Steve Luethi

Trout Techniques & Tactics with Out Fly Fishing Outfitters (Online)

Trout fishing can be intimidating. Where are the fish? What are they eating? How can I get my fly over that rock or current? This class will teach you how to read and approach water, understand basic entomology and fly selection, learn trick casts to access inaccessible fish, and more.
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Out Fly Fishing Naoto Aoki

Naoto Aoki

Naoto Aoki was born in Banff, Alberta where he began fly fishing at a very early age. With fly fishing as his main focus, Naoto has traveled the globe, pursuing some of the greatest game fish the world has to offer. He is also an outdoor writer and photographer and is regularly featured in such international fly fishing publications and programs. Naoto has guided all over Canada and has spent countless hours on the river. He is an exceptional caster and fly casting instructor.

Josh Nugent

Josh Nugent started fly fishing when he was six years old. Upon the completion of his coaching diploma, he started Out Fly Fishing Outfitters Ltd in 2003. Guiding put Josh through the rest of his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Calgary, where he did an eye tracking study for his Master’s Thesis on visual characteristics of expert fly casters.

Steve Luethi

Steve started out as a client of Out Fly Fishing Outfitters before proving himself as one of the most innovative and talented fly tiers they’d ever seen. Steve’s understanding of fish behaviour, baitfish mannerisms, and how different materials will react in the water make his flies not only incredible to look at but also amazingly efficient.Once a student himself, he recognises the obstacles and questions that often plague new anglers. Plus, his skillset, personality, work ethic, and fish-sense make him the perfect guide, which is exactly what he spends his time doing in the Central Alberta area.

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  • Content created by experienced trout anglers: Josh Nugent, Naoto Aoki and Steve Luethi.
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Topics Covered

  1. Introduction
  2. Reading and Approaching the Water
  3. Casting and Mending Techniques - Part 1
  4. Casting and Mending Techniques - Part 2
  5. Hooking Playing and Landing Fish
  6. Dry Flying Fishing Techniques - Upstream Presentations
  7. Dry Flying Fishing Techniques - Downstream Presentations
  8. Dry Flying Fishing Techniques - The Hopper Dropper
  9. Nymph Fishing Techniques - Setting Up an Indicator Rig
  10. Nymph Fishing Techniques - Drift and Hook Set Techniques
  • This is an excellent course for both beginners and experienced fly fishers alike. Covering a very broad range of techniques and tactics, it has large volumes of valuable information for theose starting out, but also by bovering so much allows the more experienced to gain knowledge in areas outside their normal practices. This is an excelllent course for all, is very well presented.

    Anthony Sharp

  • This class was created masterfully! So many things to learn from it. Instructions are clear and concise. Well done!

    Zoran Vasic

  • This is wonderful. Lots of information. Such wonderful videos and descriptions. I learned a ton!

    Amy Terra



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