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11 courses

The Whole Fish with Chef Josh Niland (Online)

Award winning Chef Josh Niland explains how to make the most of your freshwater or saltwater catch. He explains what causes "fishy fish", how to properly butcher a fish, and how to turn 91% of its body weight into delicious cuisine.
Steve Luethi

Trout Techniques & Tactics with Out Fly Fishing Outfitters (Online)

Trout fishing can be intimidating. Where are the fish? What are they eating? How can I get my fly over that rock or current? This class will teach you how to read and approach water, understand basic entomology and fly selection, learn trick casts to access inaccessible fish, and more.
Mia and Marty Sheppard

Intro to Winter Steelhead Fishing (Online)

Mia and Marty Sheppard teach the basics of fly fishing for winter steelhead. This course is ideal for new anglers, but there are nuggets of information for anglers of all experience levels.

Trout Spey with Whitney Gould (Online)

Guide and casting champion, Whitney Gould, teaches the basics of Trout Spey. This course is ideal for new anglers, but there are nuggets of information for anglers of all experience levels.
Caught fish

Pacific Northwest Fishing Course

Silvercore’s Pacific Northwest Fishing Course was designed with the beginner in mind and is a must for anyone looking to get into the sport of freshwater fishing.
Wooldridge Boat

Jet Boating with Grant Wooldridge (Online)

In 1915 “Grandpa” Wooldridge (1896-1986) built his first river boat for Oregon’s Rogue River. It was the first time the river had ever been floated. The evolution of Wooldridge Boats has been laced with many firsts, like the first-ever trip up the Rogue River in 1947 (with a prop!)
April Vokey Cast

Breaking Down the Spey Cast with April Vokey (Online)

This mini-course helps students understand the fundamentals of the Spey cast so that they can maximise their time on the water.
Bob Clay

Bamboo Rod Building with Bob Clay (Online)

Renowned bamboo rod builder Bob Clay teaches how to make your own bamboo fishing rod. Whether you hope to build a single-hand or double-hand rod, this class is packed with tricks from one of the world’s best.
Brian Chan fishing with Friends

Chironomid Fishing with Brian Chan (Online)

Renowned biologist and angler Brian Chan teaches how to catch more fish by using chironomids. This class is ideal for anglers of all experience levels.
Caught Fish

Czech Nymphing with Clint Goyette (Online)

Twelve time Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships competitor, Clint Goyette, teaches how to catch more fish with Czech nymphing. This class covers equipment, lines, casting, presentation, knots, fly tying and more.
Ocean Wave

Pontoon & Raft Fishing with Yos Gladstone & Josh Ziegler (Online)

Guides Yos Gladstone and Josh Ziegler, teach this two part series filmed in British Columbia (using a single-man boat) and Montana (using a two-man raft). Learn how to prepare for your trip, how to row safely, avoid hazards, and more!