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CORE Hunter Education Course

Successful completion of the CORE Hunter Education course exam is required to obtain your Fish & Wildlife ID (FWID). This is a passport to hunting services in British Columbia. You need a FWID to buy a hunting licence or to apply for Limited Entry Hunting.
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For those looking to obtain a hunting license in British Columbia, this course is an essential first step. Successful completion of the Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) course is a provincial requirement to obtain a Fish & Wildlife ID (FWID), which is required to purchase hunting licenses and tags, or to apply for Limited Entry Hunting in BC.

Designed with the novice outdoor enthusiast in mind, our BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) approved CORE course covers everything from hunting regulations and animal identification to the safe handling of non-restricted firearms (long guns). Our hunter education program gives you the best preparation possible for the provincial hunters exam, which is administered on day two. The exam includes a 80-question multiple-choice test and a practical firearms handling test.

  • This course satisfies the education requirements to apply for your Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID).
  • Increase your chances for success, and get the most out of your education, with support from the Silvercore Podcast and Blog Posts.
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Topics Covered

  1. Outdoor Ethics and Game Care
  2. Firearm Handling and Archery Equipment
  3. Hunting Regulations
  4. Animals of British Columbia
  5. Birds of British Columbia
  6. Outdoor Survival, First Aid and Field Craft
  7. Hunter Heritage, Conservation and Wildlife Management
  8. Indigenous Peoples & Hunting in B.C.
  9. How to use the Hunting and Trapping Regulation Synopsis
  10. BCWF Registration Form


Exemption From the Practical Test

If you have already taken the CFSC you can be exempted from the practical examination of the CORE, but you must be able to supply your CFSC Course Report as proof. Without this you will be required to complete the practical examination. Please note that a valid PAL (firearms license) is NOT accepted as proof for exemption for the practical test as per BCWF regulations.