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Range (Live Fire)

8 courses
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Rifle Marksmanship Intermediate (RF2)

A one-day precision rifle shooting range course that helps intermediate level shooters achieve accuracy at longer distances, for hunting, target practice, competition or work.
Rifle shooters

Rifle Marksmanship Fundamentals (RF1)

This is a one-day range course that introduces novice and intermediate shooters to the fundamentals of rimfire rifle marksmanship for hunting, target practice, competition or work
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Shotgun Fundamentals (SG1)

This one-day, live fire course teaches the fundamentals of shotgun shooting. It is designed to train students to safely and effectively use a shotgun in all basic range conditions.
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Bear & Wildlife Defence (BR1)

This one-day, live fire course is a must for the professional working in bear territory or for any outdoor enthusiast wishing to learn how to minimize the chance of a predatory animal attack.
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Wilderness Authorization to Carry (ATC)

This one-day course was designed with the interests of the professional outdoors person in mind. Upon successful completion of this course the student will have the skills and qualifications necessary to apply for a Wilderness ATC (handgun carry permit).
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Handgun Dynamic / Professional (HG3)

Learn the skills, tactics and mindset required for dynamic/professional use of handguns

Handgun Intermediate (HG2)

A one-day range course for graduates of Silvercore's Handgun Fundamentals course or for individuals with recognized certification of prior formal handgun training
Handgun Range Equipment

Handgun Fundamentals (HG1)

A one day range course for both beginners and veterans, wishing to further build their marksmanship fundamentals.