episode 119 | Dec 19, 2023
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Silvercore Podcast Ep. 119: Bear Spray Hot Wings

Join Travis and Tiffany Bader on the Silvercore Podcast as they take on the ultimate spicy wings challenge! In this special lighthearted episode, they dive into the famous hot sauce lineup from Hot Ones, testing their taste buds and endurance. From numbing heat to fiery flavors, they share their experiences and reactions while answering intriguing questions. In true Silvercore Podcast style, the dial gets turned up to 11! Don’t miss out on the last Silvercore Podcast episode of 2023 filled with laughter, heat, and some unexpected twists. ** This should go without saying, but here it goes "don't do what Donny don't does" Bear spray is marketed as being non-toxic, but we still don't recommend anyone repeat the actions depicted here"
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Silvercore Podcast 119: Bear Spray Hot Wings


that's a sign of a good adventure. Something that gets you worried and nervous, but actually, if you plan it and do it properly, it's actually quite a safe thing.

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[00:00:52] Travis Bader: It's that time of the year again, Christmas is upon us. New Year's just around the corner. This is the very. Last episode of the Silvercore podcast in 2023, and we thought we'd try and do something a little lighthearted, a little fun, a little frivolous. I'm joined today by my wife Tiffany Bader. You might remember her from such podcasts as the Silver Corp Podcast, episode 100, the Ask Me Anything and Silvercore Podcast, episode 40, which is the The Woman's Fly Fishing Group down here in the Lower mainland.

[00:01:21] Travis Bader: What are we doing today, TIFF? 

[00:01:23] Tiffany Bader: We are gonna melt our faces off with some hot wings. We've got the lineup from hot ones, one through 10, and I can say that they are hot. My fingers are burning from saucing them. And I was coughing and hacking. I can smell it from here. Yeah. When they were airborne, they're like, I, I've really caked it on.

[00:01:42] Tiffany Bader: So we're going to be in some pain. 

[00:01:44] Travis Bader: So what I'm not, I see you got Pepto the table as well too. Is that fair? 

[00:01:48] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what to expect. Okay. I'm not very good with spice. 

[00:01:53] Travis Bader: So, well, I can smell them from here. I love hot wings. I love chicken wings. I should say, maybe not necessarily hot wings.

[00:01:59] Travis Bader: I love chicken wings. Um, melt my face off hot, not a fan of, but I can tell you, these are all going to be frozen cold, like people will watch this, probably won't realize that all the chicken is going to be cold by the time we get to it. 

[00:02:12] Tiffany Bader: Yep. Yep. We cooked it this morning and brought it over and saw some and got stuff together.

[00:02:16] Tiffany Bader: And it's now hour and a half later. 

[00:02:20] Travis Bader: So to make up for that, you, uh, You extra sauced each and every one. Yes, I did. Yeah. So what's your strategy? 

[00:02:27] Tiffany Bader: Uh, I'm pretty good at turning off my brain, which, you know, and, uh. I too share that trait. So that's excellent. I can, I can push through things that kind of suck.

[00:02:38] Tiffany Bader: So. You say now. I say now, but, uh, come da bomb or I don't know, I don't know how far I'm going to get before I start complaining, but, uh, we have eggnog, so that should help too. 

[00:02:48] Travis Bader: So we've got 10 different sauces and Tiff brought some Pepto Bismol. The bomb is number eight. And by all accounts from the internet research I've done, people say that's supposed to be the hottest, even though it's rated lower on the Scoville scale.

[00:03:00] Travis Bader: So I guess we'll find out. So the drill here as well. We've got a bowl in front of us with a bunch of questions that have been put in there and we'll work our way through it. Do we eat first? Do we, do we ask a question first? How's this work? I 

[00:03:13] Tiffany Bader: don't know. It's your podcast. I say we do it every, whatever you want.

[00:03:15] Tiffany Bader: Maybe on the show, they. They, I think they ask the question while they're eating it so you can like have to go through the pain of eating a hot wing. And then, 

[00:03:29] Travis Bader: yeah, well, my strategy for this is going to be simple. I'm going to do my best not to have any water, not to have any eggnog. I have found that if I have hot stuff and I have a temporary relief from the water or milk or whatever it might be, it just comes back 10 times worse for me.

[00:03:44] Travis Bader: So I'm going to see if I can make it through the whole thing. Without anything, I'll say that now, all brave before I even bite into 

[00:03:51] Tiffany Bader: number one. Okay. And I'll probably drink your eggnog. 

[00:03:54] Travis Bader: Do we have a 

[00:03:55] Tiffany Bader: question? Yeah, sure. Oh, I'll ask yours first. Yeah. 

[00:03:57] Travis Bader: And what side do I start on here, by the way? I don't want to start on the number 10.

[00:04:00] Travis Bader: The left side. Okay. There we go. 

[00:04:05] Tiffany Bader: Okay. First question. How big is your inner circle?

[00:04:14] Travis Bader: Not big. Inner circle? Intentionally? Not big. Oh, I guess I should eat my wing. You're going to have to eat your wing. There's a lot of people that I love that are part of my life. If we're going to talk absolute inner circle, you know, in life there's givers and there's takers. Are you sure I started on number one?

[00:04:37] Travis Bader: Yep. It's number one. Okay. There's givers. There's takers. There's matchers. Not to be egotistical, but I view myself as a giver. One thing I've found and people have pointed out to me is a goodwill. People with goodwill will have their goodwill taken advantage of by those with ill will. There's going to be lots of takers in the world.

[00:05:00] Travis Bader: I do my very, very best to try and surround myself with savages. Other people who are going to want to give, not just at the same level, but try and outdo you on a regular basis when I try and outdo them. And I find that. That drives me, and it helps that inner circle just do that much better. How about you?

[00:05:17] Travis Bader: What's your inner circle like? 

[00:05:20] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, I mean, you put it a lot nicer than I would. Um, I feel like I'm getting older, and maybe crabbier, and less willing to, uh, I don't know, you're young and you want friends, and you put up with stuff you're not maybe super happy with, and you get older and you realize what your tolerances are, and what makes you happy, what doesn't make you happy, and it's definitely getting smaller.

[00:05:40] Tiffany Bader: Um, you know, I feel like we've been through some stuff and it's taught us who our friends are. And it really like tested those, those bonds. And I feel like coming through those things is like, man, there's people I know in our life that they would do anything for us and we would do anything for them. I don't care how many people are in our, our inner circle.

[00:06:02] Tiffany Bader: As long as there's a few of these people, I'm, I feel so grateful and so happy for that. That's a 

[00:06:07] Travis Bader: good question. So that's number one, you sauced the heck out of these guys. I, I, I really did. And I'm wondering, I'm wondering what it's going to like. So what number one here is what they got a chart that says it is 1, 600 Scoville heat units.

[00:06:24] Travis Bader: I did a bit of research. I'm not too sure how well Scovilles are representative of what the heat's going to be like, because if they're calling the bomb, one of the hottest ones, and there's still ones that are rated a little higher. But I'll tell you, you sauced a heck out of that one and it's got a good flavor.

[00:06:41] Travis Bader: It's got some heat. 

[00:06:42] Tiffany Bader: It does. Yeah. 

[00:06:44] Travis Bader: What do you think? I'm just going to go out on a limb while we're in our early stages here. Yeah. Do we want to go full sauce on each one of these wings as we go through and just add a little extra sauce from each one? 

[00:06:55] Tiffany Bader: I think, I think you're being over, I've watched the show.

[00:06:57] Tiffany Bader: I've watched almost every episode of the show, the online hot one show. I think. You're asking for trouble. You're being the Eddie Huang going to wing number 10 and eating them in reverse. And then being like, Oh my God, throwing up and can't do it. I think it's a bad idea because I say that because I have sauced, I've sauced the hell out of these wings.

[00:07:17] Travis Bader: Okay. I like the, uh, the Mayor Rudolph. Someone sent that one over to us Saturday Night Live. If anyone hasn't seen that one, watch it. It's hilarious. She does a, uh, a skit on a whole hot one saying, okay, well, let's get into wing number two. Okay. 

[00:07:33] Tiffany Bader: I'm going to ask you a question. 

[00:07:36] Travis Bader: Okay. Now, I got the flats because I find them easier to eat with a mustache and I'll get it everywhere with the beard.

[00:07:45] Travis Bader: Wing number two is Shakonda's 6, 200 Scoville. So that's quite the step 

[00:07:55] Tiffany Bader: up. Yeah. It looks like it's got dill in it too. Tastes okay. Yeah. Okay. Question. You, you want to answer it first? 

[00:08:03] Travis Bader: Okay. I'm going to eat the wing 

[00:08:04] Tiffany Bader: first. Go ahead. Okay. Are there specific books that have, have had a profound impact on your perspective or outlook on life?

[00:08:11] Travis Bader: Mm hmm. Good. Eat your wing.

[00:08:21] Travis Bader: Okay. 

[00:08:23] Tiffany Bader: Tastes like clam chowder. 

[00:08:25] Travis Bader: You tasted dill in there, eh? Yeah. I feel like the first one was hotter.

[00:08:33] Travis Bader: Well, I've got a theory on this as well. I did 

[00:08:36] Tiffany Bader: pour a lot on that 

[00:08:37] Travis Bader: first one. Okay. I've got a theory on this. My theory is, and we're at the Silvercore Christmas party last night over at, uh, Franco's restaurant Taverna Gorgona in Ladner. Love that place. Great restaurant. I love the fact that I can walk home from there because it's right by our office and sorry, everybody else, but, uh, makes for a fun time, but.

[00:09:01] Travis Bader: We were talking about the fact that we're going to record this today. And, uh, Ray was saying that he had one of these sauces and he just touched it to his tongue on a toothpick and he was absolutely on fire. So I'm wondering, here's a theory. We'll see if we can test it out. If you put a whole bunch of that hot sauce on, will it numb you out?

[00:09:22] Travis Bader: Well, I make it so you can just reach a level and it doesn't, it's no longer spicy. I do know I specifically scheduled my tomorrow in such a way that I'd have no hard and fast commitments that I have to work through just in case there's going to be a bit of revenge here. 

[00:09:37] Tiffany Bader: I'm taking tomorrow off. Now, did you ask a question?

[00:09:39] Tiffany Bader: I did. And, and, uh, I will pick it out on, yeah. Are there specific books that have had a profound impact on your perspective or outlook on life? So 

[00:09:49] Travis Bader: people who regularly listen to the podcast would probably pick up on the fact, uh, you often quote Viktor Frankl. He wrote a book called Man's Search for Meaning.

[00:09:59] Travis Bader: I'd say that one was a powerful book. I think anybody who's, uh, going through difficult times or looking for some meaning, it's worth a read. It's not going to give you all the answers, but he is the father of modern logo therapy. He approached concentration camps that he was in from a analytical perspective and looked at finding meaning in life, even in the worst possible.

[00:10:25] Travis Bader: Circumstances so man searched for meaning Viktor Frankl that book I'd say helped a lot You 

[00:10:35] Tiffany Bader: so I I mean, you know me. I I will read first and foremost I read cookbooks like I will read cookbook after cookbook I read novels And those tend to stick with me a little bit better. I mean, obviously, there's not a lot of cookbooks that have really, like, formed me as a human being.

[00:10:56] Tiffany Bader: Uh, I, I read the odd self help book, but they never stick. I, I find them interesting as I read them, but they just, in one ear and out the other, but. Honestly, like, as a little kid reading, uh, Little House on the Prairie, um, man, it was like, I thought it was the coolest thing. I, like, I just, I love those books.

[00:11:16] Tiffany Bader: And What did you like about them? I like that people worked. I like that they Like it just seemed simple, everybody, like it wasn't about fights and if there were, there were challenges in their life, like a bear came into their homestead and they had issues and they had to all work really hard together, but everyone sort of like cooperated and worked together.

[00:11:39] Tiffany Bader: And it just seemed like, I don't know, it seemed like a cool, hard life. 

[00:11:45] Travis Bader: So was it that book that had them going out and pouring maple syrup in the snow? Yep. Okay. So I'm glad you. I'm glad you read that book because that's definitely a fun tradition, just boiling down some maple syrup and pouring it in the snow.

[00:11:57] Travis Bader: That's kind of a fun thing to do with the kids. 

[00:11:59] Tiffany Bader: Yeah. I loved it. I mean, I just, I don't know. I, and then I went to my grandparents house. My grandparents house was so much like that, that book. Like they lived on a farm and we'd go pick mushrooms and we'd go pick berries and go fishing in the stream behind their house.

[00:12:13] Tiffany Bader: And it just felt like, it just. I had grown up in the city and it, it opened up my eyes to like, okay, I know this was supposed to be a long time ago and this is how people used to live and homesteaders and all this stuff, but like, I could take snippets of it. And I found as I got older and got to know myself a little bit better, those little snippets of like going for hikes and foraging and doing all these things was like, it's, I don't need to be the city person.

[00:12:39] Tiffany Bader: I can like, I can enjoy this stuff, even though it might be kind of old fashioned. So, yeah, 

[00:12:43] Travis Bader: I love it. Okay. Well, let's get onto the next wing. What is that? Number three? Yeah. 1500, 1500 Skogul for jumping from 6, 200 to 1500. All right.

[00:12:59] Travis Bader: That one wasn't that hot, eh? The last one. Did you find 

[00:13:01] Tiffany Bader: that? No, like it just tasted like clam chowder. I mean, it was like spicy clam chowder. All I could get was dill out of that one. Okay. They're so 

[00:13:09] Travis Bader: cold. It's hard getting the bone off. I'll just eat the bone. 

[00:13:14] Tiffany Bader: Uh, what is the most significant lesson you've learned from a failure or mistake in your life?

[00:13:24] Travis Bader: So we're assuming that I make mistakes. 

[00:13:26] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, no, I know, but. We've been together a long time, so.

[00:13:33] Travis Bader: It is hard getting them off these bones. You 

[00:13:37] Tiffany Bader: want a drum? Hmm? This one's hotter for sure. 

[00:13:41] Travis Bader: Mm hmm. I saw you put lip balm on before we recorded. Yeah. That may have been a good idea. Yeah. I have to remember not to touch my face. Mm hmm. Not to rub my nose. This one's got some heat. Mm hmm. Um, okay. Yeah, feeling that one.

[00:14:02] Travis Bader: And that's only number three. Are we gonna make it to number seven? We have to, we will failure or mistake, most significant lesson. It's never too late to stop regroup and find a more desirable direction to move towards. I'd say that's probably the biggest thing that I've learned from past failures or mistakes.

[00:14:28] Travis Bader: As well to reframe the failure and mistake as something that's just an important part of the process. Cause if I'm not failing and if I'm not making mistakes, I'm not pushing myself. I'm just doing the same thing day in day out. Cause I know it's safe and I'm, I'm not going to fail. So I know when I was younger, very, very pigheaded in my approach, very, um, stubborn, let's say, and.

[00:14:58] Travis Bader: I would say I can figure this out. I can work through it. I can make it go because I don't want to give up. I don't want to fail. And I think having that distinction between giving up or running away from something and maybe reframing that as running towards or moving towards something that's more positive.

[00:15:19] Travis Bader: So I think that's probably the biggest lessons that I've learned is to enjoy the failures, enjoy the mistakes, make them often do so in a way that you're not. Totally taken a step so far that you can't get back up again afterwards. Yeah. That's probably it. How about you? 

[00:15:37] Tiffany Bader: I think it's similar. I mean, I grew up feeling like, like I had a blessed life.

[00:15:43] Tiffany Bader: I don't know why, because when I look back on it, I'm like, there's a lot of crap going on. It wasn't really truly blessed living, but like, I always felt lucky. Um, and then. You know, you make mistakes, you do things, but I always felt like I didn't want to grow up, I didn't want to look back on my life and have regrets, and having that feeling of like, that's, that's all easy when you're young, and you're not making big choices and big decisions, and, and then I got to a point in my life where I did, like, I got what I wanted, I got the job I wanted, at the place I wanted to work at, and like, I felt like it came too easy, and when I got it, I realized I didn't, I didn't want it anymore.

[00:16:24] Tiffany Bader: So I quit and I quit in a way that I quit in a way that I'm not proud of. I just kind of walked out and, um, and I look back and, and out of my life, that's, sorry, that's one thing that I wish that I did differently. And for a while, I, I, I said, I don't regret it, but, and, and I kind of framed it like that, but I really, if I'm being honest, I wasn't proud of what I did.

[00:16:50] Tiffany Bader: So yeah, I mean, like. Out of that, I learned, you know, I didn't want that job, really. Sure, you would have stayed there. Yeah. I didn't want it. I, um, I thought I wanted something. I thought I wanted a certain lifestyle. I thought I wanted all these things and I got it. I realized I didn't, I hated it. So to beat myself up over it, like you said, like it's, you know, you're not, I wasn't.

[00:17:17] Tiffany Bader: I wasn't running away from something. I just was a little too scared to admit it to myself at that time. So it took me many years to come to that realization, but. 

[00:17:26] Travis Bader: You know what I like about how you're framing your childhood, feeling like you lived a blessed life and in hindsight, you look back and like, maybe that wasn't the right perspective, but I disagree.

[00:17:36] Travis Bader: I think that was absolutely the right perspective. And that goes back to that book. Man starts for a meaning. That's the one thing that you can control, no matter what's going on around you is your perspective of what's happening to you. I can be mad at it. I can accept it. I can get over it. One thing you can't take from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me.

[00:17:55] Travis Bader: Last of life's great freedoms is one's ability to choose their attitude in any given circumstance over and over again. You choose your attitude. Was it a blessed life? Hell yeah, it was. And it still will be. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. I love that. Okay. Uh, my lips are 

[00:18:12] Tiffany Bader: tingling. Yeah, mine are too. I, I mean, I had some ChapStick on when you were talking there, so I don't know if everyone else can see that I was reapplying.

[00:18:20] Travis Bader: We'll have to make sure we edit it in. So we show each one of these little tactics and tricks that you're using. Yep. So far, no water's been touched, no eggnog's been touched and we're on to the 

[00:18:32] Tiffany Bader: next wing. Is this a competition between the two of us? Or like just Everything's a competition, Tiff. Come on.

[00:18:36] Tiffany Bader: It truly is, isn't it? Okay. 

[00:18:39] Travis Bader: This is what? Um, number four. Okay. So we're jumping from 1500 Scovilles, sorry, 15, 000 Scovilles to 36, 000 Scovilles. Do we eat first? Okay. I got some in a cut. Oh, that's gonna feel awesome. I was working in the shop yesterday and I got a few cuts on the hands here and I can, this is spicy.

[00:19:01] Travis Bader: I can feel it.

[00:19:12] Travis Bader: Tastes good.

[00:19:17] Travis Bader: I wish it was easier to get off the bones and I didn't have to eat the bone.

[00:19:24] Tiffany Bader: I might not keep eating all of them.

[00:19:30] Tiffany Bader: Well, there's a lot of sauce on that one. Mm hmm. 

[00:19:33] Travis Bader: Um. But it's got a good flavor. I like the 

[00:19:36] Tiffany Bader: flavor. It's really good. That's this one here? 

[00:19:39] Travis Bader: Mm hmm.

[00:19:43] Travis Bader: Los Calientes Verde. I don't 

[00:19:45] Tiffany Bader: know what that is. It looks like a hairless, like, panther deer. Do you have a question? Yeah, I do. Uh, how do you express yourself creatively? What were you gonna say? Creatively through my, through my expression of my language. How do I 

[00:20:04] Travis Bader: assess myself creatively? I am, I feel I'm a fairly creative person who lacks talent in any specific area.

[00:20:13] Travis Bader: I'm not an artist. I can't sing. I don't play musical instruments well. Um, but I do enjoy photography and learning the creative process and art through that. I enjoy videography and video editing and audio editing, like doing this podcast. I enjoy that, uh, woodworking, metalworking, things working with my hands.

[00:20:33] Travis Bader: I enjoy to create that way. I recently started, um, I've made a couple of knives in the past with no real idea what I'm doing, starting the very slow process of learning how to properly make knives. So maybe in the future, we'll see a few knives coming out that, uh, that I've created that will be an expression of my creativity.

[00:20:55] Travis Bader: How about you? You have like. 

[00:20:57] Tiffany Bader: Like I know you. You, well, yeah, I mean, I'm, my, my interests are less varied than yours. You have. Like literally it feels like every month you're like, Oh, I'm going to learn this now. I'm going to, I'm going to do this new hobby. 

[00:21:13] Travis Bader: Life's too short to not try and learn everything, or at least try it out and see if it takes and if you like it.

[00:21:17] Travis Bader: Yeah. 

[00:21:18] Tiffany Bader: I feel like I want to like master stuff and I, I love cooking and I feel like I could live a million lifetimes and never get to the point where I feel like I'm. A master. I, I, I mean, I, I look at these, like, Japanese sushi chefs and, and how they dedicate their lives to their craft and I just think that's amazing.

[00:21:43] Tiffany Bader: Again. 

[00:21:44] Travis Bader: Well, that's a whole Dunning Kruger thing too, right? People on the outside would look in and say, Hey, you've, you've mastered at least certain levels of cooking and types of cooking. You're formally trained, you've worked in bakeries, you've worked in fancy restaurants, uh, French trained, a lot of.

[00:21:59] Travis Bader: You've quit fancy restaurants. You've quit fancy restaurants too. But you know, it's always perspective. Yeah. Are you a master? No. I don't know. No, I'm not. Not by my assertion. I'm not a master in anything. Other people looking at it might say, man, that guy's got to figure it out. That gal's got to figure it out.

[00:22:17] Tiffany Bader: Something to work towards. But yeah, if I want to be artistic, it's through 

[00:22:20] Travis Bader: food. But I think there's also a process of celebrating wins. Cause if we hold that mindset all the time of like always learning, always working forward, no matter what plateaus we reach or what wins we get, if we don't stop and celebrate them, which I've, you and I have both been bad for, what are we doing this for?

[00:22:41] Travis Bader: So that's, uh, not that I'm a New Year's resolution type person, but just resolution in general, something that we work on is when we have wins, stop and celebrate them. Yeah. Celebrate the wings. Celebrate the wings. All right. What, what do we got next? 

[00:22:56] Tiffany Bader: Uh, uh, Los Calientes, I think, 

[00:22:59] Travis Bader: isn't it? Uh, no, uh, we're on number five.

[00:23:02] Travis Bader: One, two, three, four, five. No. Oh, I 

[00:23:06] Tiffany Bader: counted the Pepto Bismol as a bottle. Brooklyn Deli, I think, is ghost pepper. 

[00:23:13] Travis Bader: Yeah. We're on five. So somebody asked, will there be ghost peppers? That was on social media. Yeah. Apparently, this one's got a ghost pepper in it. 

[00:23:20] Tiffany Bader: Mm hmm. I think there's a few with ghost peppers, actually.

[00:23:24] Tiffany Bader: We didn't get this year's hot ones set, but the new one has like this new pepper X or whatever they call it that I don't think that one does. This 

[00:23:32] Travis Bader: is what, last dab, Apollo hot sauce. Okay. Pepper X, the merciless peppers of. Oh yeah. Quetzal, Zacatecinaga. 

[00:23:41] Tiffany Bader: Yeah. And I drank it. I drank a candle before this.

[00:23:45] Tiffany Bader: More please. 

[00:23:47] Travis Bader: Yes. Hold on. Do we eat first? We ask first. 

[00:23:50] Tiffany Bader: I don't know. Let's eat. We want to eat first, Kat.

[00:24:03] Tiffany Bader: Everyone sits and watches us eat. 

[00:24:05] Travis Bader: I think so. Mm hmm. Now, if people are listening to this, they're gonna miss out on the fact that I already feel my face turning red. Mm hmm. I can feel it in the back of my throat. I'm feeling like, remember on Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd and Harry, they're having the hot stuff?

[00:24:24] Travis Bader: They're like spraying ketchup. It's not hot, just kind of tickles a little bit. Right now, I'm feeling the tickle. Mm hmm. 

[00:24:31] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, speaking of that, um, maybe preemptively, in like half an hour when we get to the end, what do you think happens when you die? Ha! 

[00:24:40] Travis Bader: Okay.

[00:24:43] Travis Bader: I've got no clue. What happens when you die? Um, you know, you could be like Keanu Reeves, I think the people who love you the most will miss you. Which is true. Um, I don't necessarily believe that there's some ethereal mansion that we will be ascending to upon death. I like to think that that's where we are right now.

[00:25:07] Travis Bader: And this is our opportunity to live things in whatever way we want. And if we can't enjoy it while we're living now, I don't know, maybe we get more chances. Maybe there's reincarnation. I'm not sure, but I do believe that there is a, uh, a natural order to things. And we, as people are connected. In more ways than we're disconnected with each other and our environment where that's the trees, the animals, your natural surroundings, without sounding too hippie here about crystals and energy, I have had conversations on the podcast about it, and I think there's a lot of value to that.

[00:25:47] Travis Bader: I think there's just a natural energy and there's a natural order of things. And when you die, that energy, which is neither created nor destroyed. Is just part of everything else. So obviously no, this is something that people have quandered over, over existence. I got no idea, but I do think that there is an energy and that we're a part of it.

[00:26:16] Travis Bader: And when we, the dust returns onto the earth as it was, and the soul returns into God who gave it or whomever that might be, that that's essentially the, um, the culmination. How about you? 

[00:26:30] Tiffany Bader: Well, I mean, you know me, I'm not, I'm not a religious person. I think I'd say I'm spiritual, but not religious. But it might be because I've been reading a lot of no dig gardening books, but like I'm kind of learning more about soils and at the very base, like I think that You're part of a system, you rot, you become part of it, you're like, you're rotting corpse is going to feed bacteria and fungi and, and grow new plants and I think there's something really cool about that.

[00:27:02] Tiffany Bader: You're just like, we're not going to escape this, you know, you're going to die, you're just You're going to become nothing. So it makes our time here that much more important. 

[00:27:13] Travis Bader: Or become everything. It's like a Dalai Lama ordering a pizza. Make me one with everything. 

[00:27:17] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, there you go. So I mean, there's, there's that.

[00:27:20] Tiffany Bader: However, I still like, I kind of want to hedge my bet. So when I die, I don't want to be like shot up into space. I don't want to be cremated and thrown in the ocean. Like I kind of want all of my rotting bits and pieces to still be. Okay, so let's 

[00:27:37] Travis Bader: get this straight, no cremation? 

[00:27:39] Tiffany Bader: No, I want to be 

[00:27:39] Travis Bader: cremated.

[00:27:40] Travis Bader: Okay. Well, how does that go towards? 

[00:27:42] Tiffany Bader: Well, I just don't want to be spread over a large 

[00:27:44] Travis Bader: area. Got it. I always figured one way, if there's going to be a wake or funeral for me, if I could, I'd like everyone to enjoy me for one last time. I lead a healthy lifestyle, make some Trav burgers, I can be spread over a large area.

[00:28:04] Travis Bader: Without being cremated. 

[00:28:05] Tiffany Bader: It's like, it's, it was disgusting. The first time you said that, it's disgusting now. 

[00:28:09] Travis Bader: It's my dying wish. I'm sorry. It's not a problem for other people. 

[00:28:14] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, no, I'm not eating a Trap burger. 

[00:28:18] Travis Bader: All right. What's the next one here? Six, a torchbearer. Mushroom mayhem. So the last one was 39, 000.

[00:28:26] Travis Bader: This one's 68, 000 Scoville. So it's a bit of a step up. So I feel it. I feel like I got some of the hot sauce on my beard and it's just, it's on my cheeks. My lips are tingling. The cut on the finger. I feel that one. 

[00:28:38] Tiffany Bader: Yeah. I mean, my fingers are still like, I have notoriously. Thin skin, I think, and when I touch peppers, normally I have to wear gloves, and when I'm saucing the wings, it's affecting my skin, so.

[00:28:51] Tiffany Bader: Looking forward to this one. Hmm.

[00:29:10] Travis Bader: Okay.

[00:29:14] Travis Bader: Taste that. Feel the heat. What's the flavor to you? It just tastes hot. That's kind of what I'm getting, too. I'm not getting the mushroom. Mm mm. 

[00:29:25] Tiffany Bader: I didn't chew it very well, hoping to just kind of get it down quickly. And it just, like, dragged the heat down my throat. 

[00:29:30] Travis Bader: Is that the trick? Just swallow it. You'll be seeing coyotes, talking coyotes pretty soon.

[00:29:37] Travis Bader: Pretty much. What's your question? Should I pick one? Yeah, sure. I'm going to pick one. I got crap all over my hands here. There's napkins there. Oh, this is the perfect one. Who's your favorite podcaster right now? Well, obviously, 

[00:29:52] Tiffany Bader: obviously it's Joe Rogan. Um, I may be biased, obviously. I have to, I shouldn't say have to, as part of my, as part of my duties here at Silvercore, I listen to all the podcasts, help get them, uh, up on the website and all this stuff.

[00:30:09] Tiffany Bader: And so I get to, I get to listen and I really do enjoy it. It's, uh, it's on one side, it's cool to see you do this thing that like brings you so much joy and. Happiness in your life. So it's different than listening to someone else do a podcast. Um, so yes, a hundred percent bias, but it's, I love watching you do this.

[00:30:32] Tiffany Bader: Aside from you. Yes. Aside from you. Um, I like Simon Sinek. Super positive. I know I can go out. I'm not going to hear people. Stories about people getting murdered or people fighting or anything like that. He's just like, positive people, positive stories. Yeah, I like it. So 

[00:30:52] Travis Bader: I'm a snack. His is what? A little bit of optimism.

[00:30:54] Travis Bader: Mm 

[00:30:55] Tiffany Bader: hmm. He's got a couple, but yeah. The little bit of optimism is what I 

[00:30:58] Travis Bader: like. So for me. I don't typically listen to podcasts. And in fact, when I started this podcast, I'd been on one as a guest, and I think it's that podcast for a long time. It was the number one episode they had. It's number two, I think right now.

[00:31:13] Travis Bader: Um, and we watched one, right? You took up me tickets. Oh yeah. Meat eater one to the meat eater Live one. And that time I'm like, what's meat eater? What is this? Like? I wasn't watching TV and it's not something I, I spent a lot of time looking at. Not on social media a whole ton, like number one, who is this guy that I'm going to go watch?

[00:31:33] Travis Bader: And number two, why would I want to go watch some podcasts? Right. And this is a Christmas present. And so I'm sitting here thinking like, how's a nice way to say this? Like, this is a terrible Christmas present. Yeah, no, pretty much. But we went down, we traveled into Seattle. We saw him, got to meet with Steve and.

[00:31:52] Travis Bader: Jan, Janice, Janice and actually that's where we met April too, met April for the first time. I had no idea that she was going to be on the stage and talking. I just thought she was some cool person in the crowd that grew up in Surrey like I did. You 

[00:32:06] Tiffany Bader: guys will always have Surrey. 

[00:32:07] Travis Bader: Always have Surrey. Um, so yeah, generally didn't listen to podcasts.

[00:32:13] Travis Bader: Work is what a 10 minute walk from house. This studio is a 10 minute drive from our house. If I'm going to listen, it's going to be when I'm going out hunting, when I'm going out on a road trip somewhere. But when I do that, um, diary of a CEO, I'll listen to that one. Steven Bartlett. Uh, I like the fact, you know, he's honest about things.

[00:32:33] Travis Bader: He's got interesting people on there. Um, yeah, I think he's got some good episodes. And, um. You know, John Sinai, oh, feeling the heat there. I will, uh, I'll listen to his podcast as well. The expansive, he's a past podcast guest. And I listened to these ones cause both of them are very positive and they're always, I love the way that John can look at things that could be difficulty, difficult.

[00:32:59] Travis Bader: Problematic and just find a positive spin or a different way of looking at it. Maybe you haven't thought of, and I enjoy that. And that's what I try and do with the Silvercore podcast. Ooh, it's hard with the, uh, the wings to hold a conversation, but, uh, I try to bring positivity with every single episode we do.

[00:33:16] Travis Bader: We've had a lot of opportunity to talk about things that are going to get a lot of clicks and get a lot of views, but I haven't been able to square myself with finding a way that we can talk about it with some sort of positive resolution. And if I'm not bringing in something that's going to be helpful into people's lives, it's just more complaining of the same, I, I just don't want to be a part of it.

[00:33:38] Tiffany Bader: Yeah. I mean, it kind of reminds me of, um, saw some clip with Jordan. I think Jordan Peterson was on, he was on Stephen Bartlett's podcast and he was talking about, uh, relationships and, um, if, if, you know, your, if your wife's complaining about something and she comes there and she's like, got all the, her list of grievances, if there's no solution or what do you want me to do about it or no.

[00:34:02] Tiffany Bader: You know, way I'd rather see things than what's the point, right? So I think with, with the podcast, what's the point in bitching? What's the point in having people on airing their grievances unless there's some sort of light at the end of the tunnel or, or resolution or solution or something. That's 

[00:34:18] Travis Bader: always been my take.

[00:34:19] Travis Bader: It doesn't get the same hits that having something inflammatory or provocative with. I think sometimes 

[00:34:24] Tiffany Bader: people want to bitch. It feels good sometimes to bitch too, right? Sure. 

[00:34:28] Travis Bader: Okay. So I'm feeling kind of brave right now, like my mouth is on fire. 

[00:34:33] Tiffany Bader: This is where it goes downhill though. Everyone's like, ah, it's not so bad.

[00:34:35] Tiffany Bader: And then they, then they get to the last three or four and then they start crying. 

[00:34:39] Travis Bader: So this was called angry goat. The next one in here, dreams of Calypso make their shack face 101, 000 school bills. Angry goat. I am a simple goat, live on the back of a pickup truck.

[00:35:00] Travis Bader: Okay, I can feel that in the cat.

[00:35:17] Tiffany Bader: Glad I bought organic wings. Hmm? I'm glad I bought organic wings. 

[00:35:24] Travis Bader: Mm hmm. Usually when it's hot, it comes off the bone. If I'm doing this, I'm not gonna do it half arsed. Yeah. I'm gonna eat the things. It's not coming off the bone, so I'll just eat the bone. It's, 

[00:35:37] Tiffany Bader: that's toasty. Mm hmm. 

[00:35:39] Travis Bader: Oh, that's a good question.

[00:35:40] Travis Bader: What flavor are you getting? Okay. I'm going to see how this hits. Yep. And then I'm going to make a proposal to you. Oh my God. The bomb from the internet research, even though it's a couple down from the end, it's supposed to be the hottest. Yep. Let's extra sauce the last three. You up for that? 

[00:36:04] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, sure.

[00:36:06] Tiffany Bader: It's all going to 

[00:36:07] Travis Bader: go downhill. We'll see. We'll see. 

[00:36:10] Tiffany Bader: I do have to work this weekend. So, yeah. Um, okay. Yeah. There's no, I'm not getting any flavor except hot from that wing. I like it when you can actually taste something. 

[00:36:23] Travis Bader: The side of my mouth. Yeah. On my cheek, just probably because I wiped it. It's just fire.

[00:36:28] Travis Bader: Yeah. All up the side. Do you want a 

[00:36:29] Tiffany Bader: chapstick? No. Okay. If you were going to live on a desert island, but it could take only one thing with you, what would it be? 

[00:36:38] Travis Bader: That's an easy one. Yep. That one thing would be a person. Who would that person be? Better 

[00:36:45] Tiffany Bader: be me or the kids. 

[00:36:47] Travis Bader: Thousand percent. If I could only one thing, I'd bring you, I'd bring you.

[00:36:52] Travis Bader: Why? Because time and time again, it's proven that there's a lot of things that I'm really good at, but the areas where I'm deficient, you're a perfect teammate. Got you. And likewise, areas where you're deficient. Hey, I excel. 

[00:37:03] Tiffany Bader: Did you just answer my question for me? Yeah, I did basically. So I have to choose.

[00:37:09] Tiffany Bader: Yeah. I thought it was a given. Come on. You're the tall one that can reach stuff on the top shelf, can get smack the coconuts out of the, uh, out of the tree. Yeah. No, you're a, I, I, I think that's, I, I like that answer. Um, yeah, no, I mean, like even when we go hunting and stuff, we've, we've kind of like fallen into our roles a bit and.

[00:37:34] Tiffany Bader: But we will put you push each other in and out like when I when you first heard take me out hunting I definitely was like kind of along for the ride there to help support I do the spotting and things like that. But in that role of spotting it was It was a perfect way to learn how to hunt because then I, I, all the pressure was on me so I could, I could like look down, I could look at, practice, uh, identifying between the different deer, identifying all these things.

[00:38:05] Tiffany Bader: The different 

[00:38:06] Travis Bader: vegetation that they might be eating and I remember, um. You know, like, oh, there's spruce tips. When, when the spruce tips stop, our elevation is going to be too high. I'm like, that's a good indicator for elevation. If we're looking for things, the critters are going to be down where there's new vegetation.

[00:38:20] Travis Bader: Spruce tips are a good indicator of fresh growth. Like these are things that I never looked at before. I think there's a, uh, the perfect sort of complimentary thing there. But, you know, those questions, what's the one thing you'd bring? I don't know. You're in a desert Island. Do you want to leave the Island?

[00:38:35] Travis Bader: I mean, maybe it's a great desert Island. You want to spend the rest of your life there on, right? Yeah. Um, That might change a physical object. If I want to leave, well, maybe just an in reach or a satin, that way I can just put a, uh, put something out and bide my time till something comes. Having those communications would be, would be vital.

[00:38:55] Travis Bader: So if I'm going to go and have it as nebulous as that, you, a thousand percent. 

[00:39:00] Tiffany Bader: Yeah. I like, I'm not the greatest at building fire. And I think, I don't, I don't blame you for that, but I will say your strength in that skill allows me to focus on other things. So, like, I, I just, I, I don't want to, I don't want to build it up too high, but like, dear God, like, you have bags and bags of birch bark.

[00:39:22] Tiffany Bader: Because, you're like, we'll be driving on the highway and you pull over, oh, I gotta get some birch bark, and you're scaling trees and grabbing it off some dead snags and stuff, and, yeah, I think, We just kind of like, we have like this comfort of knowing, knowing what we're good at, but I think as well, like, you're, you're good at pushing me.

[00:39:44] Tiffany Bader: Uh, you're really, like, you're, you're good at pushing yourself, but you're good at pushing me to be like, okay, no, I want you to do this now. 

[00:39:51] Travis Bader: You know, it's funny you talk about falling into roles. I think that's something that, for a long time, society, in general, was shying away from. Oh, you can't define me.

[00:40:02] Travis Bader: I don't, I shouldn't be in this role. A man's place is here, a woman's place is here. And I think people are starting to realize that it's not that one's better than the other, or one position is better than the other. It's the fact that naturally certain people will gravitate towards certain things that they enjoy to do.

[00:40:22] Travis Bader: Why should we shy away from that? Just because everyone else says, well, I shouldn't be cooking. You're a fantastic chef. And I love to cook, but I know if I want to have the absolute best meal, having you in the kitchen is going to be a hell of a lot better than having me in the kitchen. 

[00:40:37] Tiffany Bader: Wow. I don't know.

[00:40:39] Tiffany Bader: I think I may have Um, I may be holding you back as well from developing your, your. I'm 

[00:40:44] Travis Bader: secretly, secretly developing on the side. Oh, okay. Good. 

[00:40:47] Tiffany Bader: Well, that's good. Yeah. As long as it's secret. 

[00:40:51] Travis Bader: Yeah, no, I, I think that the, the idea of, uh, these different gender roles, oh, man's out there making fire, a woman's out there cooking, well, I enjoy making fires and I practice, you enjoy the cooking and.

[00:41:05] Travis Bader: It's not a one person, keep the other person down. We're essentially in the military, they'd call force multipliers and you're my force multiplier. 

[00:41:13] Tiffany Bader: Yeah. And you know, it's funny when I was, when I was working in kitchens and working long shifts and like, that was, my career was everything. Like I, I never thought that I would quit that.

[00:41:26] Tiffany Bader: And then we had kids and I'm like, no, like it's a switch flicked in me. I like, nope, there's. I don't care about my job anymore. I want to, I want to raise these kids. I want to have a home. I want to do these things. And I remember I got so much flack. And I remember my sister saying, What the hell is your problem?

[00:41:46] Tiffany Bader: Like, Why did you spend so many years in school? Why did you work so hard on your career just to throw it all away? And I just thought, I'm not throwing anything away. Like, it would, I've made decisions in my life that I'm proud of, it's taken me to a place that I'm proud of, why would I go away from it because I'm afraid that I'm, you know, working some typical female role?

[00:42:11] Tiffany Bader: Like, why, why should I be ashamed of that? And I, I know people talk about it now, but like, people weren't talking about it like 15, 20 years ago, they weren't. Like, I, I, so much, so much flack from friends and family about it. So what do you do all day? I'm like, I spend time with my kids. Like I do awesome things.

[00:42:30] Tiffany Bader: We go on adventures and I'm supporting my, my husband in his business and he's, he's able to like take risks and do things because we're part of a unit and a team because he knows that we support each other and I just, I don't know. Do you 

[00:42:45] Travis Bader: remember after our second child was born? And you decided to make that step full time out of the kitchen and you're working on the house and going through that period of listening to all the people talking to you, like, what are you doing?

[00:43:00] Travis Bader: Why are you doing that? And you're throwing it all away and out kind of sitting in the back of your head. And do you remember what I did to, um, help boost your morale? 

[00:43:10] Tiffany Bader: Oh, the mountaineering trip? Yeah, I know that. I think I blew out the speaker there. Uh, Yeah, I was like, I was really struggling because I, I had spent my whole life like I'm going to live in a city, I'm going to do this, I'm going to have a career, I'm going to like, this is, I'm the breadwinner of our, like, we, we figured that you were like the guy that was going to go surfing and hang out and have fun and the stay at home dad and like, And, yeah, I was like, my whole life kind of flipped and I was, I was struggling.

[00:43:42] Tiffany Bader: Like I really was like, I lost myself for a bit. I didn't know what I wanted, or I knew what I wanted, but I didn't trust myself to like just kind of push through and do it. And yeah, one Christmas, we talk about crappy Christmas presents, um, you got me a trip away in the mountains. I was like, I don't want to go in the mountains.

[00:43:59] Tiffany Bader: I don't want to do this. And like. I still remember, I still remember packing up my stuff, getting in my vehicle, and driving away while you and the kids were sitting on the front step waving at me, and I was like, I don't know if I started crying as I was driving away, or it took like, A bit, but I get up to Jasper, I'd driven all day and I hardly slept, I slept in my vehicle unfortunately right next to train tracks, I didn't realize it when I parked and then got up to the camp and where I was meeting everybody and like, I was just freaking out.

[00:44:32] Tiffany Bader: I called you and I'm like, I don't want to do this. I don't want to be away for a week and you're like, no, it's good for you. You should do it. You should do it. And I did, and it sucked for like the first 

[00:44:43] Travis Bader: day. I didn't say you should do it. You should do it. I think what I said was you can come home if you want, but will you look back at this fondly?

[00:44:54] Travis Bader: How do you want to remember yourself afterwards? I said, I think you will get a lot out of this trip. It was a woman's trip up in the mountains. You'd never done mountaineering before, and you were going to be going up, uh, on glaciers and rock climbing and. Crampons and carrying all your kit up into a remote Alpine location and spending a week out there with a group of people you've never met before doing some extremely difficult, arduous things and arguably, um, in a dangerous environment.

[00:45:26] Tiffany Bader: Oh, I did. Like that, that first day, I don't know what I was thinking. I like, I carried the ropes and I, so my pack was, it was, I know when I left, it was almost 50 pounds with just my stuff and then carrying the ropes and everything. It was a heavy pack going uphill. I didn't break in my boots properly. So anyone that takes a core course, I didn't break in my boots.

[00:45:48] Tiffany Bader: So my feet were just like a hot mess all week. But after that first day, I'm like. Everything was easier and everything was fun and it was cool, like totally different experiences and pushing myself and challenging myself, climbed to the very top of a mountain and almost fell off the side of the mountain and had to do like a, what do you call it?

[00:46:08] Tiffany Bader: Arrest with a pickaxe? Self arrest. Self arrest with a pickaxe. And, and in retrospect, that was actually like, It was probably a heck of a lot more sketchy than, than I thought it was at the time. I was just like, yeah, like I did that in practice and I got to do a self arrest and stop myself from going off the edge of a cliff.

[00:46:26] Tiffany Bader: And, 

[00:46:27] Travis Bader: um. What were the others like? Because usually that's how I gauge is by other people's reactions, like, okay, well, maybe that was a little bit 

[00:46:33] Tiffany Bader: sketchy. So that's how I know it was sketchy. It was because the guide was like. She looked like she literally destroyed her pants, like, she, she was pretty unflappable, but she was scared, and for the rest of that day, she was, she was right, right behind me.

[00:46:51] Tiffany Bader: Um, yeah, no, it was, it was awesome. It was, it was such a great trip, and it really was the thing that, like, flicked that switch off. And I was able to just kind of move on and do my 

[00:47:06] Travis Bader: thing. Yeah. And because I knew there was no way that I could push you in my role as a husband, without some sort of resentment, right.

[00:47:17] Travis Bader: But I can give you this beautiful gift where other people can push and provide you with the opportunity to do things that are so outside of your comfort zone. And I'm glad you did it. I think that was, I think that was the right 

[00:47:29] Tiffany Bader: move. Yeah, no, I, it was, it was an epic, awesome trip. I loved it. I loved it so much.

[00:47:37] Travis Bader: Well, should we try another wing here? Yeah. So we're on Dabam now. Dabam evolution hot sauce. Hey, is that water you're drinking? Okay. So do we sauce our own or do we sauce each other's? I say we sauce 

[00:47:50] Tiffany Bader: each other's. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I honestly, I put so much on mine. It is really, really caked. I'm, Jesus Christ.

[00:47:58] Travis Bader: Just a bit, just a little dab will do you, right? There you go. Here, I'll sauce it for you. 

[00:48:04] Tiffany Bader: No, it's okay. 

[00:48:06] Travis Bader: I don't know if the cameras can actually pick it up. Uh, let's see, your head's in the way. There it is. Did you put any on? Yes, I did. Okay. Look, there's a bunch. Okay, here we go. Do we ask the question 

[00:48:21] Tiffany Bader: first?

[00:48:22] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, because I don't know if I'm gonna. Okay, let's do 

[00:48:25] Travis Bader: it. You ask, I'm gonna eat. 

[00:48:30] Tiffany Bader: What is the most inspiring or life changing piece of advice you've ever received? 

[00:48:36] Travis Bader: This is hot as hell.

[00:48:44] Tiffany Bader: Oh my god.

[00:48:51] Travis Bader: What flavor do you feel? I just feel heat. It's spicy. 

[00:48:57] Tiffany Bader: Is this really spicy? I'm just trying to get it down before I can't. 

[00:49:01] Travis Bader: Okay. Oh my god. Did you bring the bucket? Mm mm. Okay, I'm telling you right now, that's got some heat. Mm hmm. Remember, uh, Jameel's mom, cooking up the, um, African food, spicy stuff and the endorphins that it releases.

[00:49:23] Travis Bader: Yep. I can feel, I can feel that coming. Okay. So my eyes are watering for those who aren't watching it. My face is probably the same color as, I don't know, same color as a hot sauce right now. I don't remember what the question 

[00:49:41] Tiffany Bader: was. That's why I didn't, I crushed it, but didn't move it. What is the most inspiring or life changing piece of advice you've ever received?

[00:49:53] Travis Bader: I've later learned that Theodore Roosevelt said something really similar to this. I don't know if the individual knew that, but essentially nothing in life worthwhile ever comes easy. And now my eyes are watering and my, oh, you can feel it all the way down into your stomach. So 

[00:50:14] Tiffany Bader: you should have eaten a candle.

[00:50:18] Travis Bader: I should have eaten a candle. It would be that nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easy. And when things are getting tough,

[00:50:31] Tiffany Bader: that gulp was like audible. 

[00:50:33] Travis Bader: I have the resolve. To know this is a beneficial thing. This is positive. It's tough. And I'm going to keep pushing through because there's going to be something so worthwhile at the end of this. The eggnog helps. I am not touching anything to the end. Does it help? Or is it worse now?

[00:50:54] Tiffany Bader: It's not worse. For like five seconds, it goes away. Uh, maybe it does make it worse.

[00:51:04] Tiffany Bader: That's 

[00:51:04] Travis Bader: spicy. Okay. There we go. That's da bomb. If that's supposed to be the hottest. 

[00:51:11] Tiffany Bader: I think it just, honestly, I think what it does is it just like, it's like scorched earth. 

[00:51:18] Travis Bader: Okay. I think. Okay. You answer the question. 

[00:51:21] Tiffany Bader: Best piece of advice? Yeah. Um,

[00:51:28] Tiffany Bader: you know what? My, my sister, who has been the, uh, the giver of terrible advice for years, actually gave me a really good piece of advice when I was in my early twenties. She's like, don't live with regrets. You're, I think I was 20 or 21. She's like, don't live with regrets. You're living probably the best years of your life, which that was, that wasn't true, but she's like, just live, she didn't say balls out, but you know, basically like live every day.

[00:52:04] Tiffany Bader: Like it's the last, um, and that's kind of stuck with me for like most of my life. Um, I don't know. I think she was maybe not in the best place in her life and she wanted me to like appreciate my early twenties, which I did. And it's just kind of, I haven't gotten out of that. And I'm like, now I'm in my, yeah.

[00:52:26] Tiffany Bader: In my super, super late thirties. And I just like into my forties, but I just, yeah, live every day. Like it's your last. Cause you never 

[00:52:37] Travis Bader: know. So it wasn't the advice that I gave you. No, I mean, like, do you, do you remember that advice when, uh, we're having our first child? And there is so much pain. And do you remember the advice advice I gave you, which everyone says, what the hell Travis?

[00:52:53] Travis Bader: Why would you say that? But at the time you said it helped. 

[00:52:56] Tiffany Bader: Oh, pretend that I'm my 

[00:52:58] Travis Bader: grandma. It was two things. It was, um, how, how would your grandma deal with something like this? Because he held her in very high regard and she's done a lot of great things and. It's one day of your life. How do you want to look back and remember it?

[00:53:15] Tiffany Bader: Yes, that was like very, it is hard to speak when you can't feel your tongue. I'm just going to say that now, but yeah, honestly telling me to live like my grandma, it was. It took the birth of our first child, which was, they'll just say, not an enjoyable experience. 

[00:53:36] Travis Bader: Tell me about 

[00:53:37] Tiffany Bader: it. Yeah, I was able to use it for our second.

[00:53:41] Tiffany Bader: And it was completely different. It was like night and day. Um, I do channel my, I do channel my grandmother as much as I can. Cause like, like you said, I don't look up to famous people, um, cause I don't know them. I don't pretend to think that I know them. I hold my grandmother in about the highest regard and my grandfather.

[00:54:01] Tiffany Bader: Um, about as highly as you can regard anyone. So yeah, there's lots of times where I'm like, what would my grandma think? Would I act like this in front of her? Um, yeah, that's another one. 

[00:54:13] Travis Bader: Well, why don't we, uh, cap up the bomb? Cause I think the fumes from it alone are, um, causing my eyes to water. It's hot.

[00:54:20] Travis Bader: We have two more to go and we. You're still 

[00:54:23] Tiffany Bader: feeling like you want to keep dabbing all of these? 

[00:54:26] Travis Bader: We said it, we do it. Yep. Okay. Whoa. Here you go. 

[00:54:30] Tiffany Bader: You see the chilies in this one? I never noticed that. I did shake it up. 

[00:54:41] Travis Bader: Move it away from the other ones so you don't cross contaminate. You don't want to water down the next one.

[00:54:47] Travis Bader: Come on, do a proper pour. All right. That was a really, 

[00:54:53] Tiffany Bader: oh man. 

[00:54:55] Travis Bader: Okay. What do we have? This is second from the end. 638, 000 Scoville. 

[00:55:02] Tiffany Bader: I'm going to try to sniffle away from the microphone. I think we asked the question first. Okay. Are you superstitious? 

[00:55:10] Travis Bader: I wouldn't say I'm superstitious. I'd say I'm kind of stitious, but not superstitious.

[00:55:16] Travis Bader: That joke just 

[00:55:17] Tiffany Bader: never 

[00:55:18] Travis Bader: gets old. Okay, finger burning. I'm just going to eat this. I'm going to answer, 

[00:55:22] Tiffany Bader: okay? I just,

[00:55:39] Travis Bader: I Alright, all the meat off? Yeah. Alright. My grandpa would be proud. Alright.

[00:55:49] Travis Bader: I guess it depends on how you define superstitious. Mm hmm. And I'm still chewing on this because there's a lot of heat. Mm hmm. Taco vibes only, huh? 

[00:56:00] Tiffany Bader: I think the, the bomb was hotter though. 

[00:56:02] Travis Bader: Mm hmm. This has a flavor. I think the bomb, I think it's my theory from before. Where you just wipe out your sensors and everything afterwards is Eh, whatever.

[00:56:14] Travis Bader: Yeah. It's like I got a third degree burn, don't feel anything now.

[00:56:19] Tiffany Bader: So. My nerves 

[00:56:20] Travis Bader: are gone. It's, I'm sweating more though, whereas I'm not feeling the heat in my mouth the same. I'm sweating off of this one. Um, no, I'm not superstitious, but it depends on how you define it. Like there will be times when things will happen and I'll say, I've got a gut feeling and I'm not doing it.

[00:56:40] Travis Bader: I know, uh, Jamie Flynn from a podcast, he did, he's a base jumper and horrific injuries off of a, excuse me, off a jump he did. Um, He says, I got the rule of three. He says, there's three things. My alarm doesn't wake me up on time or somebody cuts me off in traffic or I get this weird feeling. I counted up, if there's three, I don't jump.

[00:57:02] Travis Bader: Is that superstitious? Maybe, or maybe it's being in tune to your natural environment, not being able to, uh, quantify it, rationalize it and say, I feel this way because, because I think we get those feelings much faster than we're able to actually qualify why we have those feelings. So I've really learned to trust my gut.

[00:57:23] Travis Bader: And if my gut says, not feeling it because there's been so many occasions that I've. Just not trusted the gut, I found myself in a world of hurt where it could have easily been avoided, luckily get out, survive, I'm alive. Everything's good. But that's been a, uh, the learning process. I wouldn't call it superstitious.

[00:57:45] Travis Bader: I call it trusting my gut. Okay. 

[00:57:50] Tiffany Bader: Um, I used to be like to the point where like every night before bed, I, I'd like knock on wood. And if there wasn't something wood, I'd knock on my head. 

[00:58:00] Travis Bader: That's OCD. That's not superstitious. Okay. So 

[00:58:03] Tiffany Bader: maybe maybe I'm a little superstitious or maybe I'm OCD that, uh, yeah, I, I mean, OCD to like put on one sock.

[00:58:15] Tiffany Bader: Like your left sock before your right sock before a soccer game and like eat the same lunch. Is that, that's 

[00:58:19] Travis Bader: OCD? Why don't we ask the audience? Is that OCD? Yeah. Hold on. I can hear him. I can hear him. Yes, Tiffany. That's OCD. Okay. 

[00:58:27] Tiffany Bader: So superstitious. No. And like with you, oh, my nose is starting to run now. Um, yeah.

[00:58:36] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, I just, I, I trust my gut because like you said, like there's, like you, you walk past and like, you know, there's signs and there's signs and you just ignore them. I think we're just, we trust ourselves a little bit better. We trust our gut a little bit better. I trust you as well, which is good because, dear God, when we were first dating and you'd be like, yeah, no, I don't like that guy.

[00:59:01] Tiffany Bader: He's going to cheat on his wife. I was like, you're crazy. And then, And every single time that happens, you're like, oh, this person, this. And you're not judgmental, but you're very good at, at. It's an ADHD trait. Yeah. You're good at sizing people up. Dinner party go and you would just size people up. And it's always true.

[00:59:24] Tiffany Bader: You have, you have a very good radar for people that are going to cheat on their spouse because that's happened to me. We've seen that a few times. It's a sad, sad, you know. Sad of skill, but it's when you have. 

[00:59:36] Travis Bader: Well, I think it's just about seeing if somebody is going to be honest or trustworthy and, you know, you can only get, uh, taken advantage of or lied to or whatever so many times before you start seeing patterns that reoccur and they say it's an ADHD thing, being able to pick up on these little traits, whether it's verbal, non verbal, paraverbal, whatever it might be that you're picking up on.

[00:59:58] Travis Bader: Yeah. I stopped trying to rationalize and suss it out. Part of me wonders sometimes if it just becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, because if we're living in a matrix and we're creating our own realities and I'm like, this is going to happen here and that's going to happen here, like scarily so that happens, am I?

[01:00:15] Travis Bader: Are we just so in tune with what's going on around us that we can make those presuppositions, or are we somehow putting that energy out there and making it happen? I don't know, but whatever the end result is, it turns out basically how, how it's getting called, so I'll just stick with it. 

[01:00:32] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, I, I I don't know.

[01:00:35] Tiffany Bader: I think in a couple of cases where you've like called things, you're not living a life so connected with these people or situations where like you're actively like making it happen, they're pretty disconnected. Yeah. I don't know. I think you're just. 

[01:00:53] Travis Bader: Unless we subscribe to the, we are all connected at the cosmic level.

[01:00:57] Tiffany Bader: Well, which I totally agree with. 

[01:01:00] Travis Bader: Okay. So do we want, do 

[01:01:03] Tiffany Bader: we want to do one more question in between the next one? 

[01:01:05] Travis Bader: Before, how many questions we got left? I don't know. 

[01:01:08] Tiffany Bader: Yeah, let's do it. Um, just give our, our mouth a little bit of a break. Yeah. Okay. 

[01:01:13] Travis Bader: And for the record, I have had no water. I've had no eggnog. My belly is on fire.

[01:01:20] Tiffany Bader: Do you want me to tell everyone what I've, I've been putting ChapStick on after I've been weighing. I drank a bunch of water and I've also had eggnog. 

[01:01:30] Travis Bader: A little bit of my water, because I think your water is actually empty now, isn't it? No, no, no, 

[01:01:33] Tiffany Bader: I don't actually want water anymore because it's going to make it worse.

[01:01:36] Travis Bader: It does make it worse and I'm just looking forward to watching the show. 

[01:01:39] Tiffany Bader: Once, once the heat subsides of it, the eggnog actually does make it better. What's the next question? Um, have you ever seen a ghost? Um, I ask because I've slept in the basement of your family home when I was a teenager and it's definitely got a ghosty vibe to it.

[01:01:58] Tiffany Bader: It's like, if there ever was a house that was haunted, I think, I think that one's on the list. Have you 

[01:02:05] Travis Bader: ever seen a ghost? Well, there's a couple of things that happened that I can't explain. And I'll, I'll back you a thousand percent on that. That house was haunted. There is something going on. There is some bad energy going enough, enough bad energy that people would come in who didn't even know us would say it feels off.

[01:02:25] Travis Bader: There's something not right here. Uh, man, I was terrified of my downstairs when I was a kid, probably a common thing. Cause I've seen these Tik Toks where people are running up the stairs and there's someone dressed all in black running up behind them. Turning the lights off and, you know, there's times when lights to turn back on.

[01:02:44] Travis Bader: It's not a supernatural event. It maybe just didn't turn it off properly. It got stuck halfway. Um. I remember as a young child waking up in the middle of the night and at the foot of my bed on the left hand side, on the, just right near the end of the left hand side, I wake up and I look, I'm like, Oh, what's my mom doing in here?

[01:03:05] Travis Bader: Right. I started calling out to her, like, well, what are you doing here? And this really old haggard woman looks back at me and says, back to sleep, go back to sleep. And it scared the crap out of me. And I hid under my blankets. I'm like, just go away. Just go away. Just go away. Just go away. And I asked my mom about it in the morning and she says, no, I wasn't in your room.

[01:03:29] Travis Bader: So was I dreaming that? Probably right. It was a hyper realistic dream. I've Googled it and they have a thing about the old hag at the end of the bed, but it's usually to do with, uh, or old hag kneeling on your chest. Funny that it's always an old hag, um, to do with like, uh, sleep asphyxiation or something like this.

[01:03:50] Travis Bader: Yeah. People who stop breathing or sleep paralysis. That's what it was. Sleep paralysis where you're awake, but you're can't move. Well, I could move and I was talking. So was that a ghost? Was it my imagination? Cause I've always had a good imagination. I don't know. I do remember one other occasion in that same house, I wasn't feeling well, didn't want to go to karate practice.

[01:04:14] Travis Bader: Dad's at work. My mom's, my younger brother, I have a younger brother yet. He was, he was seven years younger. Um, probably anyways, um, takes my older brother off to karate practice as you're not allowed out of your room. You stay in your room for whatever reason. There's a bucket in there. You use that bucket and you don't get out, right?

[01:04:37] Travis Bader: Okay. So, um, anyways, then I hear, hear her come home, vehicle comes in. Okay. I'm that's her. And then I hear in the kitchen. I'm like, man, I really want to come out. I gotta go to the washroom. And so I'm yelling, I'm like, I'm not, I'm not supposed to come out. Promised. I wouldn't mom, mom, can I come out? Mom, can I come out?

[01:04:59] Travis Bader: And. Nothing. So I walk into the kitchen, I'm going down the hallway and as I'm walking and I'm calling it out, I hear someone and I see something just around the corner. You know, you should see something move around the corner. There's three steps to go down to the playroom. And then the flight of steps that goes downstairs and I heard a thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, go all the way down the stairs and I'm like, what the hell mom.

[01:05:24] Travis Bader: And it was just a short flash of a shadow that I, that I saw. I walked to the end of the kitchen, looking out through the playroom into the driveway and there's no car there. What the hell? So I come back in the kitchen, I grabbed the biggest knife I can find. And I started yelling out, I got a knife. I got a knife.

[01:05:42] Travis Bader: And I go into my bedroom. And at that time I thought, well, probably she'd get out of here. So I jumped out my window, uh, brought my skateboard with me and I was, my mom came home to me in my pajamas. With my skateboard with the largest kitchen knife that we had at the end of the driveway. Cause my thinking was like, I don't know where to go, but if someone comes out of the house, if something comes, I'm going to skate away faster than they'll be able to come up.

[01:06:08] Travis Bader: And so, yeah, caught some heat for that one. What the hell are you doing out here? All the neighbors can see in your pajamas with this knife and skateboard. Have I seen a ghost, um, or were we subject to a B and E at the time? Did I interrupt that? Yeah, I've always kind of wondered with that. Right. Or did I just have an imagination that was so damn vivid?

[01:06:30] Travis Bader: I don't know. How about you? You ever seen a ghost? 

[01:06:33] Tiffany Bader: No, there's been multiple situations where people around me have like woken up in the middle of the night to give me messages from people. Mm. Uh, that were either, uh, in trouble or had passed away. Um, so I, I believe, like, when I was younger, I used to believe that, um, I didn't know.

[01:06:55] Tiffany Bader: And so I would hedge my bets and I would tell the ghosts that I believed in them so they wouldn't haunt me. But I don't, like, and I would just kind of leave it at that. And I feel like that may have worked because now, like, there's been situations where potential. Mm. Ghosts have, have communicated with the people around me.

[01:07:18] Tiffany Bader: Um, maybe I'm just not receptive to, to being visited by different realms. I don't know. So 

[01:07:27] Travis Bader: I think it's like gut feeling thing though, too, right? Like, what, is that a ghost or is it that people are just picking up or an in tune with things that are happening around them that you just can't quantify? 

[01:07:35] Tiffany Bader: Yeah.

[01:07:35] Tiffany Bader: I mean, I, yeah, I think, I think there's so much we don't understand. Um, I mean, I think the people around me in my life are a lot more. Sensitive and intuitive than I am. So 

[01:07:50] Travis Bader: you're feeling the endorphins, eh? I am. Yeah. Do you want to try one more? Yeah. Okay. So this is the last stab Apollo. Okay. Googled it because on the back on this thing in here, it says number 10, hot ones, last stab Apollo to be announced Scoville.

[01:08:06] Travis Bader: So one thing I found out on Google, it was between like 2 million, uh, 22 million, yeah, 22, 2. 2 million, I think is about what the Scoville's on this guy. We're going to dab it up, the last dab. We still have three questions. Okay, well let's ask another one. And, that's not a dab, is it? 

[01:08:30] Tiffany Bader: No, Travis, that is like, way more than other people put on the show.

[01:08:36] Travis Bader: Okay, well I'm into it now, I guess. Go ahead, you want to match? Feats of strength. Okay, we'll do the question, we'll melt her face off. Are you not entertained? 

[01:08:56] Tiffany Bader: This better be the highest podcast rank ever. I'm just joking. 

[01:09:01] Travis Bader: Okay. What is it? 

[01:09:02] Tiffany Bader: Okay. Question is, and I think this one's telling, I, I picked through the other ones.

[01:09:06] Tiffany Bader: Uh, what is the most scared you've ever been? I can tell you, it's not right now. 

[01:09:13] Travis Bader: Most scared? I don't get scared. What are you talking about? Yeah. Um, I'm kind of scared right now to eat this hot wing to tell you the truth. 

[01:09:22] Tiffany Bader: I'm scared right now. This is like, a stupid amount of hot sauce to put on this. 

[01:09:27] Travis Bader: Did you scrape some off?

[01:09:28] Travis Bader: No, I didn't. Do the cameras pick it up? Look at, I saw you tapping yours. 

[01:09:33] Tiffany Bader: No, but there's, there's none that 

[01:09:34] Travis Bader: I knocked off. Here we go. 3, 2, 1.

[01:09:46] Travis Bader: All I taste is heat.

[01:09:53] Travis Bader: You didn't spit it out, did you? No. Okay. That's hot. Mm hmm. Most scared I've been.

[01:10:05] Travis Bader: Probably around 2007.

[01:10:10] Travis Bader: All over my face. You got some chicken wing in your beard.

[01:10:16] Travis Bader: You feeling that? It's hot. You okay? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that'd be it. Yeah, that was, uh, I guess for people listen, who don't know, cause I did talk about it once on the podcast before we had a midwife and, uh, uh, hospital birth and the midwife is in there and, you know, doing the midwife thing, everything's normal.

[01:10:40] Travis Bader: This is fine. This is good. Nurses are coming in, you know, as a husband in there, really, you're, you're just, you're Superfluous to the whole ordeal and supplier of ice chips and back rubs, basically. Yes. And you keep looking to me for, because you're in so much pain, like, what would you do? I'm like, I don't know, like, from my objective position outside here, not feeling the pain.

[01:11:06] Travis Bader: Here's some things I see. But of course, the doctors and nurses are like, Nope, it's got to come from you, which you can see the. The reasoning for that. Yeah. 

[01:11:15] Tiffany Bader: Like, I haven't done it before. I don't know. 

[01:11:17] Travis Bader: Right. Yeah. Brand new for all of us. But that was long. So we're into day two, basically, of labor. Yeah. And, um, they say, well, hey, do you want to, do you want to call in a, uh, an expert?

[01:11:30] Travis Bader: We got a obstetrician we can call in. I'm like, yes, definitely let's call the person in. Right? Like this is, things are obviously not going the way they're supposed to be doing the one. No, no, no, sir. It's not your decision. It's gotta be your decision. You look at them like, yes, you gotta call them in. And so they're, they're dragging their feet.

[01:11:49] Travis Bader: And I said, look at, if we have to, I'll pay the person for their time. Like, cause I said, well, what if you give birth and they're on their way over? So we'll then send them home. Right? Anyways, person ends up coming a British woman. Um, Who had her helper with her, really professional. And she comes on in and she's got the helper and more and more nurses are coming in.

[01:12:11] Travis Bader: And a lot of people on standby and, um, said, well, let's get suction cups. We get forceps, we're doing this and they're working at it, working at it. And like, Oh, I think the umbilical cord is wrapped. We'll just cut the umbilical cord and then we'll, uh. Everything will go smooth sailing. Well, they cut the umbilical cord and everything was not smooth sailing.

[01:12:35] Travis Bader: So in the same way, when you look to other people, when you're self arresting on the mountain, you're like, Oh, well, maybe there's something wrong here. When people keep saying everything's fine, everything's fine. And all of a sudden they just go to threat level at midnight. Like they just go right through the roof and everyone's panicking, you know, that things aren't fine.

[01:12:57] Travis Bader: And the, uh, the obstetrician looks over their helper and there's a heightened level of, uh, urgency. And she says, get on the belly, start pressing. Right. And the helper is doing something else. And she looks at her, helps me get on the belly and start pressing. And the helper looks at her with just this look of indignant, just puts both of her hands at her side, like a petulant child.

[01:13:23] Travis Bader: And like, all right. And the obstetrician looks at her and looks at me. I'm like, okay, where do I go? And she's like, you get in here. Like this, her helper is doing nothing. So push on the belly, see if we can get her out. So I got my forearm on your belly and I'm trying to squeeze out our daughter. Didn't know it was a daughter at the time.

[01:13:42] Travis Bader: Daughter, like a tube of toothpaste. And, uh, 

[01:13:46] Tiffany Bader: Cause at this point I'd been, I'd been pushing, like pushing for 10, 10, 12 hours, something like that, which is, yeah, which is apparent. I found it later is actually like. It kind of a stupid amount of time to literally be pushing. Right. And so I was, I was like, I've never been so tired in my life.

[01:14:04] Travis Bader: So there I am squeezing it out and they're doing, anyway, and eventually after a long time out comes our daughter. And they're panicking, child's out, they're running over with it. They now have another fellow in that they called in and, uh, later learned this guy's only called in for dealing with families, with, uh, birthing that doesn't go properly, trauma birth, whatever it might be.

[01:14:32] Travis Bader: And I remember looking at you and like, did I do it? Did I do it? You're asking. I'm like, Oh, it's great. We had a beautiful baby daughter. And knowing in my heart that I was lying through my teeth. And because I, I didn't think she was alive after a long time, we heard her cry and I'm like, Oh my God, thank God she's alive.

[01:14:56] Travis Bader: And then in my head I was like, Oh damn, she's alive. Like that was a long time without oxygen. Is she going to be okay? Everything turned out okay. But I'd say that would be the time that I was scared, most scared in my life. 

[01:15:12] Tiffany Bader: And that, that story is why I would want you on a desert island with me because you tell this story and I had no idea, years later, like I remember when we went to go see the St.

[01:15:26] Tiffany Bader: Midwife again a year and a half later and she's like, what are you doing here? She's like, she was flabbergasted. She's like, why are you pregnant? You want to have another baby? Like, didn't, didn't the last experience, like, terrify you enough to never want to do this again? But I still, at that point, I didn't know.

[01:15:44] Tiffany Bader: You'd never told me. Only, it was years later when you told me the situation and, and how it, how it was. You were, yeah, you were just there and unflappable and, and I was, I need Ice chips. And, yeah, I like, yeah. So what's, what 

[01:16:03] Travis Bader: scared you then? 

[01:16:06] Tiffany Bader: So, uh, my, it wasn't, it wasn't that day, because I didn't know. I didn't realize.

[01:16:09] Tiffany Bader: When 

[01:16:09] Travis Bader: you're in it. Yeah. I had no idea. There's, there's no room to be afraid. 

[01:16:13] Tiffany Bader: When you tell the story now, it scares me, and it makes me choke up a little bit, and sad, and, but everything turned out great. Amazingly well, she's a fantastic kid and, um, but scared, most scared I've ever been is probably May 16th, 2008.

[01:16:33] Tiffany Bader: That was the most scared I've ever been. Cause, um, I, I don't know if you want to get into this now, but, um, yeah, I mean for anyone that doesn't know, um, that was a day that some incredibly. RCMP, Firearm Center, government officials decided to, uh, execute a raid on, on Silvercore and put Travis in jail for the weekend.

[01:17:00] Tiffany Bader: And I had no idea what was going on 

[01:17:02] Travis Bader: and. Yeah. I take off to work and they're like, what the hell, where is he? What's going on? And they had the municipally integrated ERT and orchestrated raids at several locations. And, and, uh, I think they had like. 18 people just at this location where I drove in, they had the block cordoned off.

[01:17:19] Travis Bader: They had, um, they're staged in the back, the ERT. I drove in and my vehicle had a trailer in tow and pulled in behind them. And they look around like, Oh, Hey Trav, uh, could you park your vehicle over here? And they're all masked up. Right. And I didn't know who they were, but one comes up, it's like, Oh, Trav, you might remember me from, and he like, I don't know who this person is.

[01:17:41] Travis Bader: And the other person like, Oh, Trav, your father taught me back in the academy. And I don't know why would they got us here. But, you know, over on the right here, people don't see it if they're watching, but on the wall, there's actually the apology letter. That took eight years to get, but it's a rare apology letter from the RSMP.

[01:17:58] Travis Bader: Some point, maybe We'll talk about the just high level of corruption and malfeasance and everything that it took in order to get there and the bullying tactics and everything else. But I don't know, that doesn't sound like a positive place for me, which is why I've never, why I've never really delved into that one.

[01:18:15] Travis Bader: Very interesting story. Absolutely get a lot of, uh, hits and clicks and people would want to hear it. But until I can find a way to talk about that one positively, because there's a lot of negative with him, I just figured I'll just keep that on the back shelf. Yeah. But I can definitely see that being scary.

[01:18:32] Travis Bader: So, hey, my face didn't melt off. Nope, mine 

[01:18:34] Tiffany Bader: didn't either. 

[01:18:35] Travis Bader: I got an 

[01:18:36] Tiffany Bader: idea. No. I don't want to hear your idea. So this is what? 

[01:18:41] Travis Bader: I don't want to hear your idea. 2 million Scoville? I actually have something that's about 3 million Scoville. But it's going to be a signing off sort of thing, because I don't know how much we're going to be able to talk afterwards.

[01:18:52] Travis Bader: Cause I have a feeling it ain't going to go too well. Do we want to try this? 

[01:18:57] Tiffany Bader: No. 

[01:18:59] Travis Bader: Do we have any more chicken wings 

[01:19:01] Tiffany Bader: somewhere? Uh, in the, in the kitchen. Yeah. 

[01:19:04] Travis Bader: We're going to do a real quick cut because I'm going to run in the kitchen and grab two more wings. Okay. Okay.

[01:19:35] Travis Bader: Okay. I'm back. These sound cold. They are cold. Do you remember when teenager, late teens, and you accidentally pepper sprayed yourself? Do you remember 

[01:19:50] Tiffany Bader: this? Yes. I do remember this, Travis. 

[01:19:53] Travis Bader: You closed a desk drawer, one of my drawers on my desk, and I guess there was some spray inside there and it sprayed up and a little bit got in the air.

[01:20:01] Travis Bader: Didn't even spray in the face, but you're hacking and coughing and sneezing. That sucked. Yeah, it did suck. And, um, I have a feeling that that's what's going to happen afterwards because apparently bear spray is 3 million Schoolville. And I got some bear spray in a plastic bag. And I thought, maybe just spray a little bit of the plastic bag, try and contain the aerosol that's going everywhere.

[01:20:23] Travis Bader: I'm like, 

[01:20:23] Tiffany Bader: super unimpressed with you right now. I might 

[01:20:26] Travis Bader: There we go. It's expired bear spray. But that just means that the, the accelerant inside here will, um, uh, not the, whatever is going to, the propellant, the propellant can, uh The aerosol can die out on it, but the actual spice, the spray, it's all going to be the same.

[01:20:43] Travis Bader: So as long as we can get something to dribble out, I have a feeling it's going to spray out. Do we have any words that we want to say? 

[01:20:49] Tiffany Bader: I just, from like, maybe a more sane, uh, standpoint, do you want to spray that not in a really confined space with me? 

[01:20:58] Travis Bader: Nope, nope, we're doing it in here because otherwise people will come back and they'll say it wasn't caught on camera.

[01:21:03] Travis Bader: You didn't do it, blah, blah, blah. So, um, I think, uh, we'll just spray it inside the plastic bag, give it a good shake, let things dissipate a little bit. Any last words before we do this?

[01:21:22] Travis Bader: Yes, no, maybe so? I 

[01:21:24] Tiffany Bader: don't, I don't know. There's nothing I can do or say at this point. Well, there's plenty. For better or for worse, right? Isn't that, isn't that what I promised? 

[01:21:31] Travis Bader: Give it a good shake, give it a good shake. Three million Scoville, they say. Oh my 

[01:21:36] Tiffany Bader: god. This is just such a 

[01:21:38] Travis Bader: terrible. What I do want to say is.

[01:21:40] Travis Bader: Yeah. Thank you to everybody who watches the Silvercore podcast, who listens to the Silvercore podcast, to the club members, to everyone who's involved in the Silvercore Outdoors community. Thank you. I truly enjoy doing this. I truly enjoy interacting with each and every one of you, whether that's in person or online or through social media.

[01:21:58] Travis Bader: I find it brings a lot of positivity in people's lives, my life included. So here's to 2023, a great ending of the year and into 2024. 

[01:22:08] Tiffany Bader: Here's to doing stuff. Stupid, stupid things. Jesus Christ. That seemed like a pretty good shot. Okay. Oh, Travis, no. Oh, 

[01:22:23] Travis Bader: Jesus Christ. I might have to air it out. Hold on. I know, we'll let the air us all.

[01:22:29] Travis Bader: Okay, you feel it? When I open my hand up on this thing, it's gonna go everywhere.

[01:22:39] Travis Bader: Here we go, guys. This is such a bad idea. Three, two, one, you ready? Yep.

[01:22:48] Travis Bader: One for you, one for me. Cap it up! Best of friends may we always be. You ready? Here we go. How

[01:23:03] Tiffany Bader: can 

[01:23:04] Travis Bader: you breathe? Come on, get it in.

[01:23:10] Travis Bader: Okay, that's hot.

[01:23:16] Travis Bader: Happy New Year. Oh god. See ya, there's everybody else. It's terrible.