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Handgun Training

Silvercore offers group courses for companies interested in having their staff members trained in Canadian use of force options. Your employees can either be trained at/near the Silvercore headquarters in Delta BC or at a facility closer to you, anywhere in Canada.

Use of Force Training AST

Silvercore also offers optional training in team building, semi-automatic pistols, shotguns, Laser Training Simulators, scenario-based training, advanced empty hand defence and handgun retention techniques.

  • This is the federally recognized course required to obtain an Authorization to Carry (ATC).
  • Silvercore Instructors have extensive experience in outdoor training, law enforcement, security, military and competitive shooting to better help you achieve your goals. Our team are members of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and hold active certifications through various police agencies.
Armoured Car Security

Topics Covered

  1. The Law on Firearms
  2. The Law on Use of Force
  3. Use of Force Model
  4. Tactical Communications
  5. Mental Conditioning
  6. Threat Assessment
  7. Revolver Training
  8. Empty Hand Defence
  9. Handgun Retention
  10. Tactical Considerations



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All participants must have a valid restricted PAL license to participate. Group PAL courses can also be provided by Silvercore, for more information call 604-940-7785 or email [email protected]