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Episode 103 | May 23, 2023
If you hunt, or eat meat, this podcast should be considered essential listening if you to ensure you are eating the best meat possible.
Episode 102 | May 9, 2023
Special forces Green Beret Medical Sergeant Chris Lee uses everything he has learned from pushing himself to the extreme to help others achieve success!
Episode 101 | Apr 25, 2023
Andrew Arrabito is larger than life in most every way. From humble beginnings of extreme hardship and loss, Andrew has been able to use adversity to calibrate himself towards success.
Tiffany and Travis Bader
Episode 100 | Apr 11, 2023
Join Tiffany and Travis Bader as they reminisce about Silvercore Podcast, discuss the direction of the business, and answer questions from the community.
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Episode 99 | Mar 28, 2023
In a world filled with false bravado, Seb shows how kindness, compassion and humility are the true characteristics of the modern day warrior.
A tent at night time
Episode 98 | Mar 14, 2023
Lt. Col. David Grossman, author of “On Killing” and “On Combat” has teamed up with Linda Miller & Keith Cunningham, to write the much anticipated “On Hunting”.