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Firearms Safety | Course - In-Person

Canadian Firearms Safety Course - Non-Restricted & Restricted

Combined non-restricted and restricted firearms safety course, including exams.
CAD $270.00


Whether you’re interested in applying for a Canadian firearms license, or are simply interested in learning more about gun safety, this is the course for you. It’s one of Silvercore's most popular classes and the first step for those looking to get into target shooting, hunting, a career in law enforcement, the outdoor sector or the movie industry.

Designed with the absolute beginner in mind, our RCMP approved course curriculum covers both non-restricted (long guns) and restricted (handguns) firearms in the most efficient manner available. To help you save time and cost, we offer this course over either 2 consecutive days or 3 consecutive evenings, including testing. Passing this course is a federal requirement to apply for your non-restricted and restricted Possession and Acquisition license (PAL).

Special Offer

For those seeking an even deeper understanding of firearm operation and safety, we also offer CFSC / CRFSC Online Theory. You will have the option to add the Online Theory course for an additional $24 at checkout, for a $35 savings.* Selecting this option also guarantees you a free retest. Purchasing the Online Theory course is optional and not a requirement prior to your course, although students who select this option on average score higher than those who don't.

* Must be purchased at the same time as your in-person course to redeem discounted rate

  • This course satisfies the RCMP requirements for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL).
  • Increase your chances for success, and get the most out of your education, with support from the Silvercore Podcast and Blog Posts.
  • Many students take the Online Canadian Fireams Safety Course Study program in conjunction with their in-person course to compliment their overall training.
Taking Notes

Topics Covered

  1. Safety Rules (ACTS and PROVE)
  2. Loading and Unloading of 9 Typical Action Types
  3. Firearms History
  4. Ammunition Types (Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun)
  5. Best Practices for Using a Firearm in the Field or at the Range
  6. Carrying Positions and Cleaning Principles
  7. Overview of Canadian Gun Laws and Regulations
  8. Hands-On Practice Sessions with Deactivated Firearms
  9. Federal Multiple Choice & Practical Tests (CFSC - Non Restructed)
  10. Federal Multiple Choice & Practical Tests (CRFSC - Restricted)



Students registering for this course have the option to add on the Online Firearms Safety Course for an additional $24 ($35 in savings!). The online course must be purchased at the same time as your in-person course in order to redeem discounted rate and cannot be retroactively applied.