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Ron Leblanc CO boat
Episode 112 | Sep 12, 2023
This is the historic first time a BC Conservation Officer has spoken on a podcast. Ron is a 26 year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, having served twice in Afghanistan. Fittingly, Ron belongs to the Ojibwe Bear Clan which is known for being protectors of the people, community and the environment. Ron uses the opportunity to provide a unique perspective on the benefits and challenges faced by BC Conservation Service. Ron answers Silvercore Club members questions and provides a roadmap for those who wish to better understand how they can do their part to assist in the protection and conservation of our natural resources and insight into how you can become a C.O.
A person in hunting gear looking out across a field
Episode 111 | Aug 29, 2023
Join Travis Bader and Paul Ballard as they transport you to a captivating spring turkey hunt around the campfire. In this episode, they expertly answer your burning questions about camouflage for hunting.
Episode 110 | Aug 15, 2023
Elite special forces soldier Jamie Flynn recounts his relationship with fear from an early age and how he harnessed it to live an extraordinary life.
Episode 109 | Aug 1, 2023
Sabrina is a creative juggernaut, an award-winning illustrator and designer who left HGTV’s Save my Reno to embark on an adventure, closer to nature and closer to her heart. Now she helps others overcome their challenges to live their best lives.
Episode 108 | Jul 19, 2023
To carry a handgun legally in Canada,whether in the wilderness or for protection of life, you need an ATC or authorization to carry.
Episode 107 | Jul 18, 2023
Sean Zubor is an absolute machine when it comes to orienting his life and business towards success
Episode 106 | Jul 4, 2023
A candid conversation with hunting legend Jim Shockey. Jim discusses his wife's terminal cancer diagnosis, his new book, Call me Hunter, his personal struggles and his unique and positive outlook on life.
Episode 105 | Jun 20, 2023
Ten Thirty Three is the code for officer in need of immediate assistance, and also the name of Nathan Kapler’s inspiring podcast dealing with mental health for first responders
Episode 104 | Jun 6, 2023
He was the victim of identity theft, he has now dedicated his life to protecting others through White Hat Cyber Security
Episode 103 | May 23, 2023
If you hunt, or eat meat, this podcast should be considered essential listening if you to ensure you are eating the best meat possible.
Episode 102 | May 9, 2023
Special forces Green Beret Medical Sergeant Chris Lee uses everything he has learned from pushing himself to the extreme to help others achieve success!
Episode 101 | Apr 25, 2023
Andrew Arrabito is larger than life in most every way. From humble beginnings of extreme hardship and loss, Andrew has been able to use adversity to calibrate himself towards success.
Tiffany and Travis Bader
Episode 100 | Apr 11, 2023
Join Tiffany and Travis Bader as they reminisce about Silvercore Podcast, discuss the direction of the business, and answer questions from the community.
Silhouette of person
Episode 99 | Mar 28, 2023
In a world filled with false bravado, Seb shows how kindness, compassion and humility are the true characteristics of the modern day warrior.
A tent at night time
Episode 98 | Mar 14, 2023
Lt. Col. David Grossman, author of “On Killing” and “On Combat” has teamed up with Linda Miller & Keith Cunningham, to write the much anticipated “On Hunting”.
Whitetail Deer
Episode 97 | Feb 28, 2023
Mark Kenyon, conservationist, host of the Wired To Hunt podcast, and resident Whitetail guy at Meateater, speaks to his journey as a hunter, father and husband
Stars in the night sky
Episode 96 | Feb 14, 2023
John Sanei has been helping others learn to be adaptable and resilient so that they may thrive in an ever changing world.
A wooden cabin in the forest
Episode 95 | Jan 31, 2023
Travis Bader and Jesse Zeman, from the BCWF, discuss the BC grizzly bear hunt, indigenous hunting, federal gun bans and much more.
Zach Hanson
Episode 94 | Jan 17, 2023
Feeling disillusioned with his life trajectory as an artificial intelligence expert, Zach dove head first into simplifying his life.
Episode 93 | Jan 3, 2023
Jesse Reardon, former cameraman for renowned hunter Jim Shockey, shares his exciting adventures and challenges while filming in remote locations.
Helicopter in clouds
Episode 92 | Dec 20, 2022
Joel Struthers discusses his time in the French Foreign Legion and his experiences as a Private Military Contractor.
Lady Justice and her Scales
Episode 91 | Dec 7, 2022
Travis Bader, Daniel Fritter, and Nicolas Johnson, give an unvarnished update on the current Canadian gun ban under bill C-21.
Episode 90 | Dec 20, 2022
Travis Bader chats with ATI’s VP of Sales about their company culture, passion for perfection and what it takes to make top shelf optics used the world over.
logs burning in fire
Episode 89 | Nov 8, 2022
Travis Bader and Paul Ballard have a fireside chat in a hunting lodge, recounting the many lessons learned from past hunts in the remote Canadian wilderness.
hunters taking a break
Episode 88 | Oct 25, 2022
Travis and Casey discuss the MeatEater gnome shirt, Fenn's treasure, hunting in Haida Gwaii, bear hunting tactics and some deeper topics.
Pistol Shooting at the Range
Episode 87 | Nov 5, 2022
Jennifer Gadbois, registered Canadian lobbyist and managing director of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association, discusses the handgun "freeze".
Marathon Runners
Episode 86 | Sep 27, 2022
This is an inspirational story in the making which you can be a part of. Canadian history in the making.
Military Task Force
Episode 85 | Sep 13, 2022
This is an inspirational episode with Shaun Taylor, exploring what it takes to operate at the highest level and how to turn adversity and failure into wins.
A compass in the hand
Episode 84 | Aug 30, 2022
Travis Bader's long time friend Jason Budd returns to the Silvercore Podcast to discuss wilderness survival.
Episode 83 | Jul 26, 2022
Author, and retired police Use of Force Expert, Al Arsenault discusses what it takes to street proof your martial arts.
American vs Canadian Gun Culture
Episode 82 | Jul 12, 2022
Professor Gary Mauser uses his passion for history, and deep knowledge of firearm laws, to examine the difference between American & Canadian Gun Culture.
Andy Danlychuk
Episode 81 | Jun 28, 2022
For anyone who says they meat fish and don’t practice catch and release, what do you do with your undersize or bycatch fish?
Wild Mushrooms
Episode 80 | Jun 14, 2022
Adam Haritan is a passionate forager and naturalist who has made it his mission to help others deepen their connection with their natural environment.
Lady Justice and Scales
Episode 79 | Jun 2, 2022
Travis Bader and owner of Calibre Magazine, Dan Fritter go deep into the current Canadian handgun ban and what you can do about it.
Rock climbing over river
Episode 78 | May 31, 2022
Travis Bader speaks with two ex British Army soldiers about the importance of community, and how our connection with the natural world affects our wellbeing.
Horse with Tack
Episode 77 | May 17, 2022
Travis explores the romance and reality of hunting with horses with friend and guest Rob Chipman.
Sheep skyline
Episode 76 | May 3, 2022
Jesse Bone, producer and partner from Filter Studios, with the help of the Wild Sheep Society of BC, has put together the fantastic documentary “Transmission”.
Two Moose
Episode 75 | Apr 19, 2022
Increase your odds of being drawn, and of having a successful hunt by better understanding BC’s Limited Entry Hunting in this LEH masterclass.
Episode 74 | Apr 5, 2022
Common mistakes in the gun store? Gun “buy back”? Travis Bader is joined by Wanstalls co-owner, Matt Mendel to discuss the current state of the industry.
Brad Brooks Argali Adventures
Episode 73 | Mar 22, 2022
Brad Brooks is no stranger to backwoods adventures and he and Travis recount several exciting trips they had this last season.
Caribou Silhouette
Episode 72 | Mar 18, 2022
Travis Bader shared the mic with other BC podcasters to speak on the extremely important matter pertaining to proposed regulation changes in region 7B.
Bull Moose - guide to limited entry hunting in British Columbia BC
Episode 71 | Mar 8, 2022
Lucas Hoge, country artist, star of the Hoge Wild show and all around great guy describes what it takes to make it in Nashville & to host your own hunting show
Hunters at rest
Episode 70 | Feb 22, 2022
David “Hutch” Hutchinson, retired British RAF officer and combat survival instructor, shares important survival skills.
Dark Lord of Optics
Episode 69 | Feb 8, 2022
ILya Koshkin, The Dark Lord of Optics, is an optical physicist who shares his love & knowledge of all things optics in a straightforward and understandable way
Episode 68 | Jan 25, 2022
Maarten Van Ruitenburg is the CEO of MDT, makers of fine firearms parts and accessories and the inventor of the term “Legendarism”.
Seb Lavoie
Episode 67 | Jan 11, 2022
If you're looking for inspiration, have a goal you would like to achieve or life changing decision to make, this podcast - featuring Seb Lavoie - is for you.
Video Camera with field monitor
Episode 66 | Dec 28, 2021
Professional journalist, Nicolas Johnson, explains how the media vilifies firearms and firearms owners and shares how to combat the negative narrative.
Anonymous mask
Episode 65 | Dec 14, 2021
Nick Chernoff is an expert in open source intelligence. This episode is jam packed with information for anyone wanting to protect themselves online.
B&W Swings on a Playground
Episode 64 | Nov 30, 2021
Jay Jordan treats every child recovery case like the child is his own and will stop at nothing to find them.
waterfowl and upland game hunting with a dog bc
Episode 63 | Nov 16, 2021
Ron Boehme - host of The Hunting Dog Podcast, recurring guest on MeatEater, passionate upland game hunter, dog handler and all around cool guy.
Episode 62 | Nov 2, 2021
Ex. Special Forces Commando recounts his gruelling special forces selection where SAS and SBS soldiers are separated from the rest of the potential applicants.
Rescue Helicopter
Episode 61 | Oct 19, 2021
Nick Bicanic: talented inventor and a founder of the fighter pilot training company Red 6 which utilizes high fidelity/high speed/low latency augmented reality
Catching a fish
Episode 60 | Oct 5, 2021
Travis Bader and April Vokey catch up and discuss podcasting, social media, ADHD, “toxic masculinity”, and click bait for a cause.
Firearms mounted on wall
Episode 59 | Sep 21, 2021
Matt Mendel of Wanstalls details what it takes to grow a thriving firearms business during adverse times.
Episode 58 | Sep 7, 2021
Sonny is a recently retired special forces commando with the British Military, professional bodyguard and corporate spy.
Sunlit Forest
Episode 57 | Aug 24, 2021
Brad Brooks talks about how he started Argali and how he manages to innovate, grow, balance home life with work, and still enjoy his passion for the wilderness
Blue Mountains
Episode 56 | Oct 8, 2021
Jeff Agostinho is a knowledgeable and passionate hunter as well as the first regional representative with the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance.
Canadian Flag
Episode 55 | Jul 27, 2021
Recently retired Emergency Response Team Leader Sgt. Major Seb Lavoie talks about what it takes to live a meaningful life, and what it takes to be a leader.
Rifle ammunition
Episode 54 | Jul 13, 2021
Travis Bader and Paul Ballard provide a 101 education for those looking at getting into firearms and hunting in a user friendly and non-intimidating way.
Lady Justice and Scales
Episode 53 | Jun 29, 2021
Canadian lawyer Ian Runkle of the popular YouTube channel “Runkle of the Bailey”, answers questions posed by Silvercore Club members.
Downtown Vancouver
Episode 52 | Jun 15, 2021
Avoiding and surviving the incident is important and dealing with with aftermath can mean the difference between winning the battle and winning the war.
Wild harvest salad with lemon
Episode 51 | Jun 8, 2021
Kevin Kossowan and Paul Rogalski talk about their hit TV series “Wild Harvest” where they explore the culinary potential of wild ingredients.
Dark Alley
Episode 50 | Jun 1, 2021
This is part two of our three part series where Travis Bader and Paul Ballard discuss situational awareness in an urban environment.
Sniper hide site
Episode 49 | May 25, 2021
Travis Bader talks with his long time friend Jason Budd to discuss lessons learned while serving in the British Army.
Downtown Vancouver
Episode 48 | May 18, 2021
Retired 35 year Vancouver Police Officer Paul Ballard speaks about techniques you can use to keep yourself safe before, during and after an attack.
Aerial Photo of Snow Covered Forest
Episode 47 | May 11, 2021
Travis speaks with Nikki van Schyndel from the hit TV series, Alone where she spent 51 days isolated in the Arctic.
Grizzly Bear
Episode 46 | Apr 27, 2021
Grizzly bear hunting was banned in BC and now there are efforts in place to ban the wolf hunt. Will it stop there, or is all hunting under attack?
Jet Boat Fishing
Episode 45 | Apr 13, 2021
Award-winning author and chef, Hank Shaw, discusses game care and tips for the new hunter, angler and forager.
Lake view
Episode 44 | Mar 30, 2021
Shane Mahoney, from Wild Harvest Initiative, is a scientist, historian and philosopher, and an international authority on wildlife conservation.
Lady Justice and Scales
Episode 43 | Mar 16, 2021
Travis Bader & Canadian Criminal Defence Lawyer, Ian Runkle, discuss tricky questions from the police and how sometimes it’s better to say nothing.
Airgun with scope
Episode 42 | Mar 2, 2021
Firearms owners can shift the narrative & effect positive change, prospering everyone regardless of what side of the firearms debate they find themselves.
Hunters at Rest
Episode 41 | Feb 15, 2021
Rick Brazell, founder of First Hunt Foundation, talks about his passion for hunting and how it lead to start the foundation.
Fly Fishing
Episode 40 | Feb 2, 2021
Catherine Laflamme and Gillian Steele (founders of BC Women’s Fly Fishing Group), and Tiffany Bader share knowledge & local fishing opportunities.
Sunset truck binoculars hunting
Episode 39 | Jan 18, 2021
Todd Hisey is the founder of the Alberta Veteran Hunters, speaks on his experiences in the military and what lead him to being diagnosed with PTSD.
Episode 38 | Jan 5, 2021
Acting Communication Director of the Wild Sheep Society, Kyle Stelter, speaks to the allure of sheep hunting and how you can help support conservation.
Rifle on Mossy Rock
Episode 37 | Dec 21, 2020
Travis Bader & Dylan Eyers, from EatWild, discuss what firearms are good options for beginners.
Rifle Accuracy
Episode 36 | Dec 9, 2020
Travis Bader & Ryan Steacy, from IBI Barrels, answer all your questions about rifle accuracy and precision.
Speed boat
Episode 35 | Nov 24, 2020
In this episode of The Silvercore Podcast, Travis speaks with jet boat instructor of University of Northern BC, jet boat tour and fishing guide, Robert Bryce.
Episode 34 | Nov 11, 2020
Jason Budd speaks about how he joined the British army as a Canadian, his SAS selection experiences and more.
Fishing cast
Episode 33 | Oct 27, 2020
Brian Niska, of Skeena Spey, is a fishing guide, certified fishing instructor, designated master castor and designer of the Metal Detector series of Pieroway.
Episode 32 | Oct 13, 2020
April Vokey of Anchored Outdoors, Flygal and MeatEater fame, discusses the passion that drives her in fishing and her business life.
Bodyguard for World's Elite
Episode 31 | Sep 30, 2020
Darren Maughan discusses what it takes to work as a bodyguard for some of the world’s most elite.
Episode 30 | Sep 16, 2020
Travis Bader is interviewed by Agron Bajraktari on what it takes to operate a successful business in todays market.
Pirate Ship
Episode 29 | Sep 2, 2020
Ryan Steacy, technical director for International Barrels, talks about precision rifle series shooting and his adventures working anti-piracy security.
Elephant in grasslands
Episode 28 | Aug 19, 2020
Darren Maughan discusses his experience as a professional hunter, preparing for an African hunt, and the differences between African and North American Hunts.
Canadian Flag
Episode 27 | Aug 5, 2020
Tony Bernardo, of Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), speaks on how the OIC has been used before and what the cure for the prohibition is.
Two hunters on trail blurred
Episode 26 | Jul 22, 2020
Travis Bader speaks with 3 new hunters as they learn the ropes in adverse conditions. What they discover will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
Bull Moose - guide to limited entry hunting in British Columbia BC
Episode 25 | Jul 8, 2020
Creator of the iHunter App, Mark Stenroos, discuss how the successful app is helping hunters to identify crown land across Canada and into the United States.
Dark forest trail
Episode 24 | Jun 24, 2020
Ian Jones from The Canadian Prepper Podcast discusses prepping and what he would recommend to others to have in order to be prepared for any eventualities.
waterfowl and upland game hunting with a dog bc
Episode 23 | Jun 10, 2020
Lindsay Ware, of Science Dogs of New England, discusses how she got into using dogs to track animals, signs to look for and how to teach your dog to track.
Canadian flag
Episode 22 | May 27, 2020
Shane Mathieson, discusses how Reliable Gun began, the OIC firearms ban and it’s affect on business, and how COVID has impacted gun sales.
Caribou Silhouette
Episode 21 | May 13, 2020
Listen as Travis Bader and Paul Ballard discuss hunting and fishing during COVID and answer questions submitted for an AMA.
Bison in field
Episode 20 | Apr 29, 2020
Marshall Lowen, a master firearms instructor, Canadian military veteran, master of the hunt and elder in the Metis community, shares his unique perspective.
Sunset view from mountain
Episode 19 | Apr 22, 2020
Jenny Ly talks about how she got into hunting, ego involved in hunting, her role as a regional leader for BHA and moving forward with Chasing Food Club.
Pistol shooter at range
Episode 18 | Apr 15, 2020
Spike TV’s "Deadliest Warrior" Host, Geoffrey Desmoulin, discusses his role as a court expert and his training program, the Science of Violence.
Camouflage fishing
Episode 17 | Apr 8, 2020
Join Travis Bader and Eat Wild founder, Dylan Eyers, while they discuss the COVID-19 Pandemic and its affects on business and their planned hunting trips.
Two hunters winter trail
Episode 16 | Apr 1, 2020
Travis Bader and Paul Ballard explain what you need, what you don’t and where your money is best spent so that you can have a productive and enjoyable hunt.
Episode 15 | Mar 26, 2020
Jimmy Hamilton talks about the history of Vortex Optics, product lines, optics selection, field maintenance, pro-tips upcoming innovations from Vortex.
Family in B&W
Episode 14 | Mar 11, 2020
Captain of the Hunt, Marshall Lowen, recounts growing up in rural Manitoba and his adventures and misadventures while hunting and trapping across Canada.
Episode 13 | Feb 26, 2020
Staff Sgt. Mark Horsley talks about world class coaching technique, reaction time and mental strength. This episode is brought to you by GLOCK
Rifle shooter with scope
Episode 12 | Feb 12, 2020
In this episode Taka Kuwata speaks to the sport of 3 gun competitions and how to become a sponsored shooter. This weeks episode is brought to you by Gear Pack.
Hunter profile
Episode 11 | Jan 30, 2020
In todays society not everyone has the opportunity and learning to hunt can be rather intimidating if you don’t have someone to show you the ropes.
Hunting trip camping tent
Episode 10 | Jan 16, 2020
A group of hunters, with different levels of experience, embark on a week-long shared moose hunt - Episode sponsored by Carter Motorsports in Vancouver.
Bear eyes
Episode 9 | Jan 2, 2020
Colin Dowler shares his harrowing experience of grit and tenacity to spread awareness of bear behaviour.
Episode 8 | Dec 19, 2019
Part 2 of the Train your Brain to Win series with Ryan Steacy. In this episode, we discuss Mental Marksmanship, and field some questions from our listeners.
Episode 7 | Dec 5, 2019
In this episode, we discuss Ryan’s mental management process before he leaves to compete at the National Service Rifle Championship.
Episode 6 | Nov 20, 2019
Staff Sergeant, Mark Horsley, speaks about developing a multi-million dollar range training facility and training with the FBI.
Rifle with Scope
Episode 5 | Nov 6, 2019
In this episode, we sit down with Graeme Foote, a competitive shooter and Rifle Chair for Project Mapleseed.
Quantum Stealth
Episode 4 | Oct 24, 2019
In this episode, we sit down with Guy Cramer, owner of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.
IPSC Shooting Competition
Episode 3 | Oct 10, 2019
In this episode, Murray ‘DOC’ Gardner - 40 years of experience in competitive pistol shooting and one of the co-founders of IPSC in Canada.
Barrel making
Episode 2 | Sep 23, 2019
In this episode, we sit down with Ryan Steacy, the Technical Director of International Barrels, a high-end precision barrel manufacturer based out of BC.
Carbine shooter silhouette
Episode 1 | Sep 6, 2019
Travis Bader talks with Nicholas Bolton and Paul Ballard about becoming firearms instructors.