was talking to Sean, I asked him a question. I go, why did you decide to move to Rolin BC? Like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And he is like, he turned, he just looks at me and goes, bro, you're not gonna find peace next to a babbling Brook. Mm. Because he knew where I was going with the question.

[00:45:04] I was like, why'd you go to Rolin? Was it to find like, right, right, right. Very, very small thinking. Right. And um, not necessarily what was the, the thinking I had at the moment mm-hmm and, um, when he said that I was like, okay, cool. What? Okay. So then they, I reflect on a lot of, I, I sit and ruminate a lot.

[00:45:23] Right? Sure. And I think about what people are saying and, and I, and I, and reflect, and he was absolutely right. And I'm not searching for happiness now. I already know how to get it. Mm-hmm and I'm already there. Mm-hmm I'm doing what I love to do right now. , which is awesome. You're embracing the challenge.

[00:45:41] I am all in now and it took me some time to get here. Mm. And it's not like I'm without challenges. My main challenge really that's the harder one is the financial piece. Mm. Um, all the other stuff treating to figure out how to build things is kind of fun. Mm-hmm , you know, build a YouTube channel, get the director for the documentary, get this, get that, get this, get that cool.

[00:46:01] Um, financially it's been a struggle because I don't have much money because I'm doing a lot of this. I'm paying for everything on my own. And then also funds from my workplace are gonna probably start, stop at some point, because I'm gonna leave the job. Um, I'm currently working from home right now. And, um, so, but I'm still transitioning outta the workplace, so sure.

[00:46:19] It's um, so my goal is to eventually, in terms of personally, for my own personal happiness, to have this YouTube channel and just to have these challenges that I always do and just document, and then that way people can also see that we're continuously raising money for. honor house. Interesting. So the YouTube channel will be a direct source to charity.

[00:46:42] And then I can also receive an income through that too. I don't need a lot of money. Mm. All I need to make, to be honest is 50 grand a year. Mm. If I can make 50 grand a year, pay my bills, I don't need much more. Yeah. And if I'm doing all the things that make me happy. Cool, then I'm good. I really don't need much.

[00:46:59] Mm-hmm I suspect though, based on the trajectory of what's happened in the LA past year alone and the growth and the reach that's been happening, it's inevitable. That'll be beyond that. 

[00:47:14] Travis Bader: You know, it's funny. I, um, Friend of mine, she's really into metrics on her business and, uh, key performance indicators and, uh, uh, spreadsheets and charts.

[00:47:25] And, and she's going through this stuff and she'll ask me questions about my business and what are you doing over here? And what are these numbers like? And what's your, uh, and she's throwing out some terms I I've never even heard of. Right. like, I, I don't know. Right. Mm-hmm I say, what do you mean you don't?

[00:47:41] And I, truthfully, I tell her, I say, you know, and I've mentioned this before in the podcast. I don't, I don't think about the money. The money is a byproduct of hard work and effort and providing value to others. Mm-hmm so you can put all the time and hard work and effort into something, but if you're providing nothing of value that anybody else can can find in there, um, you, you can't ex expect a, uh, remuneration or an exchange of goods or services for a lack of value.

[00:48:09] Mm-hmm . If you're able to look at the. End product from sort of a macro perspective and what value you're gonna be bringing an individual, a community, a, uh, a group, whatever it might be an organization. And you bring that value. That money will be a byproduct of it. Now I've got the luxury of being able to surround myself with some people who can, uh, look at the accounting and look at things and, uh, and step in when needed.

[00:48:39] But, um, I think if I took a different perspective and I was always looking at that money, I would always be behind it. I'd always be chasing it, cuz there's always more that could be had or different ways you can squeeze it out. And I'm not looking at the value that I'm bringing others like this podcast.

[00:48:57] I don't monetize it. Mm-hmm I, I don't make a dime for this podcast. Mm-hmm my whole goal is to bring value either through education or entertainment to the, to the end user. 

[00:49:06] Sachin Latti: Well, in, in all awesome points. And I think that for me, my purpose isn't to make money. Right? 

[00:49:15] Travis Bader: You're you're, you're chasing a greater purpose.

[00:49:17] Yeah. Money will be a byproduct. 

[00:49:18] Sachin Latti: What you're doing, which is fine. So if, if money was my purpose, then I would do something different. Sure. there there's always that. Right, right. But money's not my purpose. My purpose is greater than myself. Mm it's. Not about me. Mm-hmm zero to do with me because if it had to do with me, I wouldn't be doing it.

[00:49:35] Because it's really 

[00:49:36] Travis Bader: hard though. That's exactly it. And it would only be feeding back into that whole ego thing yeah. That you were trying to, uh, to quell 

[00:49:44] Sachin Latti: and, and, and I'm, I'm still on that journey. Right. And I'm still understanding who I am and I'm still figuring that out. Right. I'm I'm and I'm 44 and I'm still feeling, trying to figure it out.

[00:49:59] And I, all I want to do is move in the direction of being a better person every single day and being the best version of myself every single day. That is it. I, whatever happens around that. 

[00:50:13] Travis Bader: Awesome. So with the YouTube channel, you're gonna be able to provide daily documentation sort of things, quick shorts mm-hmm , uh, provide, uh, obstacles you're you're encountering mm-hmm and how you are overcoming them.

[00:50:26] And like there's, there's value in just that, right? In, in being able to have a community of people who are looking to better themselves mm-hmm and likewise, like, I don't, you don't strike me as the type of person who's coming across as saying, I have the answers, but you say I'm on a journey mm-hmm and you're welcome to join me.

[00:50:45] And 

[00:50:46] Sachin Latti: I'm more than happy to have people on my YouTube channel who may have some answers. Right. And then ask them. Sure. And because I think, um, look, I'm, I'm not a I'm, I'm just a guy, man. Like I'm not a tier one operator. I'm not a, a E R T team leader. I'm not any of these things. Right. I'm I'm just a guy who has a couple skill sets that I'm trying to maximize.

[00:51:10] That's pretty much it, that isn't 

[00:51:12] Travis Bader: that the same for everybody. 

[00:51:15] Sachin Latti: Absolutely. And so I think that's kind of the messaging I'd like to kind of provide is that just maximize your skills, whatever those skills are, try to maximize. 'em the best you can. And, um, at least my experience, it's a fulfilling thing to see what you're capable of.

[00:51:36] Totally. Like I can run 50 K a day right now, man, but you're not doing it by yourself. No, but in my head, what I'm thinking is like I couldn't run five K two years ago, two years ago. Right. So the reality is in another year and a half, I'll go from zero kilometers of running to potentially. Very for sure.

[00:51:57] 80 K a day. Wow. Like anything is possible with a little bit of grit, little bit of consistency and determination. I'm like proof is in the pudding right here. Are you 

[00:52:07] Travis Bader: finding that as you grow through this, as you grow as a runner, as you're going through this journey yourself, that it is, uh, starting to alienate some people that you used to hang around?

[00:52:19] Yeah. 

[00:52:19] Sachin Latti: Um,

[00:52:23] it's hard for me to know for sure, because the people I used to hang around kind of disappeared before a lot of, of what's happening. Sure. So it's hard to say. Um, I do sometimes lately and I suspect over the next few years, it's gonna be a lot more, feel like a party favor sometimes. Okay. I talk about myself all the time.

[00:52:51] Right. And about, and not because I want to is because I, I need to get the message out. I want, you're trying to promote something. Yeah. I want everyone to know the story, but I also don't wanna talk about myself all the time. Sure. And everywhere I go, people are like, I have to bring it up if they don't know.

[00:53:06] Mm. And then once they know they start asking the questions or they'll just start asking. So it's, it's, it's a constant sort of thing. All I'm talking about is myself and what we're doing, which is awesome because I'm obsessed in this, the goal, but I can see how it could be not as pleasant for someone else.

[00:53:24] And maybe someone else doesn't want to be sitting around me cuz that's all I talk about. And 

[00:53:28] Travis Bader: well, that's always the, the difficult dichotomy between trying to, uh, promote whether it's your business or yourself or whatever it is that you're trying to do or an external thing, something else. trying to promote that and be humble and ego free in the process.

[00:53:44] And it's like, where's that balance. And I, I find the more you progress down your path that I've been watching you on the more other people are doing the talking for you. And that allows you to be able to just concentrate on what you want to do. And as other people talk about it, it seems to build more momentum and maybe even more of a mystique, cuz maybe they might put their own inflections on that you might not necessarily do.

[00:54:13] Sachin Latti: No, I think, um, I want to, I wanna speak to that for a second. Mm-hmm like, in terms of like people raising me up or, or supporting me or cuz this is kind of, for me over the last month has been a new sort of, uh, metric that I've been recognizing. Sure. And, um, it took me a little bit of time to kinda wrap my head around and, and understand how to receive it.

[00:54:33] And I'll explain what I mean by that. Um, I don't have a lot of money. Sure. Maybe $3 in my bank account the other day. Yeah. Right. Um, and no complaining, this is, this is the, this is the journey that I'm on. It's all part of it. It's all part of the journey. Right. And, and I, and I'm actually happy about it because that's, it means this, this, this story will mean more.

[00:54:53] But having said that, um, and I'm fully transparent with everyone. Anytime I talk to 'em, you know, this is what's going on, this, all those things and, um, my daughter's five. Yep. And I started jujitsu two months before she was born March, 2017 and I wanted to learn jujitsu for a few reasons I've always wanted to.

[00:55:17] And now I also want, I also wanted to teach my daughter jujitsu, cuz I think it's a fundamental skill that everyone should know swimming in jujitsu. Sure. And so I started and um, you know, close to my house. There's a school called, uh, Gracie Baja, um, white it's in white rock. and, uh, now I don't go to there.

[00:55:39] That's not my actual academy where I used to go. Sure. But I would drop in there from time to time. And I have friends that train there and things of that nature. And over the last five years, I've made connections with people there. Sure. And a few weeks ago I went to drop in to say hi to the professor, professors of the instructors and, um, Eddie awesome guy.

[00:55:59] And, um, and you know, talked to him and a few of the other guys there. And Eddie hadn't seen me in some time. And, and he's our age, you know, in around 40, 50 years old or something like that. Mm-hmm . And, uh, he is like, oh man, it's awesome. See you, we should go out for dinner, this, that, and the other, I was like, yeah, man, let's schedule it right now.

[00:56:15] Otherwise we won't sure. So it scheduled it. And, um, I met up with him and we went for dinner first time ever going to dinner with him. And he, he was talking to me about, um, Don't stop doing what you're doing. I was like, okay man. And he kept repeating it don't and I was like, okay. Yeah, cool. It's okay. And he went on to share some personal things that he normally wouldn't share with people, but he felt comfortable enough to share with me because of, I guess the journey that I'm on.

[00:56:55] And he isn't a social media guy. So he mentioned to me, he heard me on a podcast and as soon he said that, and I was like, what? Someone must have sent it to him or something. Right. And he said it really resonated with him. And, um, so he, he owns a, a couple schools and he was like, your daughter never has to pay for a jujitsu class.

[00:57:20] Wow. This is, and for me, that's a big deal. Wow. 

[00:57:28] Travis Bader: Hell. Yes. That's massive 

[00:57:30] Sachin Latti: for me. That's a really, uh, it touched me quite a bit. Mm-hmm and um, so anyways, he, he said that and I was like, man, that's awesome. Thanks bro. I really appreciate that. And so that's just one El one part of that story. Mm-hmm and I'm also planning.

[00:57:45] I, I made it a connection with depo, uh, two or three weeks ago, RCMP training facility. Mm-hmm in Regina and I wanted, I was trying to figure out ways to get the message out even further. And I thought it would be a great idea if I can go there and speak to the recruits and talk to them and let them know what I'm doing and maybe take 'em out on a run mm-hmm so this is the, where the networking starts coming in.

[00:58:05] Right. And said, I know is friends with one of the recruiters out there and he is also on Instagram, real cops for real life. Mm-hmm Steven awesome guy. Mm. I messaged him. And then he and I had a chat for about 45 minutes on IGT, um, Instagram video thing. Mm-hmm and then, uh, five minutes later, I was like, okay, you're coming to Regina and you're gonna take a bunch of troops out for a run, and we're gonna talk about what you're doing, this, that and the other mm-hmm

[00:58:29] And I was like, I was floored by that. And I was like, awesome. So I'm in my head. I'm like, how am I gonna pay for that? cause it's gonna be like a $1,500 trip. Right. That's right. And it's $800 to fly there in hotel and whatnot. And are they gonna put you up? This is not, they're not paying for anything this, and I don't expect them to, um, I'm uh I'm um, it's opening the door step one, 1% every day.

[00:58:57] Mm-hmm right. So it's fine. Um, so I, uh, So Steven awesome guy, the recruiter, he said, don't worry about where you're staying. You can stay at my place. I'll give you next the other car or the extra car. You just drive it around wherever you need to go. Wow. And I was like, okay, so that's covered. Thank you, bro.

[00:59:14] I really appreciate it, man. Um, all based off of, I guess what I'm doing and, and, and, and trying to raise me up. And then, so now I'm talking to Eddie still at dinner, and I was mentioning about the depo stuff and he is like, okay, I got your ticket. No. So I started explaining everything. He goes like, bro, you think it's right?

[00:59:33] I was like, yeah, you're fine. So he said, just come to the school on Friday, on I'll have the money for you. So went to go pick it up. And he had $810 cash. Wow. So I can pay for the ticket, 

[00:59:46] Travis Bader: the universe unfolds as it should. 

[00:59:48] Sachin Latti: Right. And that's just the, like, that was just one. Then I went that following week. So that's why of recently my.

[00:59:56] I've been more like this, cuz sure. Money's not stressing me as much cuz now it's just appearing now mm-hmm so for example, well appearing or whatever you wanna call it. Yeah. Yeah. Presenting present. And um, he, uh, so a couple weeks ago when I was in lay country yeah. With, uh, Jared, I was up there to do 21 K Spartan race.

[01:00:14] Okay. And it was a, you know, just to have fun, whatever, and I didn't have enough money to go. Hmm. I had about 160 bucks in my account or something and um, I was like, oh and my car isn't the best car. And I didn't want to drive it up there cuz that probably would've cost me more 

[01:00:34] Travis Bader: yes. Right. She had gas races that where they are now that 

[01:00:37] Sachin Latti: and breaking down, like it's a hot mess.

[01:00:39] Right? Yeah. And um, so I, uh, the world, the universe, man, I have a friend of mine. Who's been a really good friend for the last couple years and she. Her sister works for Canada. So I got a buddy passed for 150 bucks round trip. So, wow. I bought that had a couple bucks, $10 left in my account, so it was good.

[01:01:03] and then I got there and Jared just moved to lake country. Yep. And I met him through the mental health walks that sub does mm-hmm so Jess coincident he's like, yeah, bro, stay at my place. I'll drive you. so I, so I, it just, it just happened. Yeah. So then now I'm in, um, in, in, in lake country. And so I also have a group of friends from Edmonton, um, that were coming down to do the Spartan race.

[01:01:28] Mm-hmm and they're part of a big community of, uh, people that do good things as well. Mm-hmm and, um, as you know, they have a WhatsApp group about 80 people in it and, and, and, uh, about 10 of them came down and they were like, Hey, sat, we're gonna go to this place for lunch on, on Friday, come join us. I was like, I'd love to guys, but I'm in lake country.

[01:01:48] I'm not gonna ask jar to drive me back and forth. And I'm not, I don't have enough money to Cabo and I'll see you at the race. We're good. We're good. And a couple hours later, um, Sarah, who I've met once when I went to Edmonton for, to meet these people and hang out, um, said, what's your email address? I'm transferring you, um, travel expenses.

[01:02:12] Wow. And I was like, what. So I gave her my email and she transferred me 200 bucks to help me out while I was just there. And so then I felt awkward for me. Yeah. Cause for me, I could see that for me, um, I've right or wrong. I've felt like people have taken advantage of me from various different times in my life.

[01:02:29] So I don't want anyone feeling like I'm doing that to them. Sure. Right. And I was talking to Jared about this and I was like, fuck Jared, man, how do I take this man? I don't like, how do I receive this? And he's man, your perspective is slightly wrong here. Interesting. And I was like, what do you mean? And he's like, you double down.

[01:02:49] They give you money. They help you out. You go harder, you go more and you gotta think of it differently. It's not that they're pitting or Chi like anything like that. It's. That's their way of contributing to the cause and the 

[01:03:02] Travis Bader: mission, totally people like to back a winning horse. Right. Well, for, 

[01:03:06] Sachin Latti: for, and absolutely, but for me it was, uh, a process to get there.

[01:03:10] Mm. Um, for me to understand that, because I've never. Been around that. And for Jared to help me out in understanding that was, um, that's a big, 

[01:03:21] Travis Bader: it was, it was important. It's kind of like that goofy old joke about a person who's, uh, the town's flooding. Yeah. Hear that one. And he, the front door person drives by.

[01:03:29] He's like starting to flood. I get drunk, jump in the truck, right? Yeah. He's like, no, no, no, my God will save me. Right. Yeah. Uh, then he is, water's halfway up the house and a boat comes by and same thing. No, no, no, no. Then he is on the roof and a helicopter console. Like, no, no, no, no. And then he is in heaven cuz he is drowned.

[01:03:49] What happened? I sent you a truck and a boat and a helicopter. Why didn't you take it? Right. And these things come along in life. Yeah. And quite often our pride gets in the way and I, and I can see that. No, no, no, no. I don't want to take it. And then you, you become more reclusive and you go away. And so 

[01:04:05] Sachin Latti: a year ago I wouldn't have accepted any of it.

[01:04:06] Totally. Sean Taylor helped me mm. Months ago with being okay. with, um,

[01:04:18] sort note the ego piece. He, he helped me understand that, Hey man, it's not about you. You, if you don't have money, just be honest. Mm-hmm like, why are you hiding? Like, who are you trying to prove to? like, what's going on. No, but that's reality, right? Yeah. Like why, why would I lie about, yeah, I, I don't have money, but it's not because I, I'm not, I'm lazy.

[01:04:39] Mm-hmm , it's just cuz of the nature of what I'm doing. Yep. So, um, so I have had to connect with many different people to help me understand a lot of different things, cuz my mind wasn't anywhere involved in these types of, um, ideas. So what I've been doing with. Some of the guidance and, you know, like suggestions from Sean is actively going out and meeting people.

[01:05:09] So like when it first started, I didn't like meeting people. Sure. I, I stayed by myself, whatever I don't didn't feel comfortable. So what I started doing was, um, my Instagram, I was just randomly talk to people and just be like, Hey, you wanna go for coffee? And then I would just go for really? Yeah. Just, Hey, you wanna go for coffee?

[01:05:28] And 

[01:05:28] Travis Bader: these are people that, you know, or these are just, maybe you don't know, 

[01:05:32] Sachin Latti: just through Instagram, like that kind of either acquaintance right. Or friends. Sure. But they were mostly less, not, not, not quite friends. Sure. So, um, I would just engage with people. And meet them and talk to them and learn from them and understand their perspectives and people that I would never talk to mm-hmm so it was a lot of people like that.

[01:05:52] Like no hugely eye opening. Let me rephrase that though. Um, there were people that I would normally not have spoken to right. 

[01:06:00] Travis Bader: Based on how you were 

[01:06:01] Sachin Latti: in the past. Sure. Yeah. So for me, that was massive and there were bumps in the road for sure. Cuz my ego would get in the way and having conversations with these people.

[01:06:10] But, and I was listening to you and Sean talk on the podcast yesterday, there are striking similarities, more so than not. Right. So we're way I noticed in my experience, we're way more similar than we are. We just have different ways of saying things. Mm. And we may be on different. We may be on different like parts of the same journey.

[01:06:35] Mm. So like someone may be farther, further along than the other, but we're all going in the same direction. That's right. And um, So I, for me, it's just reminding myself of that a lot too. And understanding that and then, um, yeah, just being more com I'm trying to be more compassionate. It's a very massive tenant in the sick religion as well.

[01:06:56] Right. Mm. And the words called Deia, D a Y a and it's compassion. Okay. It's a fundamental tenant. You gotta be compassionate. So I haven't been . So how 

[01:07:05] Travis Bader: does that manifest itself? Like when you talk about being compassionate 

[01:07:10] Sachin Latti: empathy, I want to be able to put myself into some of those shoes and not judge them.

[01:07:14] Okay. And I want to, how else does that mean compassionate? Um, so giving grace to people. Okay. Right. And I guess that's a Christian term, but I've, I, I, I'm not sure. Yeah. It sounds like it. Yeah. But I think, um, so grace.

[01:07:34] Not, yeah, not judging all these things. Like just being, being more. I feel more now, too, actually, since I've been, um, since I've been, um, working on myself mm I'm. Way more emotional than I ever have been. Like, uh, I, I was a wall. Mm. But now I can cry fairly easy now. Um, which is which I'm kind of happy about.

[01:07:57] I think I'm just a, a I'm I feel like I'm, I'm an kind of like an empath. Like I feel a lot of people's energy and, and, and I can sense things sometimes. I don't know. It sounds kind of strange woo. But not really. You're open to it now. Yeah. And maybe over the years of working in law enforcement for 18 years and, and really honing my craft and what I was good at, I was very observant and I'd.

[01:08:21] Um, pay attention to people's behaviors and the change of behaviors. And then, um, responding based on that. Mm-hmm so if I feel it may, it sounds like feeling energy, but I'm probably subconsciously observing, uh, change of behavior. And what's going on 

[01:08:35] Travis Bader: your verbal, your para verbal, your nonverbal, your body language.

[01:08:38] Yeah. What you said, how you said it, the intonation and inflection. Absolutely. And all those things come in, but there is that gut feeling that goes with all of that and that's based off past experiences and how you've seen things unfold. Last time I saw a person go all red in their face and start clenching their fists.

[01:08:54] They were angry, 

[01:08:54] Sachin Latti: right? Yeah. Yeah, no, absolutely. That's uh, Yeah, man. That's, uh, that's kind of, what's been happening over the last little law, man. It's been a, it's been a trip, man. It's been a trip. 

[01:09:04] Travis Bader: Well, they say, okay, so you're saying like, you're kind of like a wall. They see a person's getting angry. Yeah.

[01:09:10] Okay. There's all these psychological and physiological responses, right. And the heart rate's going up and you're getting angry. Your breathing's changing your, your mind's racing and there's all this energy that comes in. How much energy does it take to put that wall up 

[01:09:23] Sachin Latti: and to stop it? I'll tell you exactly about 400 calories burned in about 10 minutes.

[01:09:27] Travis Bader: There you go. Where do you get that 

[01:09:29] Sachin Latti: metric from my whoop strap. no, I'll tell you when I was at, when I was really dealing with major stress. Sure. I, I, I monitor all my metrics. Sure. For cuz I'm active, I'm working. I'm trying to, trying to train properly and I would see, so this whoop strap would, um, when your heart rate elevates, even if you're not working out.

[01:09:46] Mm. And it elevates for a long duration of time, it'll track it. Mm. And I'd be at work talking to someone and in low risk scenario, For some reason what's going up. I would burn, like in, let's say in a half an hour, it'd be like running 5k. Wow. And I would look at my thing, I'd be what the heck's going on, but I would have a response.

[01:10:09] Interesting. Yeah. And that, even though the wall is up and I'm talking to somebody and maybe they're being rude or nothing major, but just being in the Dick. Right. Yeah. And, um, it would be me controlling my, myself, not wanting to get angry as my response cuz I'm, I'm not a flight. I'm more of a fight. Sure.

[01:10:31] And, um, but containing everything just, but I would feel it, my heart, I would feel it and I'd feel a little bit of sweat in the heart rate and all these things, but you wouldn't be able to really see me acting on it 

[01:10:44] Travis Bader: is all you're feeling is love back on the Instagram and, and social media that you're putting out.

[01:10:49] Are you getting people that are hating on you? 

[01:10:53] Sachin Latti: I don't know. Uh, I it's been, I don't know why they'd wanna hate on me. I'm just doing something nice. No, no, I, I, I get it. I've been noticing all like, very, very supportive. Awesome, very, um, it's it's humbling, man. Awesome. Honestly, it's humbling, man. It makes it, it, some days it brings tears to my eyes based on where I was a year ago.

[01:11:18] If I look at the Delta over the last 12 months, it's like, wow, man, I made it this far in just, just a year. No kidding in a year, man. It's amazing what can happen in a year of just working on things and, and, and I get messages fairly frequently now on my Instagram, people DMing me on just positive messages or, um, Hey, I heard this and, or, Hey man, can you help me out with this?

[01:11:44] Or, and I'm like, fuck, man. Like, it's not. It's awesome. That's pretty cool. It's 

[01:11:48] Travis Bader: awesome, man. And that's pretty neat because everyone talks about, you know, how social media could be negative and you can't expect to be growing as a person or as a business or as a, whatever it might be without seeing change happen around you.

[01:12:01] And anytime you stick your finger in the bowl of water, you're gonna see some ripples, right. And. If all you're getting back from that is positivity, more power to you. Keep, 

[01:12:11] Sachin Latti: keep it rolling. Speaking of ripples, I want to, I'm not sure how we're doing it on time, but I wanna mention this, uh, for sure before we go, cuz I have, I have, uh, before I start and this plan to run across Canada has been really, uh, it's a five year plan, right.

[01:12:27] And I started a year and a half, two years ago. It's nothing's deviated. Other than it's the only thing that's changed is I've I'm making it harder. how are you making it harder? Because initially I was thinking, I just wanna do what Terry Fox did. Oh, 

[01:12:41] Travis Bader: now you wanna beat the record? Yeah. 

[01:12:43] Sachin Latti: because I can run 42 K a day now.

[01:12:46] Right. So if I have another year and a half, what can I do? Mm. Cause the goal was to run in 20, 25, but after a year of training I can run 50 K. Now I could, I, it won't be easy, but I'll grind it out for four or five months. I could do that. I could do it. Mm-hmm and um, so then I thought, oh shit, man, if I can do that right now, how much more can I do if I, if I train.

[01:13:04] Quit my like, leave my job, focus a hundred percent. Hire this person, hire this person, hire like do all the things mm-hmm. what can I do then? That's why I feel very confident based on what I did last year with nothing mm-hmm and then what I'm doing now with little bit mm-hmm and then what I'm gonna do over the next year with a lot more mm-hmm so I just wanna see what I'm capable of.

[01:13:27] I wanna, I wanna see what I can do. Mm-hmm I don't know if I can break the record and the likelihood is not that great. cause I'm if, if you look statistically, it's 

[01:13:35] Travis Bader: not gonna happen. If you don't make set that in your sight as a goal, but it's 

[01:13:38] Sachin Latti: my ultimate goal, right? To do it. I'm training to do it. I've hired a phenomenal coach, Ron low he's like fast as shit.

[01:13:46] Like he's getting my time down. Cuz what I need to do is not just run, um, a lot of K's but I gotta run those K's in a certain amount of time. Mm. So my pace can't be like eight minutes per kilometer running a hundred K that's not, that's not, it's gotta be like five and a half minutes per kilometer, which is nuts.

[01:14:05] Yes, it is it, which is nuts. Mm-hmm and. Dave Proctor was doing six minutes per kilometer. Wow. For 67 days, which is nuts. Mm-hmm . So for me to do what he did, and he was an ultra endurance athlete, his entire life, he's done 30, 40, 50 marathons, and all these other things. Mm-hmm, , I'm just an athlete trying to do something and see if I can do something remarkable if given the time mm-hmm

[01:14:34] So I'm just like seeing what's possible. Right. And, and, and, um, that's the story. I think there's so many stories here. Sure. But I think if we can, like, if I can share anything at any point, not now, cuz I'm still in it, but maybe in a few years down the road, once everything's all said and done and I can sit back and say, Hey man, look, you know, it is possible.

[01:14:57] Proof's in the pudding. Mm-hmm this is where I was. This is where I'm at. Now. This is where this is happening. This is how many millions of dollars are going over here. This is how many millions of people are affected by what we're doing. Like. It will be a failure if it's not permanent. And like over a period of time in my eyes, it sounds like 

[01:15:15] Travis Bader: you got a book in the works too.

[01:15:18] Sachin Latti: Uh, so we're working on the documentary now too. Right? Good. So that started, uh, preliminary shooting started, um, Sunday. Okay. And, um, we're gonna slowly start building on it and track everything for the next two, three years and yeah. Book, whatever, whatever will help more people and get the message out I'm up for.

[01:15:38] Right. And I wanted to mention these, these three things. I only set three personal goals for myself. Okay. Like not need 'em goals, three personal things I want to achieve. Okay. And they weren't monetary at all. And this might seem bit, um, interesting for you and maybe the listeners. And I think it's, anyways, I'll say I'll let you know.

[01:16:01] Yeah. Let's hear it. It's gonna sound. And this is what I said to myself a year and a half ago, when I first started, I'm gonna have Cameron Hayes run 50 K with me when I'm run across Canada and I'm gonna have David Goggins run 50 K with me when I run across Canada. And the reasons are this I'll get to third one.

[01:16:20] Okay. The reasons are this, I would've never known it was a thing. Had I not heard Cameron Hays. Mm. So I think it would be awesome if I could tell him that, that he has a hand in helping millions of people. And that's a gift I'd like to be able to give him same thing for David Goggins. I wouldn't have started running.

[01:16:41] Had I not read those first two chapters. And again, what we're about to do will affect a lot of people. And I think it would be an awesome thing to be able to share that with someone who inspired me to do that or not inspired me, motivated me to do that. Sure. And then number three, in 2026. I'll be on Joe Rogan's podcast.

[01:17:03] Travis Bader: 2026. 

[01:17:04] Sachin Latti: Yeah. That's that's gonna happen. The reason is this awesome. The reason is this, um, whatever people say about that podcast, I think, I think it's a good platform if you want it to be. And for me, like in terms of his show, very much so. And I think for me, I I've always wanted to do jujitsu. Mm. Joe Rogan was a massive fan, so he always talked about it.

[01:17:30] Mm-hmm it pushed me over the fence. And I started jujitsu. I would've never known who Cameron Haynes was. Had he not been on that podcast? Mm, I would've never known who David Goggins was if he wasn't on the podcast. So I'd love to be able to go on that podcast, not to talk about me, not to share whatever else is to give him the gift that.

[01:17:53] He, he inspired and motivated someone to help a whole shit ton of people. And I think, um, that'll, I'll make that happen too. And I think those are the three things that I want to make sure actually happen. 

[01:18:09] Travis Bader: I can see each and every one of those things happening. And the only way they'll happen is if you set them as a goal, mm-hmm , they don't just happen by happenstance.

[01:18:17] It doesn't just fall in your lap. And if it does, there are reasons why these things clean. It came up to you. Mm-hmm I can see each one of those 

[01:18:26] Sachin Latti: happening for sure. Absolutely man. And I think it's now I'm taking more of a responsibility on a lot of things. Mm-hmm, how I kind of think of things now is like, look, if I'm, when I do all this stuff, the reality is it'll change my life.

[01:18:41] for sure. Mm-hmm, change your 

[01:18:44] Travis Bader: life change. And everyone's daughter's life, your flows around you, family, every single 

[01:18:48] Sachin Latti: person, every single person's life around 

[01:18:50] Travis Bader: me, a rising tide floats 

[01:18:52] Sachin Latti: all boats. Yeah. And I think that's an amazing responsibility that I I'm actually owning now, which will help inspire and motivate and drive me even more.

[01:19:04] Right. It'll push me even harder. I add more things to motivate myself. You wanna know another thing that I'm adding? Yeah. Cause I have to put these extra things on to get me to freaking go. Okay. I'm gonna, once I retire from the agency. Yeah. And I, I get my pension, I'm donating a hundred percent of. I don't want it.

[01:19:21] I want it to help other people. Right. So now that sounds crazy and people can go, oh, what are you gonna do for life or your money and this, that, and the other look, I'll figure that out because I'm doing that right now. So the goal is to make a substantial amount of money so I can donate all of that money and I'll need it.

[01:19:37] Right. So that'll push me and drive me to really, at least that's how I frame it in my head. Cuz I set that goal. Yeah. If I don't have that goal there, it's not gonna be an imagination. Like I won't, I won't think of like that pension will be worth $2 million. Sure. So it's just a number. It is just a number, right?

[01:19:55] So, so people gets, and when I say people I've told people this mm-hmm and they're like, whoa, they all freak out and I'm like, look, man, I'm good with 50 K a year mm-hmm 

[01:20:08] Travis Bader: and that's a good, and that's a good realization to find out what it is that drives you. What makes you happy? You know, fight club, what you own owns you, right?

[01:20:16] The more things that you have, the more you want to ACC accumulate, the more you're going to be owned by that. Right. Um, Jim Carey, when he was young, he's like, I'm writing myself a check for a million dollars. I'm gonna cast it at this date. And he set all this old goal process and, and he achieved it. And I made for a neat story and all, all the rest.

[01:20:36] And he later goes on and says, you know, that was a fun role playing Jim Carey. Right. That was fun. That was, uh, lucky to be able to, uh, to get that part. And people all laugh and he says, you know, things have changed, right. I famously says, I want everyone to have all the money in the world so they can realize that, that it does not bring you happiness, but the.

[01:21:00] The goal setting of what you are looking to achieve tends to change. As you start progressing down that path, I've seen in many people mm-hmm and if you're able to identify now that money is not the motivator for you, you're gonna have everything you need. Mm-hmm it'll all 

[01:21:16] Sachin Latti: work out. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing, right?

[01:21:18] Like, uh, I've I've, as, as soon as I established that and what, what I need to live, then it was simple. Mm-hmm because it makes it easier to make the decision. Right. Then I can, then I can figure out how do I get that money so I can live the life that I wanna live. Mm-hmm right. So let's say if it's 50 K well, okay, let me write some proposals.

[01:21:38] Let me get some investors. Let me get some sponsors. Let me do blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then I can start actively doing things. So now I've created something, um, over a year time that I can actually present to people and say, Hey man, this is what I'm doing. I. Help mm-hmm is anyone willing to invest?

[01:21:56] Mm-hmm in, let's say the documentary, or maybe someone wants to sponsor me as a, as an athlete. Who's doing something and, and maybe you can contribute to the cause a couple thousand here or a thousand there. Oh, whatever it is. Yep. Um, so the, now with the website, which is up today, um, which is, I don't know what the date is, but it's up today.

[01:22:15] Yeah. Um, and, um, there's gonna be a section on the website where people can do that and they can, if someone wants to be a sponsor, they can click on there and give their information. I can contact them. We can go from there. Right. Um, there's also a section where if people wanna volunteer for some of the stuff that we're doing, they can fill that out and they can help.

[01:22:33] Because I'm gonna have multiple things happening throughout the years over the next, like, this is not gonna be a small thing. It doesn't happen all by yourself. No. And, and I need lots of help. And, um, look, I already have my plan for what I'm gonna do for next run to remember already. I'm gonna run from, I'm gonna run from Ashock BC to usin to 345 K and three days.

[01:22:51] Holy Crow. That that's the plan. Yeah. So I'll do that too. And we'll document all that. I'm going to Toronto on the, uh, 12th of, uh, October to run on the, uh, Toronto waterfront marathon, October 16th. Mm-hmm . And I'm doing that to pace somebody that I've met through social media. Who's, um, not an avid runner, but they, they started and I was like, that'd be kind of cool to meet new people and go out there and fly.

[01:23:14] And that I planned that a few months ago. Now it's turning into something else. Like people found out I was coming. Some people have registered for the marathon just because I'm gonna be there and they want to hang out. Do cool things. Mm-hmm and, um, Toronto police service, a few people that I know there are connecting with me and they wanna, you know, kind of hang out and do like a 5k run and like these different things.

[01:23:37] And then my director videographer he's coming, he's filming the entire thing while we're there. Um, he's gonna interview people, so it's hopefully 

[01:23:44] Travis Bader: he can run no, got some 

[01:23:47] Sachin Latti: more, he's got some work to do, man. We were filming on Sunday. It was awesome. He's like, Hey man, so I'm gonna run next to you. Just don't run so fast.

[01:23:54] I go? How's that gonna look 

[01:23:55] Travis Bader: on 

[01:23:55] Sachin Latti: camera? Come on. Yeah, man. It's gotta look, but anyways, it was it's just honestly, I'm I'm I feel extremely honored. I feel extremely, um, I feel, I feel blessed, man. I don't know why I feel like no, I let me rephrase that. I feel blessed and I know why, cuz I'm finally able to start living my purpose and I'm I.

[01:24:22] Acting and speaking as my authentic self for my entire life, that hasn't been the case. So you can see me as I'm slightly fidgety, the camera can kind of see it. And I, uh, kind of look all over the place when I talk and stuff. Now I've only started doing that over the last couple years more because I'm taking the wall down and for most of my life, I hadn't shown those behaviors.

[01:24:45] Mm. I controlled them all. Mm-hmm my dad when I was young. So, um, my brother's three years older than me, my brothers, we, we all have our own issues, mental health wise, I think. And, um, my brother, um, he, he, you know, taps his foot a lot, you know, and as a young kid, my dad would rip him and he shows weakness, what are you doing?

[01:25:07] Blah, blah, blah, blah, all this kind of stuff. And I heard my dad say that mm-hmm and he stopped. I controlled every sort of fidget, excellent 

[01:25:15] Travis Bader: containment. 

[01:25:16] Sachin Latti: Yeah. And, um, now I'm like, no, man. Huh. And I remember when I used to go into meetings with, I used to be, uh, very involved in the union and I would have, um, meetings with management and I would always be very composed and controlled.

[01:25:30] And after those meetings exhausted, sure. Exhausted. I, I was like, why am I so exhausted? Cause I was controlling everything. Mm-hmm, mentally exhausted. So now I'm like, you know what, whatever I'm gonna be, who I am. If people think I'm weird, whatever people think I'm fidgety, whatever, if people think I'm not really looking at them or whatever it is, I don't care anymore because, um, it doesn't matter.

[01:25:52] Travis Bader: it's kind of neat reaching that point in your life where you just stop caring. Yeah. Caring about what other people think. Yeah. Caring about other opinions, caring about external things. To you and just caring about what it is that you're able to provide and you're able to do and how you're able to positively affect those around you.

[01:26:13] Sachin Latti: I mean, just that sounds awesome. That sounds awesome. Just the way you say it, right? Like it's, um, man, I I'll say it a million times. If you just feel fortunate, I feel super fortunate. 

[01:26:24] Travis Bader: I am really looking forward to watching and tracking your progress through here. I'm gonna have all this stuff up on the, uh, awesome.

[01:26:30] The show notes in the, the podcast on YouTube. Is there anything that we haven't talked about that we should talk about before we wrap up here? 

[01:26:38] Sachin Latti: Um, no, I think everything's gonna be, um, on, on, on the podcast, all the links and everything. So no, I just want everyone to, uh, no, what do I want? I, um, I just appreciate anyone who's listening to this.

[01:26:54] And, um, I appreciate you for having me on to be able to speak about what I'm, what I'm doing. And, um, I just look forward to many more years of doing something like this, and I appreciate you and everyone who's listening such, and the pleasure 

[01:27:09] Travis Bader: is all mine. I'm looking forward to watching you grow. 

[01:27:12] Sachin Latti: Thank you so much, bro.

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