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Firearms Safety

8 courses

Canadian Firearms Safety Course - Non-Restricted & Restricted

Combined non-restricted and restricted firearms safety course, including exams.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course - Restricted

Restricted firearms safety course, including exams.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course Retest

If you were unsuccessful in passing the Restricted or Non-Restricted Canadian Firearms Safety Course Exams, the Canadian Firearms Program gives you a single opportunity to retest within seven days of the completion of your course. To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact our office to coordinate a retest as quickly as possible, keeping in mind the seven day window.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course - Non-Restricted

Non-restricted firearms safety course, including exams.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course Refresher Course

This 2 day course for current valid PAL holders is ideal if you want to gain more experience prior to going to the range or if you want to have a refresher before getting back into the sport.
Rifle shooting

Range Safety Officer Course (Online)

Silvercore offers you the fastest and easiest way to master the rules of the range.

Canadian Firearms Safety Study Course (Online)

Designed by master instructors, this course covers the theoretical portion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC). It combines videos, slides and quizzes to help prepare you for the firearms license exams of your in-person course. This course does not provide PAL certification and is used solely as a study tool when taking your in-person course.
Range User

Range User Course (Online)

Silvercore’s Online Range User Course is specifically designed to meet the legal training requirements of ranges and range users.